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Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Hi everyone!
Richard Lowenstein's picked some beauties in his Rage guest programming slot(Walk On By by Jo Jo Zep-not seen that clip in decades)and it gets better-big INXS special afterwards.Providing no tragedies happen this weekend,I'll definitely be putting it onto DVD.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

I know, there is some GREAT stuff that Richard chose. Some nice obscurities from thye post punk and New Wave heavenly era!!! And YAY to Jo Jo Zep with "Walk On By"...

I am a bit over rage not playing some of Richard's videos he made over the years and also a thumbs down to no "Rooms For The Memory" from Michael!. Thank goodness it's on the Dogs In Space DVD as an extra.

I am SOOOOOO excited by the Inxs special. I asked rage a few months ago if we ever are going to get another special like the on in 1997 when Michael passed. And YAY... thanks to Richard it's here.

AND I get a nice copy of Max Q's "Monday Night By Satellite".

My Inxs special from 1997 is in SHOCKING condition, I remember the weather was bad and my picture was not always brilliant and the sound was going crap due to the bad antena on the roof. Thank goodness for the digital age!... Except for pixelation, when that crops up at times!

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

John, if you want a sneak preview of Jo Jo Zep - Walk On By, I have a copy uploaded on YouTube.

CJ, I have noticed that you have requested clips on Rage that you have seen on YouTube, Michael Hutchence/Don Walker - Speed Kills and Jimmy & The Boys - Products Of Your Mind - I have copies of those clips. I also have an good copy of the Dec 13 1997 INXS special that Rage played. We will have to do another trade some day.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

A bit odd Rage has left out stuff like Speed Kills and Rooms For The Memory from the INXS special.Good thing I've got Rooms For the Memory but to see Speed Kills in its entirety would've been great.
However,if its on YouTube like you say it is Guru Bob,I'll check it out,along with Walk On By.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Thanks heaps Guru Bob-just checked out Walk On By.Great clip for a great song.Reminded me very much of what happened out on the tiles early this morning when I saw an unrequited love for the first time in a couple of years.I'll leave it at that.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

FAB Guru!

Michael Hutchence/Don Walker - Speed Kills and Jimmy & The Boys - Products Of Your Mind I WOULDN"T say NO to, let me tell you!

I still think it is so bizzare that rage are NOT playing Rooms For The Memory. Dogs In Space is not featured at all this Saturday night. Someone at rage needs a big slap for that. It is bothering me big time, so is the fact that rage are not palying some of his most successful videos being "Bop Girl", "Fraction To Much Friction" or Big Pig.

And yes, rage could have also dug deep and played Speed Kills, I like a FULL Inxs/Michael special...

Guru, after tomorrow night, I may not need the 1997 special from you. As I will have all but Rooms For The Memory. Though I now have a nice fresh copy on the Dogs In Space DVD so phew. That makes up for rage NOT playing it. As my 1997 copy was less than brilliant!

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

CJ, I have compared the 1997 INXS special with this week's and apart from Rooms For The Memory, the only other thing they are not showing is a J Files segment on INXS. Other than that this will be a far better special as they are including 6 clips that they didn't show in '97, including Black & White.

As long as all the aspect ratios are OK then you will be more than happy with tonight's version of the INXS/Michael Hutchence anthology.

My Jimmy & The Boys clips that I have are:
I'm Not Like Everybody Else (video and live on Countdown)
Products Of Your Mind (video and live on Countdown)
They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me (video and live on Countdown)
Mirror Mirror (live on Countdown)
I also have the video and Countdown performance of Like A Ghost when Ignatius Jones went solo.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Like many of you guys, i also taped the INXS special in '97, and off course on VHS which is in pretty poor condition compared to digital onto dvd.

Obviously playing a few "Countdown" live performances with Simple Simon, Underneath The Colours & Night Of Rebellion, a few omissions - Melting In The Sun & Spy Of Love.

Good to see they are playing "Keep the Peace" from Beverly Hills Cop s'track, if only they made video's for "Do Wot You Do" [Pretty In Pink] & "Different World" [Croc Dundee] as well....two of my favourite INXS tracks.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Before I get stuck into the INXS special,just wanted to say good thing I saw the original clip for Walk On By a couple of nights ago on YouTube(thought Rage would've had that clip.Never mind-to see a Countdown performance of that song was equally rare)and apart from his selections,Richard Lowenstein proved to be both an entertaining and informative guest programmer.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Tell you what, I nearly shat my pants when I saw there was an INXS special on Sat night and I didn't look at the playlist til 8pm that night. I recorded it too onto disc. I always like it when rage do artist specials in date order. Wish 'Burn For You' wasn't first up, but as it was a Richard video, I can see why. Just like 'Way Of The World' which was on earlier in the night and the rest of the MaxQ songs after the INXS special.

I also have the '97 special on video and I must say, it is in excellent condition for a video. Although this special was much better than '97, the '97 special had a 12" clip of 'Bitter Tears' (don't hold me to that, but I am about 90% sure).

So does anyone know why INXS made videos for all the songs from 'Full Moon Dirty Hearts'? It would be great if you could purchase this CD on DVD with the videos.

I didn't know there was an offical video to 'The Stairs'. All I have ever seeen is the live performance of it taken from the 'Live Baby Live' DVD.

And I don't know what it is, but someone out there just won't let me get a copy of MaxQ's 'Sometimes' (lol) The disc stopped halfway through the song (as it reached the end of the disc) and my previous copy I got from rage the same thing! - not to worry. I'm glad that I have the MaxQ album on audio tape and will burn it onto disc someday. I didn't know that it is unavailable these days.

And on the topic of 'Jimmy & The Boys'. I picked up Ignatius Jones 'Like A Ghost' on 12" the other day, with the promo cover. Absolutely crystal clear sound quality and no scratches!

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Hi Michael!
That clip for The Stairs was a genuine surprise,along with all of Full Moon Dirty Hearts in its entirety,which I've not seen since it went to air in '93 at the time of its release.My guess with why all the songs were made into clips-not to ape Blondie,who did the same thing with all of Eat To The Beat,but to give different filmmakers carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to onscreen.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

I agree Guru,

The live clips taken from 1983 rage played last night were great in the special. Rage also played them from Rock Arena a few years ago.

BUT I am NOT happy with just the live version of "To Look At You" last night!!!!! It's my FAVOURITE Inxs track PERIOD and FAVOURITE Inxs video, ARGH!!!!!!!!!

I am going to add the video of "Too Look At You" as well as "Rooms For The Memory" to last night's special to make it more complete. I am also going to put Burn For You where it belongs!

Got to get editing!!!!

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

They also played The Loved One in amongst the Kick era clips. Although this song was rerecorded for this album the clip played was their original cover from the early 80's

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Yes I noticed that as well.

I will be moving "The Loved One" just before "The One Thing" to fit in where it should.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Fortunatly i have "The Stairs" video clip already on the I'm Only Looking Best Of INXS DVD, probably their most under rated song, should have been huge for them, just an epic song, and finally now all of the Full Moon clips, without Richard Wilkins...

The clips they missed:

- Mystify
- Disappear [normal video]
- To Look At You
- Melting In The Sun
- Spy Of Love
- Suicide Blonde [Nick Launay 12" Mix]
- Bitter Tears [Pete Lorimer Mix]
- Heaven Sent [Live Montage]
- Please [You Got That...] [official vid with Ray Charles]
- Searching [they played the Aria performance only]..

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

When I saw Richard Lowenstein in Rage on TV, does Walk On By by Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons was an offical music video or a Countdown performance?

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

rage played the Countdown performance of "Walk On By" as they obviously do NOT have the actual video clip directed by Richard. The video is rather fantastic, lucky I have it...

The Countdown performance was a nice add to the COuntdown collection though.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

I thought ' Walk On by' music clip was made by a production company called 'Rich Kids'. They also made some of 'Real Life's' clips.

Re: Richard Lowenstein On Rage

Ok, I thought it was done by Richard. I have heard of "The Rich Kids". Thanks for that info!