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RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

This in a reply from one of the RAGE mods:

"We've got Wildcard IV coming up soon, so that's when we'll do another big dig through the library and try and pull out as many rarities as possible. Stay tuned..."

Awesome news !!! The Wildcard shows are unquestionably amongst the absolute highlights of the year on RAGE and increases the chance of more rare incredible gems being retrieved from the vaults. Very exciting

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

YES, I just read that!

Also there is to be a mini Mardi gras special as well which the Moderator just confirmed!

FAB ***

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

that's great news...a "mini" Mardi Gras special is better than none at all...and last years was very very good

Would love to see another full Mardi Gras special though...it's been too long and previous ones have been incredible !

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

That's great news about both of them, although I'd love to see another all night Mardi Gras special like Rage did in 1998 - which remains the benchmark!

I was also pleased to see the Moderator's response to the Russell Mulcahy thread about him programming the show:

"We're trying to chase him down (if only so we can ask how he feels about the literal version of 'Total Exclipse Of The Heart...)"

If they got him to program the show that would be fantastic! And I have several Russell Mulcahy directed videos Rage MUST play after his special!

That would be unreal if he hosted the show.

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

It's like they got a whole new moderator on the forum in the last day or so (or the good one from the old Rage guestbook back after their summer hiatus whilst the awful Gen-Y members of the Rage team programmed retro month).

And there's a lot (well, compared to their recent standards) of great, rare clips on Rage this Saturday night as well.

Speaking of the 1998 Mardi Gras special (which was amazing), I swear I saw Yazz's 'Stand Up For Your Love Rights' 12" version for the first time that night, but it bizarrely doesn't appear on the playlist for Rage that night!


I don't think it was the 1997 special.

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

I saw Yazz's 'Stand Up For Your Love Rights' 12" version for the first time in 1997 or 1998 on rage Mardi Gras and I remember being ECSATIC. I don't know why it isn't listed!

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

I had the 1998 special on tape and saw it many times over the years and I know Stand Up For Your Love Rights was definately on it.

I think where things got mixed up is that The Only Way Is Up is listed - which, from memory, didn't appear in the special.

So I assume that Stand Up For Your Love Rights should be where the other Yazz tune is listed.

I'm pretty sure that's right - both tunes are great though anyway - Yazz shone very brightly with those two songs!

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

I MASSIVELY adore "Fine Time" by Yazz a s well. I first saw it on The Factory when it was a New Release in 1988 or 1989 when it was released and I LOVED it and still do. A totally different direction as a single release after her first 2 solo records which was more aimed at commercial Acid House, YAY!

The first track i ever discovered from Yazz was "Doctorin'The House" with Cold Cut who also worked with Lisa Stansfield in her Early solo days... Which is my FAV ever Yazz record.

I also discovered "Treat me Good" by Yazz on Video Smash Hits in 1990 which i also LOVED.

There is then the AMAZING "Where Has All The Love Gone"!

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

Yes, I love 'Fine Time' as well. It was the first single I ever bought, hehe. I only caught the 2nd half of the video on Video Hits at the time, and didn't see the full thing until tracking it down again a few years ago. I've managed to locate all of her videos since, except 'Good Thing Going' - I was in contact with Yazz just over a year ago, and she said she was going to send me a copy, but it never happened

All of the singles from Yazz's 'Wanted' album were amazing; then she had a baby & split with the father/her manager and it all went very wrong.

Re: RAGE Wildcard 4 just announced

You mentioned on the Rage Message Board that you wanted to know when the 1st Rage Wildcard was played. It was June 7 2008. To find it just click on the "Guests And Specials" option and then choose the guests under "W" and they will all come up.