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Mi-Sex: "But You Don't Care" on Countdown

Forgive me if this is not very interesting but I do find it difficult to keep up with what is and isn't circulating out there.

I know there has been many, highly justified discussions and requests for Mi-Sex vids over at RAGE...they were so awesome.

Anyhoo last night vh1 showed "But You Don't Care" from Countdown, which to me was something I hadn't seen for a long time. The vh1 graphic said 1982 but a mate who was here with me reckons it was '79 ?

Just wondered, is this a rare performace ? I was pretty stoked when it came on.


Re: Mi-Sex: "But You Don't Care" on Countdown

Hi Abbaluke!
Nothing wrong with Mi-Sex,but VH1 are wrong(as usual)with their info.
But You Don't Care's definitely from 1979 and one they did on Countdown more than once.
Fingers crossed I'll see these clips of theirs again one day-
It Only Hurts(When I'm Laughing)
Falling In And Out
Castaway(original version from '82)
Down The Line(Making Love On The Telephone)

Re: Mi-Sex: "But You Don't Care" on Countdown

Mi-Sex were one band that I always liked and it is hard to find their clips anywhere, with the exceptions of Computer Games, But You Don't Care and Blue Day. Was surprised when Rage played the clip to Shanghaied last January. Almost all of their singles were performed on Countdown live and I think I have most of them now - even though some like Down The Line are timecoded, but I have never seen the official clips for Space Race, People, It Only Hurts When I'm Laughing, Falling In And Out, Missing Person or Down The Line.

Countdown did try to help Mi-Sex along early and they got them to perform But You Don't Care live on 2 occasions, so there are 2 versions. It was first performed on June 24 1979 and then again on August 19 1979.

I did manage to get an episode of Nightmoves which featured Mi-Sex performing the Space Race album live which is very good.

Re: Mi-Sex: "But You Don't Care" on Countdown

I have on my hard drive some Mi-Sex video clips that have appeared on rage over the last 5 years including some Countdown performances... would be a shame if they accidentally found their way onto a DVD burner and got posted off somewhere huh q-:

Shame Steve Gilpin (lead singer) died back in 1992 from the car accident in late '91.

As for "But You Don't Care", that was released as a single back in June 1979 as a lead-up to the Graffiti Crimes album release in July that year.

Re: Mi-Sex: "But You Don't Care" on Countdown

'Graffiti Crimes' is at JB for $8