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Single shot-videos

Rage message:
"After OK Go this week we're playing the best single-shot music videos! What are your favourites?"

Were there any decent ones in the 80's or are we going to sit through the same ones we always see. I can't think of any off the top of my head to nominate.

Re: Single shot-videos

Hi Guru Bob!

2 that should make the cut are...
He's Just No Good For You-Mental As Anything

Not sure though about The Old Man Down The Road by John Fogerty

Re: Single shot-videos

I don't think they have many Icehouse videos in the rage vault so if they did have Crazy they would have the 2nd DJ version, which is multi-shot. It would be great if they could play that 1st Australian version in the industrial site although they might have stuck that clip together at one stage.

Mental As Anything is a great suggestion. I guess The Reels - Bad Moon Rising is also in that vein.

The John Fogarty clip is a few stuck together and made to look like one.

I see that rage have a "special" on election night as they obviously don't know how late the coverage will run. No idea as to what the special is about.

Re: Single shot-videos

Isn't the Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush clip 'Don't Give Up' a single shot clip?

Re: Single shot-videos

Don't forget these ones

Split Enz - Message to My Girl
Shakatak - Down On The Street
Tommy Shaw - Girls With Guns

Re: Single shot-videos

Guru Bob-you're right about John Fogerty's clip and I hope that's not true about Rage only having the 2nd clip for Crazy.
However,I'm still ashamed of myself for not thinking of B a s t a r d s Of Young,Left Of The Dial and Hold My Life by The Replacements straight away.

Re: Single shot-videos

Another single shot video is for The Ramones song 'I Wanna be Sedated', it's one of the usual suspects on Rage. The song came out 1978 and the music clip was made in 1988.

Re: Single shot-videos

The more interesting single-shot videos, which I think rage are aiming at, are those where the camera moves. There are plenty of clips with just a stationary camera such as X-Ray Spex.

Re: Single shot-videos

and 'Underneath The Radar' - Underworld.