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Calling calling calling...

Hey Ceej!

I was attempting to peruse your fantastic countdown archives with the intention of requesting on rage for retro month.

I was looking for in particular a show with Marilyn in it performing Calling Your Name.

I can't see one there, was the song released in November 1983?
Please help so I can make a request.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Try April 8 1984. It has been shown before but not for a while. Was only going through some old videos with Countdown snippets on them last weekend and this was one of them. Mondo Rock were also on.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Thx Jase.

Yes, it may well have been shown already, but naturally I would have been asleep.

Anyhow, can now make a request. Sorry ahead of time guru, for no doubt I will choose something which has already been on recently. It just doesn't bother me to see them again!

Re: Calling calling calling...

If you seriously want this episode, get me to burn you a copy and send it to you. I don't want anyone requesting repeats!

Re: Calling calling calling...

Bugger! I seriously do so want a copy, thankyou very much!
But I wanted to request it too!!

Oh no. Do I have to decide between the two?

Come on Michael, be a sport, send me a copy and turn a blind eye to my request! As if ppl at rage are going to listen to me anyhow, right?!

Do you have my email address?
Thanks so much for that! mwah!

Re: Calling calling calling...

You are going to seriously annoy people asking for repeat performances, particularly on this site and as others would be happy to copy it for you anyhow. If you want to watch episodes again then just record them and watch them as much as you want in your own time, wouldn't that make more sense?

There are so many Countdowns that have yet to be shown that it is frustrating to see repeats all the time, just because some people chose to sleep through it last time. Why would you want to waste precious Retro January airtime when you have been offered a copy of that episode? That episode has already been repeated twice.

It would be preferable if you suggested the February 26 1984 show (episode 405) which was hosted by Alex Smith of Moving Pictures. This has not been shown yet and it featured the film clip for Marilyn - Calling Your Name, the first time it was shown on Countdown.

The guru is a tolerant soul but you find ways of testing him.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hmmm. This is precisely the reason ABC2 should get their act together and start showing Countdown eps. They could replay the ones already shown on Rage over the years leaving January free for the others yet to be shown. Everybody's happy.I think a repeat ep shown in its original timeslot every Sunday would be great.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Geez, lighten up baby!

Alright luvvy, you have a valid point. Although 'choosing' to sleep through it is a bit rich!

I was planning on requesting 20/5/84 Pseudo echo
6/11/83, and the Marilyn one.

But, I have no desire to **** you off so I shall refrain.
Could you please chose some Pseudo Echo on my behalf? Thankyou! I shall leave it to the professionals.

Peace guru!!

Yes, I definitely would like a copy thx Michael!!

Re: Calling calling calling...


I have PLENTY of Marilyn if you want.

I have many performances of "Calling Your Name" as well from the UK plus Countdown and the video about 10 times!

Re: Calling calling calling...

By the way...

I agree with Pseudo Echo...

There is an episode of Countdown from 1984 with Pseudo performing "Dancing Until Midnight"... I have the performance BUT I SOOOO want rage to play this episode.

It's a HOT 1984 Episode with Pseudo, Madonna from New York, Dugites and other treats. I LOVE 1984 Countdown's as they are so bright and SOOOOO 80s. This is ONE 1984 ERpisode I have requested many times on the new "rage messageboard"!!!

And all be nice to Redacted, she may not have known that ppl like us could make her copies of things she wants to see. Now ya do know Redacted, us Retro Junkie's MUST stick together in the COLD mellinium!!!

Re: Calling calling calling...

I certainly have no intention of wishing to stop you from making requests. What I found puzzling is that you wished to request an episode even after you were offered a copy of it.

The 6/11/83 episode that you were thinking of requesting has also been shown and a copy could be provided to you.

However the 20/5/84 episode hosted by Marc Hunter has not been shown and that would be an excellent choice for a request - even though I have copies of all the individual clips shown on it (I love the keyboard work halfway through Nena's Just A Dream). If you have requested it just for the Pseudo Echo clip then you might be interested in a copy of Pseudo Flicks, a video of all of Pseudo Echo's music clips.

If you want to know which Countdown episodes have been shown over the years since 1993, and most of us have copies of all of them, then just go to the "Rage Re-runs" toolbar on the start page of this site. It lists all the episodes shown 1993-2004 - CJ hasn't updated it for 5 years. From 2000 onwards the episodes are listed on the Rage website in the Playlists section. So by using both those references you can work out what has and hasn't been shown. The "Countdown Archives" section, which you have obviously gone through, gives a rundown of the playlist on each episode. Therefore the tools for making an informed request are there for anyone to use.

I would be most happy for you to make suggestions if you have researched it and chosen episodes that would interest you and have not yet been repeated.

After all everyone has different tastes and that is why CJ, myself, Michael, Patrick and others have all selected different episodes in our requests but the one thing in common is that all the episodes we have requested have not previously been shown.

What gets annoying is when someone asks for the Iggy Pop - I'm Bored segment when it has been shown so often.

If you want a copy of Pseudo Flicks and the Countdown 6/11/83 just email me your postal address and I will send them off to you.

Re: Calling calling calling...

For years I have wanted to join in the fun of requesting countdown eps for retro month.

I have always held back because I knew that somehow whatever I'd choose would be wrong in some way - eg. recently shown, not in existance etc.

I just became excited and thought I'd give it a whirl!
I could not be bothered researching guru, simply because I do not have the time nor the inclination to be so serious.

I actually have other things to think about and occupy my time.

Sometimes, getting out of bed in the morning is hard enough without thinking about 'researching' a simple request.

Thankyou for the offer of a Pseudo Echo dvd, I shall indeed email you my mailing address.

Thanks Cj. You are so sweet.

Re: Calling calling calling...

My pleasure darling...

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hey Guru,
I received the countdown dvd today and the...Pseudo Echo dvd as well...sigh...
Thanks for those.

After watching the Pseudo Echo dvd (five) times last night, I have come to the conclusion that Brian Canham is only THE cutest guy from the 80's.

OMG! He has the most gorgeous eyes, a brilliant smile, and a voice that is surly up there with Robert Smith, David Bowie and Sting. He also happens to move well. Sigh. But that hair! Really, it is THE BEST hair! I especially love it during A Beat For you.

Is there really anyone as cute as he, from the 80's?

Wow, these songs are going to be in my head alllll week. Do you ever have that feeling with some songs, like they're a part of you? A Beat For You is one of those songs for me. It feels like ... I don't know... like it's in my blood, running through my veins. It's the words, but I think it's the drums also. They become my heart.
Well, enough said.
Must be off!

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hey redacted adjective,
is the Pseudo Echo DVD released in music shops and other retailers a couple of weeks or months ago?

Re: Calling calling calling...

I just did a copy of the Pseudo Echo 1990 video compilation "Pseudo Flicks" on DVD for Redacted. It would be nice to get an official release but I don't think it is being planned.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Redacted Adjective,

Sorry I haven't replied for some time. Do you still want the 8/4/84 Countdown episode? If so, I will copy it for you and post next week. I'll email you for your address details when I'm back at work. Cheers.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hey Michael,
Sure, that'd be great.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hi Redacted,
By now you should have received this episode and have watched it a few times (lol). A special treat I did for you was including 2 Marilyn videos 'You Don't Love Me' from 24/6/84 Countdown (interesting to see bits of that clip featured his performance on Countdown) & 'Baby U Left Me (In The Cold)' from a rage special. Cheers.

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hmm. Everyone has so much time on their hands.
The disc arrived today whilst I was at work. Perhaps by this weekend I'll have found some time to watch it. Wait, I'll just get the violin.
Thanks Michael, I know I will enjoy it!!

Re: Calling calling calling...

Hey Michael.
I have now watched the DVD twice and it is excelent. Marilyn is superb in his glittering two piece outfit. What a cutie. It was also great to see Ice House - Taking The Town, what a beautiful voice Iva has.
I soooo love the Thompson Twins song - Hold Me Now. Totally Awesome.
An all round great disc,
Thanks luvvy.