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Simple Minds live in '85

I picked up Simple Minds Limited Edition Australian Tour EP, over the weekend, from when they toured here in October '85. Excellent condition for only $3. I also got 'Promised You A Miracle' on 12" for $1 also in excellent condition. I guess being a youngin' in '85 and not into music, I had no idea that they toured here in '85. So why didn't they host Countdown in October 85?!?!? - I looked in the archives page, and nothing.

Re: Simple Minds live in '85

I went to their Perth gig "back then" and I can honestly say that it was one of the biggest concert disappointments for me. I have been to hundreds of gigs over the years and only 2 were bad enough for me to ask for my money back. Simple Minds was the first. There was no chemistry between them on stage, nor with the audience. We didnt even warrant a "hello Perth".

I still love a lot of their songs but I would never bother seeing them or Jim solo live again.

Re: Simple Minds live in '85

I think you may have the year wrong. I saw them in concert in Oct 1986 at the Sydney Ent Centre. The Sydney concert was pretty good and there was plenty of interaction between the band and the audience. It's sad to hear that they gave such a bad performance in Perth. One of the worst concerts i saw was ZZ Top. The support band were Rose Tattoo and they must have played every song they ever wrote. The Tatts had a very bad sound system, as their music sounded like it was coming out of a couple of tin drums. The ZZ Top performance must have went for less than an hour and it felt like i was watching a pre-programmed concert. Then there was big explosion of confetti and the lights came up. The audience just sat there in silence, as we all thought there was more to come. Then there was a slow realisation that the concert was over, and everybody started to slowly get up and leave. On the way out all i could hear were the words 'Ripped Off' from concert goers.

Re: Simple Minds live in '85

Definitely 86 - I just dug out my tickets and mine was 18 Oct 86.

I was definitely a fan before the gig but they lost me because of that gig and their sheer lack of appreciation for actually having an audience. To think we actually slept on the concrete for 3 nights for those tickets!

The only other one I ever demanded my money back from was the same year - Feargul Sharkey. He had 3 chart hits at the time but point blank refused to sing any of them. Instead he murdered covers upon covers - you know when they drag out a 3 minute song for 15 minutes with a whole lotta wailing - honestly he was like Celine and Maria with tiny balls and better hair. I definitely heard plenty of "ripped off" comments as we left that one.

Re: Simple Minds live in '85

October 1986 Hey? Interesting, cause on the cover of the EP, it has the tour dates and I'm 99% sure it says October '85. I'll have to check it again and get back to you. Maybe I have a misprint copy and it could be worth $$$? But it does explain it, Simple Minds did co-host Countdown/chat with Molly on an October '86 episode.

Brett, what year was that ZZ Top concert?

Re: Simple Minds live in '85

Hi Michael, The ZZ Top concert was in March 1987 at Sydney Ent Centre. The concert was hot on the heels of their 'Eliminator' and 'Afterburner' albums. That must be the only concert that i've seen, that the support act was on longer than the main act.

Re: Simple Minds live in '85

Oh that's good, cause I would hate it if it was 1992 when they were riding high in the charts with 'Viva Las Vegas'- they were pretty cool back in '92.

I checked out the Simple Minds EP and once again, I jumped the gun. It had the tour dates on the cover, but no year, so I just assumed 1985 as the EP was titled 'Alive & Kicking'. Sorry.