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My turn to ask a favour :(

Due to a little timing mishap, I missed the two songs after Rock Arena on Sunday morning.

If anyone still has them on their hard drive - I am actually only after the Cliff song Hey Mr Dreammaker.

Bizarrely about a month ago I recited this entire song to someone in a dream - despite not having heard the song for about 30 years! So just wanted to check my own nostalgic memory with that one.

Happy to return the favour during this weekends recordings if anyone misses anything due to tennis games or whatever !!. I wont erase off harddrive until checking in here first!!

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

More than happy to help.

I still have the whole thing on hard drive so no problem there.

You should receive the 1983 Brian Mannix hosted episode after Australia Day.

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

Oh you are a gem :) !! I literally missed the last ten minutes - the final seconds of the Rock arena then the two songs ! Unbelievable. All that rubbish at the beginning of the night must have run over time!

Looking forward to seeing that other Countdown. I have a "vague" recollection of possibly seeing it at a friends house - but possibly not so it may be a first for me !!

Thanks heaps :) And for Jason - I promise not to wipe my hard drives till the end of flashback month from now one - just in case !!

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

I have to make a huge apology, my recording also stops just short of the end of Rock Arena. I had added extra record time which was well over the finishing time so I don't know why it finished recording early.

I just assumed I had it. I'm sorry for raising hopes. If anyone else can help please let us know.

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

Just checked.

I have Cliff Richard on my Foxtel IQ copy.

Email me at romoelectric@hotmail.com with your address and I will send u a copy of the Cliff Richard clip!

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

Wow Guru - I was assuming it was the 8 hour time out on my DVDr but maybe the whole thing ran way overtime and stuffed out timings even with extra minutes ! I generally add 30 min to everything out of habit. Glad there werent too many clips after the RA ep that we missed.

Jason < < HUGS > > !! emailing you now

I will keep this weekends stuff on the HDD for a few weeks in case you or anyone else has similar mishaps.

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

What's the name of the Cliff Richard clip?

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

I thought something was up! When I went to edit the whole show that weekend, Rage finished on Sunday morning just after 8.00 am and I thought that was a little strange, so checking to make sure I didn't set the clock ahead or behind as we had power outage the day before, it turns out the clock was fine. So Rage really did run overtime but they were out by a whole hour and a half it seems. I always thought Rage ended at 6.30am on a sunday but the closing theme went to air at 8.03am. Interesting.

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

Nicholas - as per first post - Hey Mr Dream Maker.

Frankster - yeah its definitely sounding like it wasnt all of us setting our timers wrong or the 8 hour time out that some of us have.

Re: My turn to ask a favour :(

xmaniac.. are you still looking for that Cliff Richard song and/or the Jimmy Buffet one after the Ganggajang Special on Rock Arena form Sunday 23rd January?... I still have the entire 7 hour blocks of Saturdays night for each week in January 2010 broadcasts in digital format and can cut them to DVD if you still want them. Let's know.