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Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Malcolm Mclaren Special to be shown next week after John Safran.

Hope this Wildcard playlist is up soon. So far the only two clips mentioned, James - Laid and Lana Pellay - Pistol In My Pocket, I already have from Hottest 100 1995 and Countdown 18/5/86. I hope Billy Idol and Pat Benatar are rare clips as most of their's are available. Would like to see We Live For Love which was shown on Countdown but was not included on Pat's Best Of video. At least The Monitors are confirmed. I will be happy if they play just one of my suggestions and my happiness would be greater should they play more but from past experience I have learnt not to expect too much. At least Nathan will definitely get a few.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8


This is posted on rage "Twitter"

Moments of programming genius; Blue Mercedes 'Love Is The Gun', immediately followed by Lana Pellay 'Pistol In My Pocket'. #seewhatididthere

AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If they play these 2 clips, that is TWO off my Request List!
Plus Monitors!!!!!!


And may I add, a BIG THANK GOODNESS for Malcolm Mclaren Special next Saturday night. This is like January for moi!

Guru... I to would love to see Pat's "We Live For Love". It's my favourite track from her. So beautiful...

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

And so the Wildcard list is finally up...

Eddie Murphy finally makes an appearance with Party all the Time - that's made my day!

Some others I've asked for are there as well, although there are some clips that are fairly common.

A pity Cry and Be Free from Marilyn is from the Countdown performance - although was there ever a clip made for this I wonder?

Looking forward to the Malcolm McLaren special next week too - fingers crossed some rarities turn up.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Well, I just looked at the playlist and was disappointed to see they've chosen Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" over "We Live For Love".
Not one of her best and not nearly as rare as WLFL -perhaps they don't have it?

Some good clips included but also quite a lot of very poppy,boring,mainstream stuff that leaves me cold!

Jason, you must be absolutely rapt that they're FINALLY playing "Forbidden Colours!"

Good to see they're playing a couple of my suggestions though- The Sisters of Mercy's "Lucretia My Reflection",Liz Phair's "Polyester Bride" and James's "Laid" (although I would have preferred a rarer James clip).

And "Back to the Wall" would have to be one of my least favourite Divinyls' clips...

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

There are a lot of common clips where the only reason would be that it has been more than 5 years since Rage played it but there are also some gems.

I didn't think they would get Forbidden Colours and it looks like they made an effort for that one - you must say thanks CJ - and Stacey Q and Samantha Fox were probably chased up after people mentioned their surprise that they should not be in the archives.

I think I am responsible for Tom Petty after I mentioned it was on a tape that had Gyan - Wait on it that the Rage crew were going to look at. In the end Gyan missed out and Tom got in. My only real request for The Promise has failed to surface which continues my ordinary strike rate (cobainisgod will probably claim to have selected 15 again).

Overall it looks to be the best Wildcard yet though.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

guru bob

(cobainisgod will probably claim to have selected 15 again).

Ha ha, guru! You are funny and very perceptive!

Bad luck about " The Promise"- it's likely they just don't have it in their library...

Looking forward to seeing the Pineapple's "Charlie" - I remember Rage played their memorable clip, "Too Much Acid", a couple of Wildcards back but have never seen this one ...

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

guru bob wrote:

> (cobainisgod will probably claim to have selected 15
> again).

This time *I* can lay claim to 15 (or 16 including Space's 'Begin Again' on Saturday night). Never thought I'd see the day...

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8


I didn't need to win the competition. rage are playing a total of 17 video's from my request list tomorrow night!

I am AMAZED. rage really took notice of my list!

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

I am NEVER whinging to rage AGAIN!

Seriously ... They are playing nearly EVERYTHING from my list!

I am FOREVER greatfull!

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Wow! You lucky thing!
Wish they would have played more from my list but I guess three's not too bad...

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Actually, I lie.

rage are playing 18 clips from my list!

LIZA MINNELLI Losing My Mind (Epic)
BOY GEORGE No Clause 28 (Virgin)
KISSING THE PINK Watching Their Eyes (Independent)
THE MONITORS Nobody Told Me (Festival)
MORGAN McVEY Looking Good Driving (CBS)
KIM WILDE Can't Get Enough (WEA)
LANA PELLAY Pistol In My Pocket (Liberation)
STACEY Q Two Of Hearts (Atlantic)
CYNDI LAUPER Heading West (Epic)
JUDIE TZUKE Stay WIth Me Till Dawn (Independent)
THE S.O.S. BAND Just The Way You Like It
FREEEZ Southern Freeez (Independent)

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Ok I can lay claim to requesting some of those such as Dead Or Alive's Lover Come Back To Me - although I know others requested the same tunes as well.

I know I'm definately responsible for While You Still See A Chance by Steve Winwood, Mirror Mirror by Dollar and Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy as I can't recall anyone else asking for those.

I guess it would figure that some of the campest videos of the night would be from me!

I'm happy I'm In The Mood For Dancing by the Nolans is airing as well - they were cute Scottish pixies back in the day....

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

This is the Malcolm McLaren Special playlist:

SEX PISTOLS Anarchy In The U.K. (Virgin)
SEX PISTOLS God Save The Queen (Virgin)


SEX PISTOLS Pretty Vacant (Virgin)
SEX PISTOLS & RONALD BIGGS No One Is Innocent (Virgin)
SEX PISTOLS Silly Thing (Virgin)
SEX PISTOLS C'Mon Everybody (Virgin)
ADAM & THE ANTS Ant Music (Sony)
ADAM & THE ANTS Stand & Deliver (Universal)
ADAM & THE ANTS Prince Charming (Sony)
ADAM & THE ANTS Dog Eat Dog (Epic)
ADAM AND THE ANTS Ant Rap (Festival)
ADAM ANT Goody Two Shoes (Sony)


ADAM ANT Desperate But Not Serious (Not Specified)
BOW WOW WOW Chihuahua (BMG)
BOW WOW WOW I Want Candy (BMG)
BOW WOW WOW Do You Wanna Hold Me (BMG)
JIMMY THE HOOVER Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh) (Epic)
MALCOLM McLAREN Buffalo Gals (Virgin)
MALCOLM McLAREN Soweto (Independent)
MALCOLM McLAREN Double Dutch (Atlantic)


MALCOLM McLAREN Duck For The Oyster (Sony)
MALCOLM McLAREN Madame Butterfly (Virgin)
MALCOLM McLAREN Waltz Darling (Sony)
MALCOLM McLAREN Something's Jumping In Your Shirt (Virgin)
MALCOLM McLAREN Deep In Vogue (Epic)


MALCOLM McLAREN House Of The Blue Danube (SBME)

There are only 5 songs in the 5:30-6 section so I am guessing that is where the interviews and other snippets will go. Hope they do get some footage from Countdown Revolution 1989

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8


I wouldn't get to excited over the Countdown Revolution footage as "Deep In Vogue" does go for about 8 to 9 minutes!

I still have my original vhs of Malcolm Hosting rage, i wasn't to fussed at the time over his selections and still am not now, ha ha!

I am REALLY looking forward to the bit that comes after Malcolm's rage guest spot as the Malcolm Special I taped back in 1996 was in bloody MONO!

I FINALLY can get all his clips in STEREO, YAY!

Looking forward to Bow Wow Wow and Jimmy The Hoover (RARE!) as well. I love Adam Ant BUT I have the official DVD with all the Adam clips, so I don't really need them

Wish there were some more Bow Wow Wow clips, but I guess that's all rage have, it seems....

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Pity we don't get Magic's Back by MM featuring Alison Limerick, but we also get a few other McLaren clips earlier in the night.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

CJ I've got 'Deep In Vogue' from a Video Pool VHS tape. It doesn't go for 8 minutes (though from memory there may have also been an extended version of the video), but segues straight into Waltz Darling at the end. On the video case it's listed as 'Deep In Vogue/Waltz Darling'.

I have Bow Wow Wow's 'C30 C60 C90 Go', sourced from a Telegenics or Rockamerica NTSC VHS.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Looks like a worthy tribute, although I'm a bit disapointed Operra House/Aria On Air by Mclaren's World Famous Supreme Team Show isn't there - I was hoping it'd be shown.

Also it seems curious as to why Rage showed Ant Rap by Adam and the Ants and Double Dutch in Wildcard 4 last week when they surely must have known they would be aired again this week....that could have been 2 more Wildcard videos they could have screened instead.

Never mind - Saturday's videos look great and I'm looking forward to seeing Deep in Vogue.

It's just a pity we'll never see the like of such a multi-talented performer such as Malcolm McLaren again - but at least his music and videos will endure.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Back in 1996 rage didn't play the missing Malcolm video's either which you want Patrick. I guess we have to be happy with what we have.

I wish those missing clips were there as well as Bow Wow Wow missing clips like W.O.R.K which I want SOOOOOOOOO BADLY!

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Jason, I checked my list and I've got W.O.R.K. + a few others from Bow Wow Wow not on the Rage playlist:

(V = VHS source, D = DVD recorder source, O = official DVD source, P = PAL, N = NTSC)

BOW WOW WOW Baby Oh No 264, 361 D N, P
BOW WOW WOW C30, C60, C90, Go! 264 V N
BOW WOW WOW Chihuahua 264 D N
BOW WOW WOW Do You Wanna Hold Me? 264, 355 D N, P
BOW WOW WOW I Want Candy 089, 264, 346, D51 D, O P, N
BOW WOW WOW I Want My Baby On Mars 264 V N
BOW WOW WOW Louis Quatorze 264 V N
BOW WOW WOW Mario 264 V N
BOW WOW WOW W.O.R.K. (No Nah No No My Daddy) 264 V N

Patrick, I also just saw I have:

MARILYN Cry and Be Free 477 V N

so maybe there is a 'proper' video for it? (I don't think I've watched it properly & can't recall what this vid is like).

I've got this too, but would have liked a digital copy:


guru bob, the 'Madame Butterfly' video goes for at least 6 minutes, so that might fill up some of that half hour. Sometimes Rage put the time indication later than it actually is too - e.g. last week I think 8 of my videos were crammed into the 10-10:30 slot on Saturday morning, yet 10:30 came as the 8th one on the list was beginning.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

From what i remember, rage played the Extended "Deep In Vogue" YAY!

Oh my GAWD Nathan, you have W.O.R.K! ! ! ! ! I MUST have it!
And you have "I Want My baby On mars" as well ! ! ! !

Patrick, the Cry And Be Free video is STUNNING!

It is featured on the "Video Aid" VHS released in 1984.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Sorry for going off-topic,but does anyone have a DVD copy of John Safran's 10-11am playlist from last weekend?

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

I still have John Safran's Saturday morning segment on HDD and can do a copy if you haven't got one yet, get in contact via my email if still interested.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Hi Guru Bob!
Did you get my email?

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Hello John
Yes, everything should be OK. I had forgotten that you had previously inquired about my Omar & The Howlers clip shown on Rage in 1988, I will add that.

Re: Malcolm McLaren Special on May 8

Thanks for helping me out Guru Bob-much appreciated