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Rage Jan 23 2010

ok Rage have just put up the blurb for this Saturday...

For the fourth week of rage goes retro, get ready for another trip back through time as rage brings you a jam packed evening of Countdown, Rock Arena and the 10.30 Slot! Playing Countdown episodes from 79, 82 and 83, a 10.30 Slot: Big Day Out Special from 2000 and a 1985 Rock Arena episode featuring Ganggajang you won’t be disappointed with this weekend’s retro fix!

Among the retro plays this week is a July 1979 Countdown episode hosted by Darryl Cotton and Molly Meldrum and including live performances by XTC, Victoria Nicolls, Robert Palmer and The Angels and clips by Siouxie and the Banshees, The Knack, Joe Jackson, Abba and much more, as well as a very entertaining performance of ‘Hot Stuff’ by Donna Summer by the Countdown dancers!

Another Countdown episode being dusted off is from October 1982 and it features Carol Pope from Canadian band ‘Rough Trade’ as guest host and includes live performances by The Reels, Serious Young Insects, the Moir Sisters as well as many many great clips by The Pretenders, The Clash, Adam Ant, King Trigger and more.

Finishing the Countdown component for the night is a March 1983 episode guest hosted by Ignatius Jones and featuring the premier of David Bowie’s song ‘Let’s Dance’ and an exclusive interview with David Bowie, as well as the Countdown Awards nominations announcement. This episode includes live performances by Mental As Anything, Men At Work and of course, Ignatius Jones and clips by Monte Video, Chris De Burgh, Tears For Fears, Michael Jackson, Toto and much more!

On this very special occasion, rage is repeating a Rock Arena episode from 1985 played a couple of weeks ago which many viewers missed out on the first time due to last minute scheduling changes that were out of rage’s hands. This episode features an interview and performances by the Sydney band Ganggajang as well as clips by The Cure, Sade, Simple Minds and more.

Also in your retro mix this Saturday is a 10.30 Slot Big Day Out Special from 2000 featuring live performances from a very memorable big day including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Magic Dirt, Grinspoon and lots of behind the scenes action!

So there you have it - the 1982 Rough Trade ep FINALY gets an airing!! Interesting that Rock Arena ep gets another airing as well.

Looks to be a good night - except for the dreadful 10.30 Slot - this should have been taken out and replace with another Countdown!!!!!

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

Hmmm. Seems like Rage may be temporarily back in the good books this week

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

Good books for this week Jase - but the inclusion of the 10.30 Slot beggars belief!

Never mind - at least the Countdowns are good - even the 1979 one looks to be highly amusing with Ms Victoria Nicolls doing her thing and the dancers grooving to Donna Summer's funky tunes.

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

On the minus side I have the 1979 episode (although don't think I've watched it yet & it'll be good to get a non TC'd copy) and the horrid 10.30 slot.

On the plus side two awesome 80's episodes and hopefully some more Flashez and the Studio 31 special. Still I haven't seen the 1979 episode so it looks like an awesome night except for the obvious

And being a huge fan of The Restless Years can't wait to see Mollys interview with Victoria Nicolls

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010


Just looked on rage!

They are FINALLY playing my HUGE request from 1982 with Carol pope!

I am not happy about the 10:30 Slot BUT this will be the 4th Countdown on my request list that is being played.

THIS 1982 Episode is THE one I REALLY want, HEAVENLY !!!!!

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

Yes - good news here and this should allay peoples fears about the playlists and leave us all in a better mood than yesterday. And I am sure the final retro week will be loaded with Countdowns as well!!

The Studio 31 Special will definitely be shown in Week 5 as indicated on Rages Twitter page, but other than that - a mystery.

Time to cheer up Jason - your most wanted Countdown is coming!! The Rage team are listening even if they frustrate us all at times.

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010


My other 2 MOST wanted Countdown's came a few years ago when rage played the 1982 Episode with The Human League in Berlin and my MOST HUNTED Classix Nouveaux video "Never Again", John Foxx, Adam Ant and Duran.
My FAV EVER Countdown Episode ! * ! * ! * ! Which i STILL can't believe they payed after 3 years on +

And they also played that FAB 1981 Episode with the Steve Strange Interview!

And of course Culture Club Episode, 1983 Christmas and the list goes on!

So now with this Carol Pope Episode on Saturday it is TOTALLY the
Icing On The Cake!... My constant requesting for this Episode really got this Episode through the door which I STILL can't believe. All the endless posting for this Episode and the fact the Moderator told me that I don't need to keep requesting this Episode has proved they must have decided to play this a few months ago. WOW, how happy am I !!!

And may I add, I am still ESTATIC that rage played the BRILLIANT 1984 Episode 2 weeks ago with Brian Canham, Pseudo Echo, Dugites, Electric Panda's e.t.c.... WOW!!!!

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

You're lucky getting your request of the 1982 CD played this week. I've been requesting the Sept 1985 one featuring Molly at a country rodeo for almost ten years and it has never been played. I didn't even bother to ask for it this year, I've given up

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

Hey, never give up Noisy - it's all a matter of perserverance and lots of patience!

If you keep at it one day they will be shown!

Re: Rage Jan 23 2010

Awwwww, I know I am lucky.

This is the 4th Episode this month which was on my list. THIS 1982 Episode being the main one on my list in the past 2 or 3 years ...

I don't understand why your request and Stu's 1985 Real Life Episode are not being considered. rage do some strange things, they really do.

As people know, I am VERY persistent! I make sure I nag and nag and nag till I get the Episodes I want. I think they play my requests as they know if they don't I will just leave messages like a stalker. My behavior pay's off in the end, HE, HE, HE !!!