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ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I am watching rage and they now have the bloody ABC logo????????



Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Noticed that aswell. Maybe it's a mistake? But it looks like it will be with us all weekend.

It's rather annoying there isn't it? Makes one feel like they're watching (ir)regular programming doesn't it?

Hope they get rid of the watermark next week.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know anymore info on this?

I am FINALLY going to get Ami Stewart's "Light My Fire" and a decent copy of Duran's "Perfect Day" 2 mor morning BUT with an ABC logo on it?

Imagine is January has a logo during Countdown!



Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

That is an annoying little development. It was what set Rage apart from Video Hits. I guess they will also put up the artist name at the end of the song soon. Actually I was surprised that they were able to keep it off for so long when everything else has it.

It will certainly ruin Countdown next January.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!


I am to surprised that that they were able to keep it off for so long when everything else has the logo as well.

I was always intrigued how rage managed to fight the ABC on this one, I guess the vile ABC have now won!

rage will NEVER be the same again, I am NOT a happy trouper at all. Thank goodness I have a HUGE amount of clips from rage at this point in time to not have to record from rage for a long time. I ain't going to be recording much from rage from now on as I LOATH logo's! I will have to start digging deeper and find things else where :-(

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

THANK GOODNESS Wild Card a few months back was LOGO free!

Pheeeeew, as that was SPECTACULAR. And I am glad I also got Malcolm special as well. Those 2 nights were CRUCIAL to be logo free!

January is going to SUK big time though, so ****** off!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

That's a terrible development. I've just had a look at Rage this morning and sure enough the logo is there ruining the clips.

I guess Rage could have only resisted too long against ABC corporate interference and thus had to admit defeat unfortunately - you can't fight City Hall, etc.

I doubt complaining in the Rage forum would make a scrap of difference but it's worth a try - I would have liked to have thought that Rage was immune from that sort of thing.

As for Countdown next January, I can only hope the logo fiasco is sorted by then - I agree with everyone here - a logo on Countdown eps would spoil things BIG time!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

It might just be a mistake, it has occurred at least once before, apparently on July 22nd, 2006:

Reference: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=38653&pid=450374&mode=threaded&start=#entry450374

And apparently it was removed the following day. Only just over 12 hours until we will know if it was just a terrible blip in the history of RAGE.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Yes sensei, I remember reading about that mishap.

Let's hope it's just a mistake, and that the logo doesn't rear its ugly head tonight.

As Jason said, what's the point of recording rage if that awful logo is going to be on it, ruining the clips. I recorded the 10-11am slot of rage this morning, but promptly deleted it, as nothing was worth keeping with the logo on it.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

It disappeared briefly around 5am only to reappear with a PG symbol with it which then disappeared leaving just the ABC1 logo

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!


Hopefully this means that is won't fricking come back and that it was a mistake!

Hopefully tonight it aosin't on the screen!

Though that doesn't help my copy of Perfect Day by Duran this morning, ARGH!!!!!!!!

I BETTER have a logo free copy of Amii Stewart 2nite, or else!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness there is NO LOGO tonight, PHEW!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully it appears to have been a momentary blip and hopefully WON'T happen again!

At least everyone is on their toes about it and if it happens again - which it had better not - then we'll be there fighting!

I can only hope that it doesn't happen during January...that would be rather disastrous - one can only hope common sense prevails!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Heck, I thought that all the discussion around collecting the video clips and editing the rage program back down into single video clips, on the ABC/RAGE message board, might have motivated either the ABC management or copyright holders to build a case for watermarking that interferes with the viewing experience just enough to discourage collecting from RAGE.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

The PG watermark briefly made an appearance in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

What, again???????

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Yes.For a few seconds during the Groove Coverage clip around 5am, which come to think of it was about the time it came on Saturday morning. Hmmm

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Okay... BUT the logo was on all night when I was watching on Friday night so I deleted the new Goldfrapp video from Friday night's show as I would rather not have any video's at all than tape rage with a bloody vile logo!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I think I have Groove Coverage - Poison (sourced from elsewhere).

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Does rage enter the PG timeslot at 5am?? Perhaps they are going to flash the PG symbol onscreen at that time from now on. Bit silly really. Do they think parents are going to sit there with the sound down and their hands over their childrens eyes just waiting for the PG to come up.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

rage is/was rated 'G' from 6am.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

But guys, it wasn't just on Saturday morning!

On Friday night when rage started at 12ish till I went to bed at 2ish, the logo was on during those hours as well!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Yes the ABC1 logo was on for the entire friday night / saturday morning show. It was briefly joined by the PG logo at 5am Saturday morning and then the PG logo made a brief solo appearance again around 5am on Sunday morning.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I have written a not-so-nice letter in the rage forum complaining about that horrid ABC1 watermark which stuffed all the videos and I suggest everyone else does too so they can see we refuse to accept our favourite show polluted with that totally unnecessary self-promotion!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I've just posted a reply re: the watermark on the Rage forum......although I did do another post about it this morning and it mysteriously didn't show up......

I saw the answer Rage gave about it to other posters and it's left me feeling a little uneasy re: future branding on the show....it'd be a fair disaster if the watermark pops up permanently - that's what happens when 'those in power' think they know what's best for a show when they clearly DON'T!

I'm sure there'll be quite a few eagle eyed watchers waiting to see if it happens again next week......

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately if this watermark does show up on rage again it is NOT rage's fault. I respect them a lot for making sure it didn't show up on Saturday night's program!

ABC need to leave rage right alone! There is no need for a Watermark just for 2 night's a week with night time Music Television!

By the answered question from the Moderator, they seem less than impressed by Friday night's nasty experiment! Hopefully it was just that, a mistake and not a permanent thing!

The fact that rage have been able to broadcast with no logo for the past few years is a MIRACLE in itself!

Thank Goodness rage have ploayed MANY Countdown's I want and clips from Wild Card last month to at least be able to say I have many things logo free. The thought of watching rage with a logo especially during January makes me just want to SCREAM, literally!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

My rage video collection contains over 1,800 music videos almost all of which I cannot get on DVD so if they were polluted with the hideously offensive watermark I'd find it hard to watch rage at all!

I have had a gutfull of this watermark crap which is nothing more than following a stupid yankee idea of product placement gone mad. Given that EVERY song has the rage logo at the start of it, there is no way in hell a viewer could "forget' which station or show they are watching.

If they try it again next week my keyboard will be working overtime writing letters to all and sundry at the ABC and the Federal Minister for Communications who right now would not be keen on losing a few more votes in the upcoming election. I doubt anyone will complain if the watermarks do NOT appear, apart from the marketing department.

I'm a big believer in the adage if it ain't broke...

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!


Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

rage have the LOGO on again tonight!

F U C K !

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!


It's past 2 and I am waiting for some new Synth Pop trax I like. And it seems the logo is gone, go fugure?

Thank goodness as I want to enjoy these clips!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I recorded the start of Friday night/Saturday morning's rage, and the logo was on until at least 1:30, when my timer stopped. I set the timer again from 4:30, and thankfully it was off by then. But still worrying that it was on at the start. At least Rage/whoever fixed it this time during the show, though.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

That pesky PG symbol made 2 appearances on Saturday morning and again on Sunday morning. Seems we might be stuck with this one. Just pray a clip you are really after doesn't come on at 5 or 10am

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I didn't watch rage last night. I take there was no ABC1 Logo during the programming?

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

No. Just the first 2 hours of Friday night.

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Bloody hell; it's back for the 10-11am slot this morning

Just as well there's nothing I 'need' in that slot... But still...

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

just as well 'Cry Wolf' was the last clip before the 10-11am slot!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Hooley Dooley!

The guy who operates the watermark switch must be an outright moron!

I wonder if the watermark will rear its ugly watermarkness during Meatloaf's GP tonight?

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

> The guy who operates the watermark switch must be an
> outright moron!

Sure thing.

If it happens again, someone should start a petition for his/her sacking

Actually... it's already been 3 strikes. This person should be OUT and NOW!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

My god, the watermark is on AGAIN tonight!

Forget the petition.. off with whoever is responsible's head

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

I saw the watermark last night as well....unfortunately it appears to be a permanent thing now.

Having it appear once was careless, twice a mistake, but three times means something's going on.

It looks dreadful and ruins the clips for sure and I see little reason why it needs to be on after midnight anyway - surely those tuning into Rage know what channel it's on by now?

I'll do another post on the Rage Forum about it - although of course I completely understand it's out of Rage's control - they can only do what the 'powers that be' ask/demand they do.

If that watermark appears during Countdown January I'll weep!!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

The watermark appears to have been there for all of last night's show. I recorded from 2-5 and it was on all the way throughout, prompting a swift 'delete' of the entire title from my HDD.

I'd like to think it's still a 'stuff up' and can be 'fixed' with further reminding from Rage. But yes, whoever is responsible appears to be somewhat dense if they can't remember after repeated reminding.

The PG yellow logo was also on for 10 seconds at 5am again

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely no need to watch rage anymore if they have the logo on. Will only watch in January and will be absolutely feeling very empty whilst watching Countdown with an ABC1 Logo on it. How absolutely VILE!

I was shocked to say the least to see rage with a Logo last night yet on Friday night there wasn't one. How ridiculous!

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!

If anyone goes through with a petition,you've got my signature and I might even have a title for it,one that can also serve as a chant if anyone wants to stage a protest outside ABC's HQ over what's been happening on Rage lately-

Re: ABC LOGO ON rage!!!!!!!!!


I will join in outside the ABC with a protest, COUNT ME IN!!!!!! Signs and all!