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Countdown 2/9/1984

I saw the post on the Rage forum mention the Sept 2 1984 Countdown episode.

I have no information relating to what appears on this episode and it isn't in CJ's episode listings either - I don't think it has been catalogued in the ABC archives yet. Do you know what is on this show or are you just going off what was it mentioned in one of the prior episodes.

In 1984 they had the Beat Street dance competition and from memory (I would have to check my Countdown episodes) there was a competition to see the Jacksons Victory tour in the US. I couldn't recall a Jackson dance competition.

Let the guru know for he is always eager to learn. Any information is appreciated.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Hey Guru.

Ok - I was recently watching the 12/8/84 ep with Uncanny X-Men opening the show - and during Humdrum Molly mentioned about the Jacksons Victory Dance Competition finals that it would be showing on 2/9/84.

From what he said (and from a voiceover from Gavin) Jermaine Jackson would be performing live and it would be themed around the Jackson 5 Victory/Michael Jackson 'Thriller'' album.

It sounds great and definately slots in nicely with next Saturday's special - in fact its inclusion would make it more unique than the other specials shown on various TV networks in the last few weeks.

You're right - it doesn't appear in the Archives section - why I have no idea - but I hope the entire program or at least segments will be shown this weekend.

If it's not aired this time, I'll definately be adding it to my list for next January.

As far as I'm aware this would be about the only Countdown dance special Rage haven't played as yet.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

There is a VICORY dance competition because I have seen a section of it on You Tube a couple of years back. Have to find the link again. It did indeed happen, whether the ABC has it or not is a mystery!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Here are the You Tube links, parts 1 and 2!!!



Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Just watched the links - the show looks great!

I think it'd be absolutely perfect for next weekend's special....fingers crossed Rage at least plays some of it - if indeed they actually have it.

I know from the write up on the Rage site on the special it makes mention of featuring Gavin and Molly wearing 'Thriller'make-up during a few segments, but whether this is from that actual show or not I have no idea.

I'm concerned whether it is in the archives as eps listed before and after that date are shown but not one for the actual ep itself. It does seem odd why the ABC wouldn't catalogue that one and yet most of the other 1984 ones are.

Hopefully it hasn't vanished...would be great for next January for sure.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984


Don't get to excited. The 1983 Episode rage played this year had Molly in Thriller make up, for the premiere of the "Thriller" video.

Imagine if the ABC still have the Countdown VICTORY Dance Special episode still and rage actually playing it this weekend coming. My word!. I would freak out over a COuntdown episode in August!!!!!!!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Ah ok - yeah I forgot about that earlier 83 ep when I typed the above post - silly me!

But yes I'd be delighted if Rage do play the Victory Dance ep - as I said it would fit the theme of the night perfectly.

Obviously it's 'out of Retro season' but I think it'd make this Jackson special stand out from the other ones on Foxtel, etc.

A Countdown ep in August would indeed be unusual - but hey - if you want to do a worthy celebration of a unique artist you may as well do it right don't you think??

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I'll put up another post on Rage today about playing it next Saturday.

Even if they don't at least the idea is out there for everyone to recommend it for next January - which is only just over 5 months away now....and with 5 Saturday's as well!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

OH WOW!...

I was wondering if January had 5 Saturday's in it again.

ANd YAY, there is 5 Saturdays again in 2010, FABULOUS!

How exciting!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Well well, the 2 September 84 Dance special does indeed exist in the Rage archives as they're playing a portion of it tomorrow night.

I'm definatley putting this at the top of my 'must have' list for next Jan. so they play it in full.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984


Still wish they could play the whoel show this weekend!

Don't see why they can't, instead of the NON MJ stuff after the special!

I do also want to see the whole show BUT I hope in January thery have normal Countdown's and NOT ones only with Michael stuff in it. As this is why rage are playing MJ Countdown stuff this weekend, for the very special retrospective +

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I certainly would have preferred they had played the entire ep also - they could have easily slotted that in in the last hour as they did for the Madonna special.

Although I'm pleased Rage have noted the impact that Countdown had in establishing MJs early solo career in Australia.

I agree about the wish that Rage don't just play MJ related Countdowns next year...although I'm quite sure there'll be one at least.......

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984


rage took the Countdown "Thriller" dance comp off the internet link I gave them from You Tube. They of course never posted the link I gave them last week.

That MUST mean that the episode unfortunately doesen't exist anymore, hense not being in my archives!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but I'm dreading the thought of more MJ stuff during Retro Month on Rage next January.
He's been given more than enough red carpet treatment of late and quite frankly,I'm over it.
I wanna look forward to seeing stuff I've not seen in a long time next January,not another round of Wacko Jacko.
Last night's special SURELY should've satsfied everyone who was hanging out for it.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I to agree that Michael got the special he truly deserved last night. And I hope Jan is various like usual and no more Michael, as I want a diversity.

BUT, I think names like Wacko Jacko are rather un neccassary. As I asiad, the special last night was a MUST. I doubt the Thriller Dance Comp will be played in January anyway, as I am certain it doesen't exist anfd that rage took it from You Tube. Either that or the condition of it is shocking, from what I saw last night there is no way it's in nearly enough of viewable to air in full!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Hi Jason!
Didn't mean to offend with the use of "Wacko Jacko" in my previous post.Wasn't my intention.
However,I'm glad you agree with where I was coming from in what I was trying to say.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Something a little odd with the MJ special on Rage. When they played the short version on ABC2, they showed the colour version of the song 'BEN'. But on the full Rage special they played the black and white version of 'BEN'.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I was very disappointed about the 2/9/84 airing. What little we saw looked really bad - and it seems Jason's right and they got it off Youtube....which probably sadly means the ep no longer exists in their archives - which is a shame.

Although I did find the other Countdown related items to be very interesting and worthy of inclusion.

The MJ special overall was great - a good tribute to a very diverse artist. I must admit I felt a bit sad watching it at times, in that his talent is gone and yet the media are still judging him by printing more 'true stories'.

Also, I thought the aspect ratios on some of the videos seemed wrong - Remember the Time seemed 'squeezed' to me and the Dangerous TV special felt like it alternated between widescreen and full screen every 5 seconds!

Fingers crossed for a diverse Countdown Retro January and one not leaning too heavily towards MJ - although if they showed 20 eps next year as they did this year,I would imagine at least 1 will feature MJ in it.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

BTW - Did anyone else notice a very young Todd McKenney as one of the dancers in the Wanna Be Starting Something clip?

He's in the background when everyone dances around the Kings Cross Fountain.

Not sure which show the clip would have been made for..but I'm grateful it exists if only to have the song aired on Rage.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I was editing the MJ Special all morning and still going!

I recorded it on the set top box AND Foxtel IQ... I did this because the NON Widescreen videos will go straight from DVD Harddrive from set top box AND Widescreen ratio I fix on IQ, it's GREAT!

The clips that were widesceen and cut off in title, I am re recording to harddrive from IQ so they all look good with the clips that were not widescreen.

If that makes sense to all!

Patrick, if you want my version of the MJ special all edited to a treat with no cut off titles, I can send them to u with the Countdown's...

I will also iinclude some of the clips in the morning that were not on Sat night like the remix of "I Want You Back", COLOUR version of "Ben" plus the Version ONE of "They Don't Really Care About Us" following Version 2 together!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Well if you're happy to do that that'd be great thanks.

It just seemed in certain sections that the ratio was all over the place - such as the 23/3/80 phone interview Molly did with Jackson.

On my screen it came out with black bars all the way around the picture - which then led onto Rock With You which had the same problem.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

So given that the 2/9/84 ep presumably no longer exists in the Rage archives, that would make it one of the few 80's ones that were wiped?

From what I've read there are maybe 5 or 6 80's eps 'missing' with the majority wiped being the 70's ones.

It seems really strange to me that particular 84 ep is missing - as virtually every other 1984 ep is accounted for.

Although that's typical really - the one episode that would fit perfectly into the special and it's not there!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Something a little odd with the MJ special on Rage. When they played the short version on ABC2, they showed the colour version of the song 'BEN'. But on the full Rage special they played the black and white version of 'BEN'.

I noticed that as well - very strange. And I am positive it is the same clip. I have watched it again and it certainly is - taken from the Jackson 5 TV show possibly? How much better did it look in colour?
The 3 colour Jackson 5 clips were from 1969 when Michael was just 10. I am certain these are all from the Ed Sullivan show. An awesome special overall, except the strange adjustment of screen ratios - I noticed this during the black & white "Ben" and again in the intro to "One Day In Your Life". One of Michaels great records by the way. Did anyone notice the intro to this from Don Cornelius? The first time I had seen the clip with the intro,. The show is "Soul Train" which was used quite extensively for many clips shown on "Countdown" and "Rage" over the years - David Bowie "Golden Years" is one that srpings to mind.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Glad someone agree's on "One Day In Your Life" like I do.

It's my FAVOURITE Michael song, PERIOD!

Always makes me cry and on Saturday night I cried again when it was played. THE best ballad he EVER did!

And yep, from Soul Train. Soul Train was BRILLIANT. I SO want some 80s Episodes, they used to be played on SBS I think in the mid 80s, as I knew someone who recorded some stuff from it...

Official clips that leaked out from Soul Train indeed stretch from David Bowie's "Golden Years', "Fame", SOS Band's "Just Be God To Me" and Pointer Sisters classic "Automatic"...

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Hi Jason!
Another I've seen from Soul Train's Stevie Wonder's Superstition and while Best Of My Love by The Emotions is done in front of a studio audience,I'm not sure if it was for Soul Train.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984


"Best Of My Love" was also from Soul Train... You are indeed RIGHT on that one. As was "Ain't Gonna Bump No More, With No Big Fat Woman"... HA,HA!

Which has been shown on rage a few times.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I'm probably showing my age here (even if I was quite young when I saw it!)....but I remember seeing an American music show on Ch 10 around 79/80 called Solid Gold.

From memory it featured a mix of live performances and dancers gyrating to some rather funky tunes. Was quite amusing and kept me going until the fresh ep of Countdown came on.

Those were the days.........

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Where was the 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'' video from?

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Where was the 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'' video from?

I asked the same question some time ago, but didn't get an answer. It may have been made by the record company over here to promote the song. I suppose they were hoping that one would eventually be made by Michael Jackson.But it never happened.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Bless Patrick,

I still have some original Solid Gold performances on EHS from the 80s.

I remember watchin Solid Gold on a Sunday night at 5.00PM on Channel 10 then switching to ABC for Countdiwn at 6PM. And yes, those were the days, PURE entertainment!

Wherever "Wanna Be Startin' Something" came from I DON'T KNOW!... I saw it on You Tuybe about 3 weeks ago and FLIPPED!

I can't believe I discovered it a few weeks ago, then a few weeks later rage are playing it!

I actually am glad this concept video was made and Michael didn't make a proper one. As I LOVE IT, the girl posing in it is FAB!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Max have been playing the Wanna Be Startin Something clip for a couple of years so it's been around a while

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

I saw this clip for the first time in 2001 when Channel were doing a MJ special to conincide with the release of his single 'You Rock My World'(which I think is Jacko at his best) & the new album 'Invincible'. I thought it was a Countdown clip as it looks very 'Countdown' and 1983 was the year Countdown were making performances look very arty and an alternative to the original music video.
So, who knows the source?

Jason, I would love to get a copy of the MJ special on rage last weekend. I did record it, but I too am disappointed with the picture screen ratios etc. Would also like to get the Sat morning videos, that weren't shown in the Sat night special, which include Janet's & Jermaine's videos. Let me know if you can do. Cheers...maybe trade for a few 'Countdowns' I have, which I know you were very keen on.

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

Cool Michael,

Would gladly trade the MJ Special for some COuntdown's I don't have!

Re: Countdown 2/9/1984

great - I will send you an email.