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request for info on 2 songs

I'm finding it difficult to get the info below on these 2 songs on wikipedia or other sites....

'Love Is All' (Butterfly Ball) - what year was it released in Australia and what position did it reach on the OZ charts?

'Care for Kids' - not sure of the artist, but I do remeber this song when I was a little kid. What year was it released, and what position did it reach on the OZ charts?

Guru, anyone?

Re: request for info on 2 songs

Love Is All was released in 1978 and accompanied by a promo cartoon film clip (with the Butterfy Ball theme) which screened on various Countdown shows at the time which ensured a high chart placing. (The track itself was recorded a number of years prior to 1978) I will check the chart books tonight. Not sure if Rage hold the original clip in their library, but a mint copy of the film clip I possess from European contacts as it also made the charts in some European countries in 1978. It may well have screened on Rage, as it was always requested a number of years ago. Given Ronnie James Dio passed on recently I am surprised the clip did not get an airing again if they do have it in the library?

Care For Kids was an Australian custom recording (under the moniker "Kids") on Ted Alberts label done as part of the International Year of The Child - 1979. It was actually recorded by Peter Best who was prolific in jingle writing at the time (a sort of Mike Brady clone.) The song was released as a 45 and may well have charted in some areas - and the TV ad accompanying the song was screened constantly throughout the year as well. I have just checked Youtube and the track is there under "Care For Kids" Pete Best, but the TV ad does not seem to be included. Just a picture of the record sleeve.

Re: request for info on 2 songs

Thanks Brett, saved me some research.

Roger Glover featuring Ronnie James Dio - Love Is All debuted in the Australian Top 100 July 17 1978 and was in the charts for 28 weeks peaking at No.10 nationally and No.13 on Melbourne's 3XY charts.

Kids - Care For Kids debuted in the Australian Top 100 March 19 1979 and spent 28 weeks in the charts peaking at No.17 nationally but didn't make the Top 40 in Melbourne.

Re: request for info on 2 songs

I remember the Love Is All clip very well - in fact that's one of my first memories of watching Countdown...including seeing Michael Nesmith's 'Rio' and Manhattan Transfer's 'Chazan D'Amour' clips - meaning I probably starting watching it around 77/78 -back when I was a dear 4 year old tacker!

The animation for Love Is All is superb for the era and the song is pretty good as well - very inventive and clever.

Re: request for info on 2 songs

thanks for the info, who needs wikipedia? I'll just post my music questions here from now on