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What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

Hi all, Just as an interesting little exercise, I was wondering if anyone would like to comment on their favourite Countdown Intro? Personally, 1982 is the one for me. I just like the way it starts at the beginning with a Countdown logo in lights that rolls across the screen, and think it's pretty cool, plus for me, my favourite year for music is '82, so I guess seeing this at the start of the show always means that somewhere on the show I'm about to watch, there will be some interesting music. Plus, Gavin Wood was at his peak then, as was John Peters with his excellent scripting. Although, funnily (is that a word?)enough, 1983 bores me, not just the intro., but the show. Well, I still like to watch 1983 shows, but there's just something that's not there in '83 that was in previous years ('79 to '82). The quality of the picture, the lack of audience participation, etc. is missing big time in '83, but thankfully it's back with a vengenance in 1984. They must have realised that they needed some re-invigorating at the beginning of '84 and I think they suceeded?

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

In terms of intro I must disagree with you Matt.

I reckon the 1983 version was the best - full of colour and movement and sets up the mood for the upcoming show perfectly.

Having said that the 1980 - 82 era intros I'll always be fond of as just seeing them bring back many childhood memories of watching it with the family.

As for the others - the 84 titles were pretty good, the 85 - 87 ones weren't terribly memorable and I think the best openings for the 70's era eps would be the 'swinging door' one from 1976.

In terms of actual segments in the show themselves I do agree the 81 - 82 shows had the perfect blend of videos and live performances, although some of the 84 - 86 era ones had a fairly good mix when the live studio performances came back.

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

For me I like all the intros 75-82 roughly the same although they kinda peaked in the 79-82 period. I still like the post '82 intros but not as much.

Have to agree about 1982 as well this was the peak year musically for sure and almost every song is a classic.

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

Has to be '84. I also liked the music in the '87 intro and also quite liked the Countdown Revolution opening.

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

Definitely the 1980-1982 intros for me

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

Cool comment on the Countdown Revolution intro,the 1990 version with the earth and satellite thing going on are the best, in fact, it totally rocks! Jason, can you recall how many nights a week C'down Rev. was on, I think it was each week night, but then again it may have been once a week, i just can't recall?

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

I like the 1983 intro the best.

Countdown Revolution was on 5 nights a week.

Re: What year is your favourite Countdown Intro?

1982 and 1984!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!