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Synth Britannia

I was recently sent a copy of the UK tv magazine Radio Times and while perusing it I noticed a documentary which was shown 2 weeks ago over there.

It's called 'Synth Britannia' and to quote from the blurb "An examination of the musical backdrop of the 1980's when synthpop was all the rage, having been introduced on Top of the Pops in 1979 and popularised by bands such as Depeche Mode, Ultravox and Soft Cell.
Featuring interviews with various band members from Human League, Soft Cell, Heaven 17, Yazoo and Gary Numan"

It's a 90 minute special which was shown on the Freeview digital channel BBC 4 on 16/10.

This was directly followed by another special called 'Synth At the BBC' which featured live performances from various BBC shows of the era featuring Roxy Music, New Order, etc. This one lasted an hour.

Both of these will probably be available somewhere for download and they definately sound worth a look. Some may have seen these already so I'd love to know what they're like - the BBC make some fantastic documentaries that's for sure!

Re: Synth Britannia


I think I mentioned it on here under another thread the other day.

It would be an AMAZING month to be in the UK!

On You Tube in the last week I have been watching not only the doco's but BBC have been playing VINT^AGE performances from the Early 80's from various Music programs of the time.

I saw performances from "Synth At The BBC" last weekend on You Tube. They are TO DIE FOR... Saw performances played from Tears For Fears, Howard Jones, Eurythmics, Soft Cell, Roxy Music and more*** I am SO jelous!

We get NOTHING like that in Autralia, so NOT fair!

I may go have a cry now...

Re: Synth Britannia

I know, it's terrible that our local TV networks don't do that sort of thing. UK TV channels seem more than happy to have themed nights or months - anything to utalise their vast archives - something we just don't seem to do here sadly.

Never mind - yes I do recall you mentioning something about it the other day although I forgot what the special was called.....one can only hope that some enterprising person can do a similar special on Oz groups - well one can always dream they would anyway!

Re: Synth Britannia

If your looking for them, here's a link:


Re: Synth Britannia

How brilliant!

To bad I cant download them, I dont have a dvd burner in my computer so there goes that bloody idea!

Re: Synth Britannia

Hi Jason

I am just downloading them now as i have a premium rapidshare. They will be finished tomorrow and i will send you copies. It looks like they are avi files, so i will have to convert them to DVD for you as well?

Any problems with that?

Re: Synth Britannia

WOW, cool!!!!

WOULD LOVE COPIES, BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Synth Britannia

No problems at all Jason,my pleasure, and Patrick if you would like them as well i don't have any problems sending you one as well. I also have to send you The Sounds of the 70's and 80's?

Re: Synth Britannia

Sure ok that'd be great - thanks for that.

Again I'd love it if an Australian version was made - I could imagine Pseudo Echo giving some very interesting insights in their foray in the local synth scene.

Re: Synth Britannia

No problems Patrick.

Yes I wouldn't mind hearing what Real Life, Meo 245 has to say as well.

Re: Synth Britannia

Hi everyone!
In keeping with the synth,a band that used the synth heavily in their time(and fair to say,had a big influence on the New Romantic movement),Roxy Music,have brought out a DVD called "The Story Of Roxy Music:More Than This".
Apart from the doco,the bonus features contain 3 live clips from 2006 and scenes that didn't make it in the doco,including(best of all)discussions about the band's album covers.

Re: Synth Britannia

Sounds good, John.
Roxy Music were an amazing band,especially in their early days-so avante garde, elegant and innovative.
Songs from their early albums such as Mother of Pearl,Ladytron and For Your Pleasure are absolute masterpieces.
They were one of the earliest synth bands and as you mentioned, would have had a big influence on a lot of bands/artists to follow.