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ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

Unbeailavable, they seriously think us the AUDIENCE is SO stupid that WE do NOT know what channel we are on. And NOW they are claiming COPYRIGHT of video's???? I THINK NOT, Recvord Companies do!

Dear Mr Grech

Thank you for your email. Please accept my sincere apology for the delay of my response.

I regret that you are disappointed with the introduction of the ABC1 watermark on rage. With the recent changes to the ABC digital environment, including the introduction of ABC News 24, a review was undertaken to standardise the presentation of programming across all four ABC Television channels. As part of this process, it was decided to bring rage content into line with all other ABC program content and introduce the watermark to help viewers differentiate between channels and also to acknowledge the copyright of the content.

I am sorry that you are disappointed with this decision. Please be assured that your concerns have been noted and brought to the attention of ABC Presentation, ABC Television and the rage team, so that they are aware of your views.

Yours sincerely

Parker Bourke
ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs

Re: ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

I haven't watched rage in 2 months now and it seems like it will remain this way for me.

It was lovely having a program like rage and I will indeed miss Retro January but as the saying goes.. "All good things must come to an end"



R.I.P rage

Re: ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

Sounds like a typical coporate response from the ABC.

I find it bizarre that the ABC would suddenly claim copyright on clips after 23 years of Rage being on air. What makes now any different to the preceeding years?

Plus I'm sure the average Rage fan would know what channel they were watching it on by now!

Why is it that people like us in this forum know what a good Rage program should be and yet those in management haven't a clue??

I'll still request some unaired Countdowns in January regardless, you never know - someone may come to their senses and take it off for Retro season..or not....

Re: ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

Yes, Jason, I got exactly the same reply yesterday too - word for word ! Obviously their stock response to all Watermark complaints. No doubt total bull**** when they say it's been brought to the attention of the ABC Presentation and ABC Television - all our complaints probably go no futher than Consumer Affairs.
And why would they bring it to the attention of the Rage team ? They already know all about it and supposedly are not happy with it either!

As you've pointed out, all the music clips on Rage have not been made by and are definitely not the property of the ABC. So their claim to Copyright is ridiculous and wrong!

As I mentioned in my email to the ABC , the Rage logo that comes up briefly at the start of each clip is all that is neccessary to cover copyright issues and inform viewers what TV channel they are on (as if they wouldn't know anyway....).

Re: ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

If they are going to retain the watermark, then why don't they get rid of the 'rage' logo at the start of every video. Makes sense. No other show on the ABC has the name of the program on the screen while the show is airing. That would be a good way of meeting the viewers half way. I could handle the ABC1 watermark then if they got rid of the 'rage' logo.

Re: ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

Michael, I think that the Rage logo shown briefly at the beginning of each clip is far less intrusive than the watermark.
Hard to imagine why anyone would prefer the massive, blocky watermark plastered across the screen all the time, to the relatively brief intrusion of the Rage logo...

Re: ABC Consumer Affairs response to my Question!

I TOTALLY agree Cnristina,

I would rather the rage logo through the whole video than the ABC1 Watermark ANYDAY. I hope that happens!

WTF? ... Who would want the ABC1 Watermark instead????