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More dubious 'from the vault' selections

Giving Nick Cave a run for his money, it seems the Beastie Boys' "Intergalatic" has been selected as a 'from the vault' clip for this Saturday morning.

A quick google reveals that it has been aired on Rage 107 times, the last time being a mere 6 weeks ago when Rage aired a 27-video Beastie Boys "mini" special.

Why Rage, why?

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

Lack of imagination? Or the rights to the clip are expiring.

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

Turns out it was a 'request', which makes it even worse in a way because... out of the thousands of videos they have access to, they choose to play a request that aired but 6 weeks ago and is seen on Rage every few months . They might as well play 'Windowlicker' as a request. I see it's getting yet another airing tonight.

I had to laugh at Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' being listed as #1 in 1977... yet they play the 1995 remix

Last week Aqua's 'Lollipop' was played as a #1, yet it peaked at #3.

Top work Rage

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

Modern Day Rage = Research = Oxy-Morons for sure these days.

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

I just had a look at this weekends playlists. I also see the Bertie Blackman blurb says that she is playing songs from various acts, like David Bowie, Radiohead etc and then it mentions Dolly Parton?? I then double checked the playlist, there is no Dolly Parton (not that I wanted there to be). I think they got it confused with ONJ's 'Jolene'. Once again, another f@#k up from rage.

For those people that have Foxtel, get onto the 'Celebrity Apprentice'. Episode 1 is being repeated on Monday night. Cyndi Lauper is a contestant and she is weird/funny ie just being herself - great stuff. There is also Bret Michaels from Poison.

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

^ I was going to mention the Dolly Parton thing earlier, Michael, but forgot (does that make me as bad as Rage? ). Yes, I think the confusion is over 'Jolene', though they could fook thinks up even more by playing the Dolly Parton song (does it have a video?) tonight instead.

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

RAGE of late seems to me to be a most apt title. It went from RAGE [Party all night to rare and rarefied clips in C.1987} to RAGE [at, now all I want to do is..}.

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

I notice that they've referred to Transvision Vamp as "Transition Vamp" on their home page in the Rage Tweets - just goes to show the average age of these Rage tweeters....

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

"Transition Vamp"

Sounds like a pop group going through menopause!

Very funny indeed

Re: More dubious 'from the vault' selections

Well, Wendy James probably is, around about now or very shortly, being in her mid forties and all...