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The Countdown Drinking Game

Hi guys. Let me know what you think of the following game I made up with my wife to play while watching Countdown episodes. Let me know if you can think of any other ideas!

Countdown Drinking Game – Rules:

(With thanks to my wife for helping to sort out some of these ideas.)

Set yourself up with everything you need, beers, wine, vodka whatever, also including nibbles and a stack of tapes of RAGE repeats. Okay here we go…

Have one glass of your choice everytime:

(1) Molly instructs you to do yourself a favour
(2) Molly asks you to watch out for an artists who is never heard from again
(3) Molly utters a sentence that’s grammatically incorrect (WARNING: THIS IS ONLY FOR THOSE TRULY ABLE TO HANDLE THEIR BOOZE)

Have two glasses everytime:

(1) The countdown dancers make an appearance (IT CAN HELP YOU TO ACTUALLY GET THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE)
(2) a song plays you actually bought either as a single or on an album (DECIDE BEFORE HAND IF COMPILATIONS COUNT BUT REMEMBER TO PUT SOME PLASTIC DOWN IF YOU DECIDE IN FAVOUR OF THAT)
(3) When you hear a song you remember ringing up and requesting on the radio as a teen.

Take it to the next level and have three glasses everytime:

(1) It’s a 1970’s episode and an act comes on that’s now dead.
(2) An act comes on you actually saw in person.
(3) You can prove you can recite all the words to any song that is played.

Please note: The designers of this game do not endorse excessive drinking but wish to note that on occasion it can be friggin’ amazing!!!

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

Ha ha, very good.

You forgot one though:

- every time Molly says "it's doing big things in America"


- it should be a hit in America

Probably 90% of the time he was wrong with such 'predictions'.

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

How about ones for everytime Molly says "So watch out for that one" and when Gavin chimes in with "Sit down Molly!"?

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

Further to Nathan's comment here's another variation:

"When are you going to America?"

Molly seemed rather obsessed about bands breaking it in the U.S.

Almost every single episode I've seen he seems to utter those words....and due to it being said so many times if it was drinking game you'd be drunk by the end of the episode!!

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

Yes, Molly seemed annoyingly obsessed about artists 'breaking' America, as if US success was the be all and end all. Being the largest market for music, I guess he had a point... but their singles chart is the biggest joke ever, being so largely based on airplay (which is of course subject to Payola from the record companies).

I suppose Australia had (probably still has) some insecurities about being 'the little guy' on the world stage back then. At that time also it was a big thing winning the America's cup. Is that even still running? I wouldn't know, you hear so little about it these days.

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

F U C K America!

I would rather have a hit in the UK and Europe than America.

Sure, money can be made in Amercica but American's have a habbit of putting money before creativity, let's face it!

Something the British can not be accused of as much!

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

I'll drink to that.

Re: The Countdown Drinking Game

BRILLIANT!..i love it.

Or anytime Molly utters the words.."you know".

Beats the time i played a drinking game watching the cricket, having to skull everytime your batsman you pulled out of the hat hit a boundary, Gilly scored over 100 that game, i was as belted as a smashed crab!