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Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Wow Nathan that's fantastic news - congratulations!

When you get the chance give us a sneak preview of which videos you may play.

At least we know one of them WON'T feature Nick Cave!!!!!

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Patrick, this was the list of 20 I chose. Who knows if they will play them all. I did mention to Nadine that I know most of them are somewhat obscure (by Rage's usual choices), but she said they should be able to track them down. They'll get back to me if there are any problems:

1. Nik Kershaw ‘I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me’ (preferably the original concept video rather than the live footage version) (the concept version isn't on his DVD)

2. Monaco ‘Sweet Lips’

3. Space ‘Begin Again’

4. Nina Hagen ‘Smack Jack’

5. Coldcut ‘Doctorin’ the House’

6. The The ‘Slow Train To Dawn’ (Neneh Cherry features on the song & in the video)

7. Youssou N’Dour ‘Undecided’ (Neneh Cherry features in the song, but can't remember if she was in the video as I only saw it once)

8. Bananarama ‘Love In the First Degree’

9. Bangles ‘Hazy Shade of Winter’ (not on their DVD or VHS)

10. Voice of the Beehive ‘Monsters and Angels’

11. Yazz ‘Where Has All the Love Gone’

12. Nik Kershaw ‘The Riddle’ (not on his DVD)

13. Oingo Boingo ‘Stay’

14. Alannah Myles – Song Instead of a Kiss

15. Transvision Vamp ‘Revolution Baby’

16. Mel & Kim ‘That’s the Way It Is’

17. Sabrina ‘Sexy Girl’

18. Eighth Wonder ‘I’m Not Scared’

19. Deborah Harry ‘Strike Me Pink’

20. Tori Amos 'Winter'

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage


YOU WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How cool, if rage play the original concept RARE video of Nik Kershaw's
"I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" I WILL FREAK OUT!!!!!
It's SO much better than the live clip!
And "The Riddle" and I'm Not Scared by Eighth Wonder is HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend is Very excited by Sabrina's "
Sexy Girl",,, ha ha...

I haven't seen that on rage since the OZ TOP 50 in 1988...

Go Nik Kershaw and Eighth Wonder!... The 3 video's I HOPE they play from your list!!!

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Holy ****. That's fantastic.

Nathan, were you able to answer all the missing songs/artists on the competition playlist? were there some that you got wrong or missed? If so, then obviously no-one got it 100% correct.

I am looking forward to seeing 'Monster & Angels' haven't seen that vid since 1991 (when it was released - and it's their best song) and Nik Kershaw's vids. Awesome.

Do you get your name up on the screen when they play each video? Can you tell us in advance what 'screen ratio' we will get these vids in?

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Michael, I deliberately chose 4:3 (fullscreen) ratio clips, so they should all air in fullscreen; no need for ratio changing. Voice of the Beehive's 'Monsters & Angels' (if they have it, here's hoping) is slightly tricky as some scenes are letterboxed and others are fullscreen - Rage *should* then air it in fullscreen, unless they get it wrong.

As for the name on the screen, I think I was too excited to fully comprehend at the time, but I think Nadine said it my name would be across the bottom of the screen at the start? (not sure if for every clip though). They're sending me a copy of the clips on DVD too, so if they do have my name plastered on every clip, hopefully it won't be on the DVD.

To answer your first question though, 7 of my artist/title guesses were correct, and for another 3, I got the artist right but not the song. Personally I found the competition bloody hard, and spent days trying to research/think of the responses. I didn't necessarily expect to win after only getting 7 right, but think the hours I put into it deserved something

And yes CJ, I too hope they have the concept video for 'I Won't Let the Sun Go Down On Me'. It's probably the one I want the most out of the list.

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Congratulations Nathan, well deserved from the time you put in.

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Congrats Nathan. Looking forward to next Saturday. Let's hope they have all of the clips you want.

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Congrats Nathan!
Are you going with the playlist you put up a while back or has it changed since then?

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

I haven't changed the playlist. They're going to contact me next week if there's a problem with being being able to locate clips, but I was told it should be fine. If it's only an hour they allow though, they'd probably have to drop 3-4 clips.

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Congratulations, Nathan!

Great job and a well deserved win! All the thought and effort you obviously put in has paid off big time!

Some good stuff in your playlist - highlights for me are Deb Harry's Strike Me Pink, Nina Hagen's Smack Jack, Trans Vamp's Revolution Baby,the Bangle's Hazy Shade of Winter and The The's Slow Train Till Dawn featuring the gorgeous Neneh Cherry.

Oh, and of course, no dreary, depressing Nick Cave to bring everyone down! Even better...

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

I got another call from Nadine from Rage this afternoon. I was in traffic at the time so had to make her wait a minute to pull over. She called because they couldn't find Yazz's 'Where Has All The Love Gone?', Voice of the Beehive's 'Monsters and Angels' (one of the ones I wanted most ), or Alannah Myles 'Song Instead of a Kiss'. She said they have other VOTB, Yazz & Alannah Myles clips though if I wanted to choose another. So I got her to list the clips. The only VOTB one they have that they didn't air last year is 'I Think I Love You', which is scheduled for Wildcard night anyway, so I didn't pick that. Besides 'The Only Way Is Up' & 'Stand Up For Your Love Rights' (12" version), the only other Yazz video they have is 'Never Can Say Goodbye', so I chose that (it'll be nice to get a better than 2nd-gen VHS copy). They only have 'Love Is' & 'Black Velvet' by Alannah (I'm not a die-hard fan, but I love 'Song Instead of a Kiss' - it's the only one I really wanted of hers, so I didn't go with 'Love Is').

The other clip I chose was Deee-Lite's 'Runaway'. But then I remembered a friend of mine is dying to get 'Sun City' by Artists United Against Apartheid, so I suggested that one instead. Nadine said she'd have to watch it in case it's not suitable for the G slot (I've never seen the vid [or heard the song, I might youtube it later] - maybe it has some 'upsetting' racial themes) - in which case she said they might slot it on Saturday night - so maybe my friend's in luck. Otherwise it will be Deee-Lite they play instead.

Oh, I also asked what Shakespears Sister vids they have. They've only got 'You're History', 'Run Silent', 'Dirty Mind' & 'Stay', so obviously I didn't bother (I have them all on their 'The Best of' DVD anyway, but some exposure to the masses wouldn't have hurt).

Then of course on the way home I thought of about 5 videos I thought 'why didn't I choose THAT one instead?!', such is the pressure... lol.

I asked Nadine to tell me what from my list they were playing. I can't remember it all, but I remember:

Monaco 'Sweet Lips'

Space 'Begin Again'
Oingo Boingo 'Stay'
Coldcut 'Doctorin' the House'
Youssou N'Dour 'Undecided' (was surprised they kept/found this one)
Bananarama 'Love In the First Degree'
Transvision Vamp 'Revolution Baby'
Nina Hagen 'Smack Jack'

Eighth Wonder 'I'm Not Scared' ( If you don't know this one, it's a group fronted by Patsy Kensit (ex-wife of Jim Kerr & Liam Gallagher). The song was written/produced by Pet Shop Boys (and they released their own version on 'Introspective').

Mel & Kim 'That's the Way It Is' (hopefully the version with footage of them - that's the only one I ever saw on Oz TV & Rage - I've got a good copy now, but the audio has been re-done so it doesn't have the crowd cheering noise at the end as on the original)

Deborah Harry 'Strike Me Pink'

Nik Kershaw 'I Won't Let the Sun Go Down On Me' (though it's the live footage version - still it will be nice to get a PAL copy)

I don't remember hearing Sabrina, but I hope 'Sexy Girl' is there. I don't remember hearing Bangles 'Hazy Shade of Winter' either but I hope it's there too. I wish I could have recorded the call...

She didn't say anything about Tori's 'Winter', so I'm hoping it shows up (not counting on it though). I don't remember her mentioning The The's 'Slow Train To Dawn', but she might have.

They don't have Nik Kershaw's 'The Riddle'. I have a reasonably good copy anyway, so it's not a huge disappointment.

I'd like to think the clips I chose that they can't fit on Saturday morning might show up in Wildcard, but that's probably wanting my cake and eating it too...

Aaaaaaaaaaagh... an hour isn't nearly enough.

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage


No "The Riddle"????

The live clip of "I Won't Let The Sun Go Down" will have to do. I need a good copy of at least one of the version's!

So they have Eighth Wonder ? ! ? ! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I hope they have Sabrina as well!

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Can you call rage and ask them if they have Sexy Girl????

I hope they play "Sun City"!

I haven't seen it since 1986 or so, I first saw it on Music Video (I think it was, in 1986 on Channel 10)

If I recall correctly .... Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" and Gwen Guthrie's "Ain't Nothin Goin' On But The Rent" were also on the same show on the same night (he, he) ...

Re: 6 Degrees of Sepa-Rage

Jason, I can't really 'call' rage as the number came up on my mobile as a private one. They said they didn't have 3 videos on my list, which were the Voice of the Beehive, Yazz & Alannah Myles ones (though they also didn't have Nik Kershaw's 'The Riddle'). So presumably they have all of the others?

I'm not too fussed on Sun City myself - it runs for 7 minutes, so it would probably bump off one of my other videos if they squeeze it into the 10-11am slot. I'd rather they leave it until Saturday night if that's the case. Plus it has some gunshot scenes in it, so probably isn't suitable for the G rated hour.

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