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Amanda Palmer GPing Rage

To Jase and any other Croweaters who had to sit through a boring night of election TV (is there actually any difference between the Liberal and Labour parties anyhow?) instead of getting to see Rage:

Normally I don't get too excited by Rage guest programmers - the last really good one was Richard Lowenstein late last year - but I thought that Amanda's style on the weekend was one of the best I have ever seen and I know that I would have been a bit miffed had I missed it myself. So for those in the city of churches (am I using enough cliches yet?) who missed the first hour of Saturday night and are interested in a copy, I am happy to send you one. Just let me know.

Cheers guru

Re: Amanda Palmer GPing Rage

I don't really care much for her music (well, the little of it I've heard/flicked through on Rage), but she was a brilliant, entertaining host. I especially loved her intro to Laurie Anderson's 'O Superman'. I kept all the segments of her hosting; something I rarely do unless I'm a fan of the artist.

Re: Amanda Palmer GPing Rage

She was amazing,wasn't she?
I'm also not a big fan of her music but absolutely loved her hosting style-she's just so "out there" and spontaneous and made for a refreshing change from some of the boring,dreary, humourless guest programmers on Rage who take themselves way too seriously!
Was a bit surprised though that the map of Australia tattoo hadn't been strategically applied by the end of the night...

Re: Amanda Palmer GPing Rage

I NEED the whole Special!

I only recorded bits of her intro and tracks as I didn't have much space on my Hard drive left or my IQ!

Nathan, could you do me the whole special????

Re: Amanda Palmer GPing Rage

Might just take you up on that Guru. Do you still have my details??