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Countdown 20/3/1983?

20/3/1983 that rage are playing this Saturday isn't the same Episode they played in 2004 BUT ... I remember the Exclusive David Bowie interview BUT that Episode had J.P.Y Hosting. I don't remember Ignatius Hosting NOR do I remember "Whispering Your Name" being played!!!!!!!

What I want to know is if it is the SAME David Bowie interview repeated on another Countdown Episode???

Also according to rage they say that Ignatius is Performing "Whispering Your Name" in the Countdown studio. WOW!.... I hope so!!!

Me a bit excited ...

Too bad about the 10:30 Slot for 90 minutes AND a repeat Rock Arena...

Ah well.... Least we will get the FULL Episode though I so would have prefered a 2nd Rock Arena rather than 10:30 SLOP!

Re: Countdown 20/3/1983?

I think this is a different David Bowie interview as it focuses on the world premiers of Let's Dance. The Nov 6 interview focuses on Let's Dance and China Girl which were the 2 videos David filmed in Australia. I don't know for sure but I at least hope it is a different interview as this is in March '83 and the other was in November.

I am also excited that Ignatius Jones will perform Whispering Your Name "live". Most live performances in 1983 were actually very good concept videos produced by Countdown so it won't be like other years where kids are around the front of the stage - at least I assume this as I haven't seen this episode before but as I do have 33 episodes from 1983 and this is what usually occurred. There are only a few of the traditional live Countdown shows in 1983 with Laura Branigan and KC & The Sunshine Band spring to mind, most of them just featured the band in the studio.

Anyhow, getting back Whispering Your Name, this is one of my favourite Aussie synth tracks of the 80's, I have the 7" and 12" (which unfortunately isn't extended) and am about to get the original video clip and in the same week get the Countdown version. I had mentioned it a few times on the Rage forum earlier this year so I may have influenced the choice and am very happy to get this episode. Ignatius is an entertaining host, I liked his review of one song on another episode he hosted when he said "Plastic music for plastic people"