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rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no!

The new rage look website is just TERRIBLE!

No Guestbook anymore!

Just a Messageboard!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks horrid - and why is it everytime someone says 'we've made changes to make things easier' that it ends up being twice as harder to navigate!!

They didn't even put up the post I wrote this morning either - a lot of self-censorship going on methinks.

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree Jason!

The Rage guestbook gone with no warning whatsoever!!
Replaced by a crappy message board!
Very sad times indeed!
Obviously the powers that be at Rage don't believe in the old philosophy of "if it aint broke don't fix it!"

You can temporarily access the guestbook by googling "Rage Guestbook" but that I guess that won't last...

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doess look HORRID!

I loved how the original Guestbook was more like a tight nitt community and easy to read everything and view people's opinions and suggestions...

It now looks all so segregated and apart, like a loss of rage communioty, anyone feel this as well?


And this is going to make it harder to suggest Countdown episodes for January!!!!

And a lot more red tape to cut through, it's like a complete nightmare!


Moderator did reply to my question on Mod commenting back to us and for suggesting videos and episodes for Wild Card and Countdown.

He/She says,

YES, we will still be paying attention and answering in a much shoter way than I just described. So THAT is soemthing I guess...

Hmmmmmm, how very sad today is!

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The forum does indeed look awful. Very simplistic, and dated! I can't believe you actually have to click on individual replies to read them, rather than them all being collated together on the same page.

You can still access the guestbook via http://www2b.abc.net.au/rage/guestbook/

I had actually thought in the past that a forum might be easier than having to wade through pages of posts; but yes, it then is possible/likely that the moderator/s won't actually see/read the posts, and also I fear there will be a bunch of 'when r u replaying da michel jakson special?'-type threads. I wonder if they will allow people to post their email addresses/websites on the forum? I'm guessing not.

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a happy guru.

A message board is easier to follow threads but the design is terrible. The main link and threads should be far easier to navigate and should all come up together where you can then scroll down through them all. Local community groups set up far better ones than this. Is it just me or do you click on a thread and then have to scroll down to find it? Even the colours are poorly chosen as it doesn't even stand out.

I could set up a better one and I am barely computer literate. As long as we can still get messages to be read by a mod then there is still some hope but it is a sad day for us Rage fans.

Let's hope they fix it up at some stage soon to at least make it more presentable.

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rage message board has improved today but it still needs more work. It should look more like this forum.

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOATH the new Messageboard.

I posted reply's to Retro Month blurb last Friday and it AINT there, neither is my John Hughes list!

I am OVER it!


Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a moderated Message board, which I guess the old guestbook was as well.

What I don't understand is that unless the guidelines have been infringed (ie offensive etc), then why would a post not be submitted? I am sure having read your posts in the past that you would not submit such a message Jason. Surely all general opinions are entitled to be aired. It is a message board aimed at discussion. Certainly if Ned/Tolchock/cobainisgod is still allowed to post after his bizarre outburst a while back then the guidelines can't be too strict.

Your post may still come up. I noted last week that one of mine hadn't appeared and then it was there later. For some reason they had held it back for a few hours, so I will take that as a positive that they had a think about it and then put it up - at least they are reading it.

The Message board will have been a management decision which probably affects every program on the ABC that has a forum. Rage will have had no choice but to adopt it and go with what the bean counters say so it is not their fault.

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could be that if you are a registered member of ABC Communities your posts will appear more quickly than if you are signing in as a guest.
This seems to be the case on the Triple J forums.

Anyway this new message board seems like so much more work for the Rage Mod -wouldn't be surprised if they are regretting the demise of the old guestbook as much as some of us regular posters....

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new message board is pretty deplorable - but as in most things in life when change is forced upon you without consultation.....you have to grin and bear it!!

I'm slowly getting used to it - although it's a bit of a shore going through it sometimes.

I'd assume this management decision was done by the same management who forced Rage to ditch the Top 50? Looks like some people have their fingers on what's popular - not!

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe what has happened to the rage guestbook! I am truely horrified. WTH?
It is good to see this site of yours CJ is in full swing, thank god! I love to see your names and comments here.
I hope everyone comes here instead. Even poor Ned!

Re: rage Guestbook GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suspect they will not allow immediate posting of user comments on the rage message forum for fear people with hurl bucket loads of offensive comments, plus they won't let anyone past contact details would anyone would be able to do if you had immediate write access... and I thought Big Brother was only on Channel 10!

PS: The ABC login system does not accept hyphens in registered usernames so they're forcing me to downgrade my hyphen to an underscore... AARRGGHHH!