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Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

I am like most others on this forum, I want to see Countdown and Rock Arena - and a lot of it. We are fortunate that Rage have the capacity to incorporate that into their programming and do so each January.

What we have to remember is that Rage have no obligation to play any Countdown. They have their own programmers and can format it as they like. They are also closely associated with JJJ and at a guess I assume that most of them are of the younger generation who probably grew up with Recovery and the 10:30 Slot. As such I think we are fortunate to get as much as we do.

While I think that Recovery and 10:30 Slot is a waste of Retro time you have to understand it from their point of view in that they try to program something for all generations with clips older than 10 years. While I don't think 2000 is a long time ago, in 1990 I thought 1980 was a heck of a long time ago, so it is just relative to how old you are.

As such I am all for diplomatically stating our case on the Rage Message Board and trying to nudge their way of thinking to fit our requests. The most effective way to do this is with positive suggestions and I have posted lists of past Countdowns shown so that we don't have repeats and that has been the case so far this year. A number of our suggestions have been heeded and we have had some great episodes shown (although it would have been nice to have a few more).

What I don't think is going to be helpful to our cause is if we leave particularly negative comments about their programming. They hold the whip in that they have the ABC archives at their fingertips and we can only hope that they play what we want. I know if someone criticized me for what I did then I would be less receptive to their suggestions and that is something to keep in mind.

I agree with almost all the comments that have been posted although I feel that some of them are more suitable for this forum and best left off the Rage site. We need to keep the Rage programmers on side and it is best to do that in a respectful manner.

I did post a message on the Rage forum distancing myself from a few of the negative posts as it is not my style to be confrontational with those I am wanting favours from. I know that Rage did give a response to a message from CJ but my post was not related directly in response to that. I agree with most of what CJ said (except I am glad they have not shown Countdown first - in the 1st week we would have lost an episode to Nick Bloody Cave and in the 2nd week to the tennis so I am happy to wait a few hours and ensure it gets shown), I just feel that message can be more eloquently phrased as to not directly offend.

Everyone has different tastes in music, even those of us who like the 80's. xmaniac68 and myself are fans of Uncanny X-Men and Jason hates them, yet both of us were still happy to donate footage to Jason when he was after a bit he missed. We need to work together to achieve our desired results and it is best to do that on this forum.

We are all fans of Countdown and basically want to see the same things, it would be great if we can do it together as a team.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

Well said guru.

Rage have to appeal to a diverse audience so it's impossible to for them to please all the people all the time.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

I agree with Bob. I'm embarrassed to read some of the Rage bashing that's come from people who frequent this forum, who act like spoiled little brats who have been given treats in good faith, then whinge and stamp their feet because it's not exactly what they demanded.

Frankly, I think the Rage team have been remarkably tolerant of these babies and their constant, selfish verbal barbs. I would have told them to **** off and grow up by now.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

I agree with the essence of what you are saying Guru but I think there are some issues for concern.

A few years ago I gave up watching RAGE even casually because of the consistent fixation with Nick Cave are artists of that ilk. I'm afraid for the over 30s a lot of the time the only period of the year when there is anytihng of interest is Retro month and I think that contributes to the ill feeling when they get side-tracked. Rowland S. Howard's death was simply an excuse to roll out more Nick Cave.

I will even admit to being a bit sharpish with them. I wrote a comment recently concerning the lack of a proper Beatles Special since 2001. I think I asked if we had to wait for another Beatle to die to get another special and if that was the case are there only two more specials in the future to look forward to before I die myself.

Well it didn't get past the moderator but I thought it was pretty accurate and moderately funny. I just thought I'd share it.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

I agree Kyron, TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

Indeed well said.

After fast forwarding thru that dreadful start to Saturdays flashbacks (I cannot even bring myself to describe it as music) it did get me to wondering why in fact Rage cant make February a baby retro month.

So us old farts get January and the young folk who genuinely believe the 90s are "retro" can have their month.

Then no one needs to suffer through each others such markedly different tastes.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds


Add up some of the rage guest programmer's who play the same S H I T video's all year and take 4 rage Episodes of Guest Programmer's out, and they can play the terrible NO MUSIC of Crapovery and 10:30 Slop in February and leave January as Non Stop Countdown and other gems like Rock Arena, Beat Box, Between The Teeth, Antenna, Countdown Revolution, Flashez and The Factory for January!

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

I was thinking the same thing, that it would be a good idea to seperate the two eras rather then mashing them together.

Just dedicate another month for the late 80's/90's and everyone's happy.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

Agree with Kyron.

If it wasn't for some of us giving rage (subtle and not-so-subtle) 'hints' every now and then, we'd probably end up with 12 months of awful Nick Cave-like 'music', which is how it seemed to be a few years back.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

I think perhaps the main reason why people get a bit ticked off is that Retro month only comes around once a year and when we suddenly see the likes of Nick Cave, Recovery, the 10.30 Slot get a gurnsey over older classic shows it's understandable why myself and others feel put out.

A lot of Nick Cave and bits of Recovery get shown quite a lot during the year and yet when they suddenly turn up during Retro month as well.......

But I do get the gist of what everyone has been saying - we live in a democracy and everyone has their own point of view....although I should say that the reasons why the Countdown eps have been so good this year is that almost everyone in this forum has suggested them - and that's something we all should be pleased about.

Re: Let's Not Bite The Hand That Feeds

Indeed Patrick,

The episodes of Countdown they have played have mainly been our requests which is very COOL!