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Mardi Gras mini special

Geez, the Moderator really has no clue sometimes. Why do we need to see Lady GaGa AGAIN on Rage, when she's been on every week for the last year and a bit? I like some of her songs, but I hate the thought of Rage slotting her into the playlist instead of something rare/never seen before on Rage like Stacey Q, haha. I just don't understand what the Rage team are thinking sometimes

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Maybe the Lady Ga Ga video is of her singing a duet with Nick Cave???

I thought the Moderator's reply about not turning the Mardi Gras special into a Retro thing was a bit off - many of the songs that have shaped Mardi Gras are classics and are deserving of airing.

I hope some haven't been disgarded simply because of their age - as someone else said in the forum - Gen Y get their programming 11 months of the year - why can't the rest get a little something in return?

Never mind - I hope the special is good, but I still want an all night one and one hosted by an appropriate artist like Boy George or Grace Jones - now that would be special!

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

> Maybe the Lady Ga Ga video is of her singing a duet
> with Nick Cave???

You could bet your bottom dollar that if Nick Cave ever does a dance track, it will get an airing *every* Mardi Gras special hereon in

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Wow, I actually got a quick reply from the Moderator:

"Would love to play Samantha Fox, but unfortunately we don't currently have any of her videos. Same goes for Stacey Q, but we can try and track them down.

As for the Mardi Gras special being the only time you could see these videos, that's not really the case - we have both retro and Wildcard specials too.

Lady Gaga will get a spin because rage isn't just about old artists; we want people who are celebrating Mardi Gras to feel like the show is a celebration of their community, both past and present.

And one last point - there are always a lot of requests on this board for videos that are very rare or never seen on rage - most of the time that's because we simply don't have them. We go have a few archive systems, and so new things are constantly being tracked down and added to our library, but it's not at easy as you'd think to find clean, broadcast quality videos of older and rarer artists."

Hmmm well I've got decent copies of Stacey Q's "Two of Hearts" and "We Connect" - perhaps they're not technically 'broadcast quality', as they were available on consumer-grade discs.

They can't track down Sam Fox or Stacey Q, but I bet there isn't a single Nick Cave video missing from the library. Even if he made a video for a track that was only released in Liechtenstein, Rage would somehow track it down.

Rage are very selective on which artists' videos they keep, and which they trash. The ABC surely would have once had a copy of all Sam Fox/Stacey Q's Australian releases. I know the blame doesn't lie solely with Rage's current team, but still...

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

I TOTALLY agree!

rage could EASILY take those 2 Stacey Q video's from Countdown Episodes and play them!

I am sure many would agree that we will take these RARE video's in any shape or form, even from Countdown, yes? ! ? !

What a load of toss, like it is THAT hard to get Sam Fox videos'!

I have her video collection (Greatest Hits) and put it on to DVD, it ain't that bloody hard!

The Moderator of course agreed with the user 6ixty saying he has a point about to many retro requests for Mardi Gras. Why am I NOT surprised?!?!?!

The Moderator always sticks with a Generation Y S U C K because they love to be so cool with the SO called hip Gen Y generation who really know NOTHING about music at all. But they know a lot about S H I T !

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Haha, you tell 'em Jason

I think the point the Moderator was making was that they can't locate them in *broadcast* quality, which has higher resolution/different specifications than VHS/DVD. But still, surely it can't be *that* hard to track down Sam Fox's "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)"! Video Hits aired it in 2005, I know that much. It's even on one of the Countdown DVDs, I think... I know I have a copy of it from an official DVD source. I would rather see something rarer than Touch Me, but I'm making the point that they don't even have the common/big hits by these retro pop acts. It's quite depressing

The Mardi Gras mini special last year was largely 'retro', and not all of the songs were specifically GLBTIQ/considered gay 'anthems' - i.e. Shakespears SIster's 'Run Silent', even though they had a large gay & lesbian following. Stacey Q's 'Two of Hearts' and 'We Connect' are as much (if not moreso) a gay 'anthem' than that.

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

WHAT ON EARTH IS GLBTIQ????????????????????

Please tell me!

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Intersex Quèer.

I can't believe the last word is censored here

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Thank You!

I can never guess anything that just has letters like that. I REALLY should have known that seeing I am a Camp Poof myself but hey!

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

It just gets me that Rage say they don't have access to certain classic videos when most of them can be found on either Countdown, The Factory, Rock Arena, Countdown Revolution.

Just going by those they all go up to 1990 so it would only take a bit of foresight and planning to track down the videos from those shows.

Granted some may not be of a high broadcast quality and I understand the Rage team are stretched but there really isn't any excuse not to do some research. Even if some of them had the intros and outros from certain Countdowns, just seeing some of them at all would be good.

I also don't like it when Rage say that 'hold off requesting retro items until Retro season' and yet when it comes along they play endless Nick Cave, Dylan Lewis stuff!!!!!

While I'm grateful Rage exists and appreciate their hard word over the years at the moment what they say and do seem to be very different things!

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

They always have an excuse!

When they played "Single Bed" for the 1st Wild Card THAT was taken from Countdown as is Jason Donovan with Too Many broken Hearts and Jenny Morris with She Has To Bed Loved BOTH from Countdown Revolution.

It's complete *********

I put up both dates of the Countdown Episodes that feature BOTH Stacey Q video's, so they have NO excuse!!!!!!! Who knows if that post of mine will make it to the rage Forum though!

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

I guess most of our suggestions will go unheeded if they can't be bothered to locate common clips, it's not exactly holy grail material.

But what can you do, it's still better than Video Hits or any of the Pay TV stuff plastered with logos and adds.

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Didn't they play the full 'Single Bed' video in 2002-3 on the night of the Mardi Gras? How could they have then 'lost' it already by 2008 when the first Wildcard special aired?

Re: Mardi Gras mini special

Least Patrick Wold is playing some TREATS!!!!

The Mardi Gras Special is rather boring really....

Only 2 that really GRAB me are Sinitta and Debbie Gibson.

The Antony track is cool to and FINALLY something different from Dead or Alive ...

The rest is rather predictable though. Last year's featured more RARE video's as did the one in 2007....