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The Radiators


Just wondering if anyone out there had any or all of The Rads live performances on Countdown that I may be able to get a copy of? I'm a big fan and would be happy to pay $$ if anyone does. Rage only seem to playing Comin' Home every now and then but I would love to see there other performances which going off the info on this great site were

Nancy Can't Dance
Up For Grabs
Roomful Of Diamonds
No Tragedy
One Touch

Hope someone can help.

Also they have just had there 30th anniversary in 2009 which is a huge achievement considering they have never broken up (unlike some of our other great pub bands) and continue to sellout there gigs and put on a fantastic show. If you haven't seen them or not seen them in a while do yourself a favour and go see these legends as you'll have a great night.

God knows how they aren't in the Australian Music Hall Of Fame.

Re: The Radiators

Can you tell me when The Radiators are going to make a DVD with all their videos, live performances, extra bits and pieces,etc. which it was a best-of/greatest hits/complication DVD?

Re: The Radiators

There's been talk of one for the last couple of years but nothing has eventuated as yet.

There are a few new live clips up on youtube from the opening of the survivor school they've opened up aswell as others from the 30th Anniversary tour which are unreal.