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Duran Duran DVD

I've just watched the 1984 Sing Blue Silver Duran Duran DVD.

A fairly interesting document of their 1984 American tour, with a fair mix of behind the scenes moments and concert footage.

The picture and sound quality is great - both literally drag you right in the concerts.

It quite interesting comparing it to their Live In London dvd - showing they are still a great live band with the visuals and music coming together very well.

I should also mention the Classic Albums DVD focussing on the Rio album is great too - although I did miss Andy Taylor's input - but never mind the rest of the band were very enlightening.

I'd love to grab a hold of the recent 1982 Hammersmith DVD/CD set....hopefully an Oz release is coming soon!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

The 1982 Hammersmith DVD set is AMAZING!

I have mine on order and I can't wait to get it!

I doubt it will be released here, unfortunately.

The big highl;ight for me is that "My Own Way" and "Lonely In Your Nightmare" videos are on the DVD, oh yeah +

Re: Duran Duran DVD

ok this is a little off the topic but I've just read on the Ezydvd website that Gold - The Best of Spandau Ballet CD/DVD set is to be released on 6 November.

On the same day a Frankie Goes to Hollywood greatest hits DVD is released as well.

Something for 80's fans to look forward to...and the Mushroom Evolution Concert dvd set is still marked for 30 October - which is a record for that one!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

How heavenly. Spandau's earl videos from 1980 to 1982 are just totall SUBLIME. I shall be getting the dvd for sure. I have a burnt cop but I want the real cop.

I do have the OFFICIAL/REAL vhs Spandau compilatioin which I wish was the official DVD, as the video has great bits in between the video's... Anyhow, BRILLIANT that it will be released properly.

And nice to see Frankie's getting a dvd out as well. I shall be getting both for sure. LONG LIVE 1979 - 1985 British & OZ Pop, New Romance, Synth/Electronic and Wave +

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Awesome to see Frankie releasing a dvd, they didn't make alot of clips [2 albums], so no doubt they'll have to put on some of their tv performances as well.

Just on Duran Duran, i remember a while back JB HiFi selling those concert dvd's pretty cheap, nice packaging as well, i ended up getting their cd singles box set with all re-issued singles in card sleeves with original artwork, was also heavily marked down in price, might have cost me about $30.

I have their double dvd with most video clips, including around 15 or so easter egg [hidden video's] which include the full 12" video to Wild Boys & the 18 minute epic video of New Moon On Monday.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Yes the Greatest Hits DVD is a bit of a challenge in finding easter eggs on it....although the ones they have are well worth finding.

I've seen the re-issued 2 CD version of the Rio album on sale with disc 1 featuring the album and disc 2 featuring remixes....interesting seeing some further re-interpetations of their music - it can be hoped other 80's era artists do the same and re-issue their work in the same fashion.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Re-issued / re-mastered cd sets are great for bands from especially the 80's era, alot of people bag the bands for selling out, ripping off the fans by making them buy the same cd's they already have, but say take U2 as an example, they have re-mastered 5 albums so far from the 80's and are set to release "The Unforgettable Fire" from 1985 next week, featuring off course a re-mastered sound, but also a second cd with all rare recordings, remixes etc & a dvd full of video clips, live clips etc, they are awsome for hardcore fans, like i am sure the Duran Duran Rio re-issue.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Would be very interested to find out more about those easter eggs. I found some on a site but not as many as you mentioned

Re: Duran Duran DVD

The RIO new double cd is GREAT.

I am DING to get mine because it has demo's on it!

I alwas LOVE to hear demo's in their original form. It's great that in the past few years that this kind of thing is more available.

The Duran Duran GREATEST DVD is HELL!...

I hate those easter eggs. I alwas have to look up the details on the internet evertime I get the dvd out!. THE best easter egg on it is the WOW New Romantic performance of Planet Earth at some German Nightclub, it is PURE BLISS!

I am glad the easter egg thing is out of fashion now. Bands like Human League and man more on their DVD's have the nice simple "EXTRA'S MENU"... THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I agree that easter eggs are very annoying, why don't they just have them as normal clips? It would also make the DVD'S themselves look better having more features.

For those who have an older dvd player, put the Duran Duran GH DVD in, press stop and index, then choose the number:



I just printed that out and keep inside the dvd case, although i wouldn't mind getting it copied one day to release the copy protection and making up my own compelation with all of these in proper order.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I've found wikipedia to be a great help in finding the easter eggs on the DVD:


It is rather infuriating sometimes finding them - although it's interesting seeing so many versions of the New Moon On Monday clip - perhaps not surprising given that Duran Duran themselves don't have much enthusiasm for the original video...

Speaking of the re-issued Rio CD - I'd love to see their other earlier albums get the same treatment - I'm sure Seven and the Ragged Tiger would go down well with some of their remixes being released - here's hoping.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Re Spandau Ballet CD/DVD - that's great news, cause I have a copy of the DVD. I was going to do a cover for it etc. So thanks for saving me some time and I will just buy the DVD when it comes out in early November.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

WOW. Thanx for that Stu.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Hi Patrick, The other Duran Duran albums ARE getting the deluxe treatment. But it wont be until next year.I found this news on the 'New Wave Outpost' blog.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Wow, that's fantastic news - thanks Brett.

Be great if other like minded CDs from other bands get released in the same way - a good way of 're-imagining' albums we've listened to many times over.

I'll keep an eye out for those CDs when they arrive - and for that Hammersmith set if it ever gets a local release.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

It reads that there will be deluxe editions of Duran Duran, Seven And The ragged Tiger and Notorious due around Feb. or Mar. of 2010. This will probably be around the time of their new album release.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I bought Duran Duran Greatest DVD before and I also bought Frankie Goes To Hollywood Greatest Hits CD/DVD combo from overseas before.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I've just watched the Gold Spandau Ballet greatest hits DVD and I must say I've never seen their videos look and sound so good before.

Every clip looks fantastic with very clear sound that really makes each song come alive like never before.

At the risk of sounding like an ad any fan should buy this CD/DVD right now, it's definately worth it.

And before I forget - tomorrow marks 35 years to the day that Countdown started way back in 8 November 1974...where did those years go I wonder?

Re: Duran Duran DVD


Can you post the link to buy Spandau's CD/DVD!

Me need to buy this week, BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Right here's the link to the Ezydvd website where it's for sale:


It honestly is worth every single cent - I was really blown away by the quality of the whole thing - 'stunning' would be the word I'd use!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Just letting you all know about this release next Feb in the UK:

ARCADIA So Red The Rose (2010 issue UK Collectors Edition 3-disc [2CD/1DVD] set - Just after Duran Duran's popularity peaked in late 1984 and early 1985, Arcadia formed, comprising of three Duran Duran members: Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes & Roger Taylor. Originally released in December 1985, All Music guide describe 'So Red The Rose' as 'the best album Duran never made', and features contributions by a plethora of acclaimed artists such as David Gilmour, Sting [backing vocalist on 'The Promise'], Herbie Hancock & Grace Jones [whose spoken word can be heard on 'The Flame' & 'Election Day']. This deluxe edition comprises the 9-track original album expanded with 7 Bonus Recordings; plus a Bonus CD featuring 12 rare recordings; and a Bonus DVD which follows the filming of five music videos from the album 'So Red The Rose' and the interesting combination of directors, locations, behind the scene footage & photographic montages come together to give a fascinating insight into the world of video production. The collection of videos including Arcadia's first single 'Election Day' are shown in full, including Dean Chamberlain's rarely seen interpretation of the song 'Missing').

1. Election Day 5.30
2. Keep Me In The Dark 4.32
3. Goodbye Is Forever 3.49
4. The Flame 4.24
5. Missing 3.40
6. Rose Arcana 0.51
7. The Promise 7.30
8. El Diablo 6.05
9. Lady Ice 7.32

Bonus Recordings:
10. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - 7" Edit [4.29]
11. She Moody And Grey, She's Mean And Restless [4.28]
12. Election Day - Single Version [4.30]
13. Goodbye Is Forever - Single Remix [4.16]
14. The Promise - 7" Mix [4.45]
15. The Flame - 7" Remix [4.05]
16. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - Soundtrack Version [5.06]

1. Election Day - Consensus Mix [8.39]
2. Goodbye Is Forever - 12" Extended Vocal Mix [6.37]
3. The Promise - Extended Version [5.35]
4. Rose Arcana - Extended [5.37]
5. The Flame - Extended Remix [7.20]
6. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - Extended Vocal Remix [6.30]
7. Election Day - Cryptic Cut [9.06]
8. The Promise - 12" Mix [7.02]
9. Goodbye Is Forever - Dub Mix [5.13]
10. Say The Word [Theme from 'Playing For Keeps'] - Extended Instrumental Remix [5.46]
11. Election Day - Early Rough Mix [8.41]
12. Flame Game - Yo Homeboy Mix [2.05]

1. Filming 'Election Day' - Paris, France. September 1985.
2. Election Day - Directed by Roger Christian, Produced by Chrissie Smith [7.47]
3. Filming 'The Promise' - Cote D’Azur, France. December 1985.
4. The Promise - Directed by Marcelo Anciano, Produced by Ruth Orme and Martin Wyn Griffith [4.46]
5. Filming 'Goodbye Is Forever' - London, England. January 1986
6. Goodbye Is Forever - Directed by Marcelo Anciano, Produced by Ruth Orme [4.11]
7. Filming 'The Flame' - London Docklands. April 1986.
8. The Flame - Directed by Russell Mulcahy, Produced by Chrissie Smith [4.00]
9. Filming 'Missing' - London, England. December 1986.
10. Missing - Directed by Dean Chamberlain [[3.40]

Release date: Monday 8 February 2010 ( UK)

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Wow, thanks for that info Brett, it's great to see all these re-mastered versions of old albums, i have a few New Order ones, 2 different INXS Kick special releases, all the U2 ones, this Arcadia release looks just as good.

Even though i already have most of those 12" mixes, it looks like a definate must have.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 disc and THE best thing is the DVD!

And it comes out on my Birthday ***

How did you find out about this DVD and where do we get it????????

This is SOOOOOOOO exciting, I LOVE Arcadia to pieces +

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I found the information on 'New Wave Outpost' and followed the web page address below, but it will probably turn up on Amazon UK as the release date gets closer.


Re: Duran Duran DVD

Stunning indeed...I agree Jason, the Arcadia project was astonishingly good.

The DVD here is a bit of a disappointment in that it appears to be the exact content of the laser disc (and vhs I think) that was released back in the '80s.

I mean, it will be great to have an official dvd release (one would assume it will be remastered) BUT the clips themselves are overall a disappointment...they just don't live up to the greatness of the album. For me personally, this has a lot to do with the fact that Roger doesn't appear in *any* of the vids at all Not sure why he decided to not be involved with the video aspect of the project.

The video for The Promise IS stunning...but the rest of them are just...sort of odd...and not necessarily in a compelling way.

Nevertheless, an exciting release and one I'll definitely be adding to my collection

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Here are the details from the New Wave Outpost for 'Seven and the ragged tiger' Deluxe edition next year.

'Seven and the Ragged Tiger' special editions
Category: Music
Duran Duran: Seven & The Ragged Tiger - Special Editions - Coming March, 2010

Special edition 2 CD/DD set: original album, b-sides, and mixes
Limited edition 3 Disc set including a DVD of live and TOTP footage and album era videos
Digital download only live set (audio from Lights Go Down DVD)

CD 1:
Original album
1. The Reflex (5.28)
2. New Moon On Monday (4.18)
3. (I’m Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement (3.39)
4. I Take The Dice (3.15)
5. Of Crime And Passion (3.50)
6. Union Of The Snake (4.20)
7. Shadows On Your Side (4.03)
8. Tiger Tiger (3.20)
9. The Seventh Stranger (5.23)

CD 2:
Non album singles and B-sides
1. Is There Something I Should Know? (4.11)
2. Faith In This Colour (4.07)
3. Faith In This Colour (alternate slow mix) (4.06)
4. Secret Oktober (2.45)
5. Tiger Tiger (Ian Little remix) (3.25)
6. The Reflex (single version) (4.25)
7. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) (Live) (4.54)
8. New Religion (live at the LA Forum 9/2/84) (4.52) Tape no: 48375
9. The Reflex (live at the LA Forum 9/2/84) (5.52) Tape no: "

10.Is There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix) (6.40)
11.Union Of The Snake (Monkey Mix) (6.21)
12.New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix) (5.59)
13.The Reflex (Dance Mix) (6.35)

Special edition limited LP 180gram:
Record 1
Side 1
1. The Reflex (5.28)
2. New Moon On Monday (4.18)
3. (I’m Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement (3.39)
4. I Take The Dice (3.15)
5. Of Crime And Passion (3.50)

Side 2
1. Union Of The Snake (4.20)
2. Shadows On Your Side (4.03)
3. Tiger Tiger (3.20)
4. The Seventh Stranger (5.23)

Bonus 12" (33 1/3 r.p.m)
Side 1
Is There Something I Should Know? (Monster Mix) (6.40)
Union Of The Snake (Monkey Mix) (6.21)

Side 2
New Moon On Monday (Dance Mix) (5.59)
The Reflex (Dance Mix) (6.35)

As The Lights Go Down:
Intro: Tiger Tiger (1.26)
Is There Something I Should Know? (4.41)
Hungry Like the Wolf (4.03)
Union of the Snake (4.12)
New Religion (5.34)
Save a Prayer 20.11
The Seventh Stranger (5.00)
The Chauffeur (5.19)
Planet Earth (4.35)
Careless Memories (4.23)
Girls On Film (6.16)

The videos:
Is There Something I Should Know?
Union Of The Snake
New Moon On Monday (E.P Version)
The Reflex

Re: Duran Duran DVD

A few years back 'max' music channel played the Duran Duran video 'Violence Of Summer' released in 1990. Now, not being a big Duran Duran fan, is this video a rarity? or do you guys have it?

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Here are the details for the 1st Duran Duran S/T deluxe release.
First album - special editions
Duran Duran – special editions

Special edition 2 CD/DD set: original album, b-sides, BBC session, and demos
Limited edition 3 Disc set including a DVD of BBC footage and 1st album era videos
Digital download only BBC In Concert. Coming March, 2010

CD 1:

The original album:
1. Girls On Film (3.39)
2. Planet Earth (3.57)
3. Anyone Out There (4.02)
4. To The Shore (3.47)
5. Careless Memories (4.08)
6. Night Boat (5.25)
7. Sound Of Thunder (4.06)
8. Friends Of Mine (5.40)
9. Tel Aviv (5.16)

The B-sides:
Late Bar (2.56)
Khanada (3.28)
Fame (3.18)
Faster Than Light (4.29)

CD 2:

The AIR Studios versions (recorded on 29th July, 1980):
Girls On Film (3.57) *
Tel Aviv (6.02) *
Recorded at AIR Studios on 29th July, 1980
Produced by Jon Walls
Engineered by Jon Walls and Rick Isbell

The Manchester Square Demos (recorded on 8th December, 1980):
Anyone Out There (4.09) *
Planet Earth (5.00) *
Friends Of Mine (5.52) *
Late Bar (3.02) *

+ Radio 1 Peter Powell session (recorded 19th June, 1981 transmitted 11th August, 1981):
Night Boat (5.12) *
Girls On Film (3.38) *
Anyone Out There (3.54) *
Like An Angel (4.52) *

+ mono

The Versions:
Planet Earth (Night Version) (6.20)
Girls On Film (Extended Night version) (5.43)
Planet Earth (Night mix) (6.15)
Girls On Film (Night mix) (5.41)

* Previously unreleased

The videos:
Planet Earth (Club version)
Planet Earth
Careless Memories
Girls On Film (Long uncensored version)
Girls On Film (Short censored version)
Night Boat
A Day In The Life featurette

BBC footage:
Planet Earth - Top Of The Pops 5/3/81 *
Careless Memories - Top Of Pops 21/5/81 *
Girls On Film - Top Of The Pops 30/7/81 *

Old Grey Whistle Test (7/7/81):
Night Boat *
Anyone Out There *

Get Set For Summer (8/8/81):
Girls On Film *

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop (27/2/81)
Friends Of Mine *
Girls On Film *

* Previously unreleased

Special edition limited LP 180gram:

Record 1:
Original album:
Side 1:
1. Girls On Film (3.39)
2. Planet Earth (3.57)
3. Anyone Out There (4.02)
4. To The Shore (3.47)
5. Careless Memories (4.08)

Side 2:
1. Night Boat (5.25)
2. Sound Of Thunder (4.06)
3. Friends Of Mine (5.40)
4. Tel Aviv (5.16)

Bonus 12" (33 1/3)
Side 1:
Planet Earth (Night Version) (6.20)
Girls On Film (Extended Night version) (5.43)

Side 2:
Planet Earth (Night mix) (6.58)
Girls On Film (Night mix) (5.41) *

* Previously unreleased

Digital download only:
BBC In Concert recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon 17th December, 1981, transmitted 13th April 1982
1. Anyone Out There
2. Planet Earth
3. To The Shore
4. Late Bar
5. Last Chance On The Stairway
6. Khanada
7. Night Boat
8. Sound Of Thunder
9. Faster Than Light
10.My Own Way
11.Careless Memories
12.Girls On Film
13.Planet Earth

Re: Duran Duran DVD


I think I am going to DIE!

This DVD/CD is a reason to live!!!!!

Fricking AMAZING!

I am going to buy several copies of this and watch and listen to this MEGA BIG TIME!


Duran New Romantic HEAVEN +

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I agree. This is the one and only Duran Duran record/CD that I own. There is something special about this recording and the year it was released. 1981 pure new romantic period and the UK sound changing pop music forever. The DVD is what I'm hanging out for. Where would we be without these guys, Adam & The Ants, Madness, Kim Wilde, Ultravox, Spandau Ballet etc. I wish I was in my late teens or early 20's in 1980/81 and living in the UK. (lol, but I'm very serious!)

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Oh gawd,

I get that U are SERIOUS!

Tell me about it, if I could be in my Early 20's in 1980 - 1983 in the UK I could have died happy.

I long for a time machine so I can be there in those years.

New Romantic, Blitz, Linn Drum, Prophet 5 and Fashion HEAVEN!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

You're so right there Michael.

The early 80's were a fantastic time to listen to some great music which have lasted the decades since -could anyone truly say that for some of the songs these days?

While I would love to go back to those days in a heartbeat, I'm forever grateful that I at least got to experience that era even if I was a little too young to fully appreciate it....but at least most of those Countdown episodes from those times still exist so we can all endlessly reminisce!

Re: Duran Duran DVD


Do you know when the first Duren Duran cd/DVD will be released?

I have been watching my Rio CD/DVD. It's brilliant.

FINALLY "My Own Way" on proper release DVD. And the TOTP performance of Hungry Like The Wolf is DIVINE!

I NEED that first album reissue for that DVD PRONTO!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

The only release date for the first Duran Duran cd/dvd album and Seven and the ragged tiger cd/dvd is March 2010 in England.

Re: Duran Duran DVD


Well I will order mine in late Feb so that I get it quick.


Re: Duran Duran DVD

Just letting you know that they have moved the 'Arcadia Deluxe Edition' in England from February to April. They want to release it after the Deluxe versions of 'Duran Duran' and 'Seven and the ragged tiger' that are coming out in March.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

CRAP, April!!!!!!!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Wow these reissues are mind blowing. I already have the b-sides like "Late Bar" etc but it's sweet to have them on an offical cd!

Would love to see something similar done for the Flock of Seagulls debut + the follow up "Listen" which is almost impossible to find unless you want to spend a fortune

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Hi I just found this news:

DURAN DURAN will continue their catalogue album reissue series with 3-disc (2-CD and 1-DVD) editions of 'Big Thing' and 'Notorious' scheduled for release in April.

Re: Duran Duran DVD


Just saw it on Remember The Eighties Newsletter I go a few mins ago.

Big Thing"... GREAT album. Though I don't dig the Notorious album much at all....

Re: Duran Duran DVD

The UK release date for the 2 Duran Duran Deluxe CD/DVD albums ( S/T & 7 & the ragged tiger) will be March 30th 2010.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Jason "The Moderator"

I ADORE "Big Thing"... GREAT album. Though I don't dig the Notorious album much at all....

Hmmmmm, glad to hear you say this. I think I've played that CD once...didn't like it, and it's been gathering dust since. Maybe I should give it another try. For me though the first 3 albums & the Arcadia album were the height of their creativity and interest...with Seven And The Ragged Tiger being the weakest out of those 4 albums...but still enjoyable. I haven't been able to get into any of the other albums at all...just a few individual songs. That Astronaut thing was an abomination

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I found 7&TRT to be rather a weak album aside from the singles and "Shadows On Your Side",not as strong as the first two by a long way.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I have grown to like most of '7 and the ragged tiger', But i think they used a wrong producer. They should have used Nile Rodgers, which they used to remix 'The Reflex' single and produced 'Wild Boys'. A b-side song at the time called 'Secret oktober' should have been on this album.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Yeh I agree the production seemed a bit muddy compared to the crisp production on Rio. Agree also about Secret Oktober one of my favorite DD b-sides.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I am a bit funny with 7 & The Ragged Tiger.

BUT "Seventh Stranger", "Tiger Tiger", "Of Crime And Passion" and "New Moon On Monday" are just GORGEOUS...

"Shadows On Your Side" is good to...

But most of the rest of the album is a tad suspect... I think it's more the production on the album that is missing something.

For those who are not into later Duran I would SERIOUSLY recommend "Big Thing". It's really a HOT album!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

The pre-order for the two deluxe Duran Duran albums have been up on Amazon for a while now. The only problem is the price difference. The self titled album was about 45 dollars UK, but is now down to 19 dollars UK. 7 ragged is 8.95UK.


Re: Duran Duran DVD

I got my Rio one from hmv.co.uk and I will get my Duran and 7 from there as well. Everything I order from the UK I get from HMV. They are GREAT!

Re: Duran Duran DVD

I will have to look up HMV.co.uk and check them out. Thank you Jason.

Re: Duran Duran DVD

Oh Dear, Check out the rumblings going on about the Duran Duran Remasters on New Wave Outpost.


Re: Duran Duran DVD

This is NOT good, from what I read... This and Spandau remasters are BAD!

I am mostly concerned about the video's and performances. I am most after the DVD. So long as they are good then GREAT!

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