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Rock Arena

I have been reading the posts on the rage 'message board' and yes, it would be great if Suzanne Dowling could guest program rage and soon. Like a few of us here, the last time we saw Suzanne was on Spicks & Specks in 2007. Myf even mentioned how influential she and the show was to her while growing up in the country and having very limited access to music programs.

Guru, I see your appreciation towards Suzanne and Rock Arena is great. It got me thinking, you should do up a similar website to this, totally dedicated to Rock Arena and have an 'archives page'. I would love to check out all the episodes!

Re: Rock Arena

I wanted to actually create a Rock Arena website as well for the last few years.

It's just so much work maintaining this ste as it is that I don't know if I am up to it!

Guru, if you have the time and energy why not start a Rock Arena website!. Countdownmemories and Rock Arena could be "SISTER" sites, YAY!

I must say that tonight's Rock Arena isn't in the same league as last week's 2 AMAZING Episodes. But still not too bad I suppose....

I have wanted I'm Talking LIVE at Celina's for years. Been requesting it for at least 6 or 7 years. HEaring Suzanne mention it last week just had me so upset, cry....

Re: Rock Arena

With my computer skills I am happy to have just mastered using a forum. I don't have the ability to do such a thing as setting up a functioning site. I doubt I could do Rock Arena, or more precisely Suzanne Dowling, justice.

Unlike Countdown, most of the Rock Arena episodes have not been added to the TARA database so I would not have access to what appears on many of the shows.

About 4 years ago on this forum I did list a lot of Rock Arena episodes that I would like to see and from that Jason was really keen to see the Dec 18 1984 episode so we kept mentioning it and finally had success this year.

It is from the TARA database that I post the episode rundowns of Rock Arena episodes (and the Music Around Us this week). If it's not recorded there then I don't know about it. Much of what the ABC has is not on their database.

Re: Rock Arena


What on earth is the TARA database???

And yes... Thank goodness you posted the Dec, 1984 Rock Arena info 3 or 4 years ago as the persistance from both of us DID indeed pay off.

Re: Rock Arena

TARA database I think stands for Television And Radio Archives. It is the material that has been catalogued and where you got your Countdown runsheets from, although via a different source.

Getting back to Rock Arena I was pleasantly surprised (being a guru I am allowed to be pleasant) to see I wasn't the only individual who wanted to see Suzanne again, I think there have been around 10 others to back it up with comments which is probably the greatest request for a guest programmer that I can ever recall having been discussed on the forum, now I will just wait to see if the stars will align.

Re: Rock Arena

Having just watched the episode of Some Girls (Rock & Roll Ladies) the other night, I noticed that the presenter stuffed up, he said that they were going to play 4 Wendy & The Rocketts clips and I only saw 3. What a blast to see 'Don't Say I Told You So' by The Tourists - great video from 1980.

Re: Rock Arena


Of course you were not THE only one with love for Suzanne Dowling. I ALWAYS wish to see her on our screens in January!. I ADORED her in the 80s, she was always so informative and had such passion when she Hosted Rock Arena. I ALWAYS long to see her AMAZING outfits!!!!!!!!

I was really P I S S E D that the other night when she was interviewing Gangajang that the camera didn't capture Suzanne as well in the interviews, I thought that was really weird?!!!

When they showed her at the end the other night just for a few seconds SHE killllled me, she looked GLORIOUS as usual.

Such a charasmatic lady, my friend and I were SO wrapped to FINALLY meet her in the streets of MElbourne in 1998 and she was LOVELY!

Re: Rock Arena

As well as the lovely Suzanne Dowling to do a programming on Rage. The weekend after they should also get Basia from 'Rock around the world' to programme it as well.. It would be great if she could bring some of the music clips from the SBS vaults with her.

Re: Rock Arena

Pity there is NO Rock Arena this weekend because of CRAP-COVERY!

And Brett: Imagine SBS playing "Rock Around The World" repeats as well as The Noise.

W O W !!!!!!!!!!!

That would be THE Ultimate for Underground 80s chic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Rock Arena

It would be heaven if they put them both on SBS TWO, as a double header on Friday nights. They played so many videos of artists that you never saw on all the other music programmes.

Re: Rock Arena

I was surpised a couple of months ago when 'The Presets' programmed rage and one of the videos they played was DAF's "Der Rauber Und Der Prinz" (The Robber And The Prince) I haven't seen this clip since 'Rock around the world".