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Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

So did the people in WA and Queensland get the full Nov 26 1985 Rock Arena that opened the show?

The clips for THE CURE 'CLOSE TO ME'(0.17);SADE 'YOUR LOVE IS KING'(4.53);SADE 'SWEETEST TABOO'(8.30);MIDGE URE 'IF I WAS'(14.30) and SIMPLE MINDS 'ALIVE AND KICKING'(18.42) are common but I would be interested in a copy of the full episode if anyone did manage to receive it in their broadcast.

Happy to trade for it or pay costs if anyone is able to help.

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

Hiya Guru

I recorded the whole night - have only watched part of it back so far but definitely got the whole broadcast.

Did something happen over your way that affected the broadcast ?

I probably wont get around to splitting the eps up and burning it all till next weekend as I have other burning to do for pals but and definitely able to burn it for you.


Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

Thanks for that xmaniac68, I have sent you an email.

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

All done - will be posted Monday :)

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

I want the FULL Episode as well, PLEASE !

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

Ohh sorry Jase - wish you had asked during the week. I deleted it yesterday after editing out just Midge Ure for myself - wasnt interested in the rest of the ep.

Guru might be able to copy the copy when his arrives in the post ??

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

I'll look after you Jason, when my copy arrives I will do one for you. We have to look after each other here, in the end everyone benefits.

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

YAY Guru, U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

I was about to copy it for you but as it is about to be repeated this week I guess you won't need it now.

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

Its incredible that they are repeating it for you - they must have had a lot of calls after the stupid tennis !!!!

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

This might sound cruel,but to even things up,I reckon those who saw this episode in full 2 weeks ago should experience what those of us that didn't did!

Re: Rock Arena Nov 26 1985

Why did the rage playlist have this down as Nov 25, 1985. You only have to watch the episode and Suzanne mentions that Midge Ure is playing in Brisbane tonight and along screens the tour dates - Brisbane Nov 26. Why are rage so wrong with the dates?