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Stay tuned below with regular Countdown full archival information for each Countdown episode rage shall be airing every Saturday throughout January ...

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rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

Saturday, 23 January 2010


THE 10.30 SLOT Big Day Out 2000 Special (ABC)


FLASHEZ January 1st, 1977 (ABC)


FLASHEZ Interview With The Saints, 1977 (ABC)
THE SAINTS Know Your Product (EMI)


FLASHEZ Interview with Air Supply, 1977 (ABC)
AIR SUPPLY All Out Of Love (BMG)
FLASHEZ Segment on Stevie Wonder Bus, 1976 (ABC)
STEVIE WONDER - Live Superstition (Polydor)
FLASHEZ Interview with Billy Joel, 1976 (ABC)
BILLY JOEL Piano Man (Sony)
COUNTDOWN July 22nd, 1979 (ABC)
ZOOT Eleanor Rigby (Polydor)
COUNTDOWN October 22nd, 1982 (ABC)
YAZOO Don't Go (Festival)
JOE JACKSON Real Men (Festival)
COUNTDOWN March 20th, 1983 (ABC)
JIMMY & THE BOYS They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me (Festival)
JIMMY & THE BOYS Product Of Your Mind (Festival)


TOTO COELO I Eat Cannibals (Independent)
WHAM Young Guns (Go For It) (Sony)
MARVIN GAYE Sexual Healing (Sony)
BLANCMANGE Living On The Ceiling (Universal)
ROCK ARENA Ganggajang Special - November 25th, 1985 (ABC)
CLIFF RICHARD Hey Mr. Dream Maker (Independent)
JIMMY BUFFET Margaritaville (ABC)


Okay, I am VERY pleased that rage delivered with Jimmy And The Boys with a crisp copy of "Products Of Your Mind". They really have listened to some of us. Very cool... AND a FULL Episode of Flashez, YAY! And of course Carol Pop 1982 and Ignatius 1983!...

I am however over the fact that rage MUST play Joe Jackson with Real men video in between Countdown Episodes AGAIN!... rage played it on rage retro 2 in between Countdown's and Da Da Da again!... I think rage could have squeezed in a half hour of Countdown Revolution if they took out Real Me, Da Da Da, Don't Go, Sexual healing, Wham Rap and Living On The Cieling ... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the late 80s and 1990 folks like Tay Tay Tay are NOT being catered to at all!

Anyhow, once again there are some AMAZING things on but also things that DON'T make sense!

I wish 10:30 Slot was on late after Countdown, another late night to get ready for!

I MUST add that I am excited about the 1979 Episode, I have been waiting to see this as I don't have it on timer code !

Air Supple = HELL for me though as does Billy Joel, totally WRONG!

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

Looks like an excellent retro night from 12.30 on starting with another full Flashez The artists being interviewed on the Flashez clips don't do much for me but hey it's more Flashez for the collection!

And they may have been played over and over but I'll still enjoy Real Men,Living On The Ceiling etc.

Another night of retro heaven coming up

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

A pity the 10.30 Slot is being shown, but never mind.

Some great Countdowns though and the Flashez bits look good.

I wish Rage would stop showing the various videos in between though - take them out and you could easily squeeze in another Countdown, C. Revolution, etc - particularly when certain videos are only shown weeks after they aired!

The Retro season has been a bit all over the place this year with some great stuff and others.....not so good.

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

I know Patrick, I know...

This January has let us down by the lack of proper thought out planning.

It is a bother that the same old video's are being played.

Last January we had the same 3 in a row Pseudo Echo video's which have been played in the same order again this year. Real Men AGAIN which was played in between a Countdown 2 weeks ago.

A Countdown Revolution to capture the late 80s and 1990 should be getting played as it's the only period being ignored of the 80s...

Ah well, what do you do!!!! Sigh +

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

The only real downers for me have been the Recovery episodes going until 2.15am ,Nick Cave & now the 10.30 slot all starting off retro night with a whimper when a RA or late 70's/80's era videos would be perfect. Leave those shows until 5am!

All the Countdowns,RAs and various Flashez/GTKs,some 80's heaven videos (we will together,life in a northern town,come said the boy) & other bits and pieces have been v.good to brilliant.

Although I would have preferred more non-interview Flashez clips.

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

They don't have a clue what they're doing this year. Can't they even cast their minds back to 2 weeks ago when 'Real Men' was already aired? 'Don't Go' and 'Da Da Da' have appeared in retro month as well (albeit as part of a Countdown episode). I can't believe how hopeless the Rage programming team have been of late.

Elvis's Hound Dog/All Shook Up is another that's been aired recently. Do the rage team have amnesia?

I expect the final week will be another shambles...

Jason - another re-re-repeat this year has been Midnight Oil's 'Redneck Wonderland' live on Recovery. They aired it during retro month 2008, 2009, and this year again as part of the 'best of' 1998 Recovery special. The Pseudo Echo repeats from last year probably take the cake though.

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

I know!

I TOTALLY agree. I love the Countdown's this weekend obviously, BUT there is SO much more they could do.

rage have access to THE most AMAZING footage in the ABC Archives...

Beat Box, The Factory bits of Countdown Revolution should also be included.

They should be showing an array on 80s ABC Music Programs if they don't want to play more than 3 Countdown's!

One of the only RARE video's being played this weekend is Jimmy And The Boys with "Products Of Your Mind" and THAT is only bevause I suggested it!

Real Men, Da Da Da and Don't Go yes, are a ll GREAT tracks and classic BUT were all played 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sexual Healing is BORING!.... I Eat Cannibals has been played once or twice last year and Blancmange's Living On The Ceiling is FABULOUS but not something rage NEED to play!. It was on the last WIld Card Special!

They have access to so many RARE video clips and ABC Programs BUT they just don't know WHAT they are doing at all!

The only reason why rage have been playing good Countdown's is because they are all our suggestions!

It's such a waste of time playing the utter nonsense they do in between, very annoying indeed. BUT what can we do, NOTHING unfortunately!!!

I totally ,agree on pseudo Echo, with the 3 EXACT same video's in the same order. It's like people who are doing work experience are working at rage this January. If they put us in charge of January it would be an array of gem's, let me tell you!

It is interesting, as last year rage played more RARE and INTERESTING Music Video's than they have this whole January! ... GO FIGURE!!!

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

> Blancmange's Living On The Ceiling is FABULOUS but
> not something rage NEED to play!. It was on the
> last WIld Card Special!

Oh that's right, they did, I forgot about that. Makes this Saturday's playlist look even worse/lazier than before. I figure they're re-playing the above clips because they're sticking to the 'play clips from the Countdown top 10 episode before it' theme this year, which sucks. I don't see why they feel the need to stick to a rigid theme each week of retro month (#1 tracks on Saturday 10-11am in 2009, clips from the Countdown top 10 & starting with live performances this year), it really ruins it.

Saturday's 10-11am slot is the one I've been the least interested in this retro month too. I'm only looking forward to Robert Palmer's 'Bad Case of Loving You' from it.

Re: rage Saturday 23rd Janury PLAYLIST is posted!

YEP, the whole sticking to this ridiculous Top 10 theme with videos from the Countdown Top 10 is so lazy and awfully predictable!