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a one hit wonders autbiography

80's singer charlene who a number 1 hit here in 1982 with the song i've never been to me.which spent 6 weeks at number 1 here in oz.

has written her autobiography.the book is titled i've never been. it is by charlene oliver and jordan paramor.the book is available as an import at dymocks bookstore in george street sydney.

in the book she talks about how motown records ripped from of from the money she was owed when it hit big.the song went on to sell 18 million copies and is the 24 biggest selling single in motown records history.

Re: a one hit wonders autbiography

wasn't it first released in 1978? then re-released in '82? I think it was...and as we all know Molly did not like the song!

Re: a one hit wonders autbiography

No - Molly certainly did not like the song, even though it was No. 1 for 6 weeks.

It was originally recorded in 1977 but released in 82 - I have no idea why it took so long to get released but I'm glad it did!

Charlene came out to Australia around 2 years ago and still looks good - she still loves singing the song and happy that it made the soundtrack to Priscilla - although I'm not sure if it's performed in the stage version - I would image it would be seeing as it started the film off so well.

Re: a one hit wonders autbiography

I ADORE "Never Been To Me".

I remember when I first heard it I thought it was so daggy. But I think it's THE campest track EVER recorded.

"That's real, that's love"...
HE, He,HE...

Amazing record PERIOD +

Re: a one hit wonders autbiography

yes the song made the stage show it is featured on the stage show soundtrack.

do you know their is a dance mix of it featuring charlene.it is released by kontrol records uk.

Re: a one hit wonders autbiography

Hey Adam,
if Charlene's autobiogoraphy will become as a movie or TV-movie, which one the best actress or singer-actress that you choose to play as Charlene? My choice will it be a French actress who won a Best Actress Oscar for playing as Edith Piaf last year.