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VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

Yesterday, VH1 were playing the Top 100 No.2's of the 80's. They actually played some rare clips: 'Ghostbusters', 'Key Largo' & the Countdown performance of 'Bop Girl' (not the Xmas performance, but the one with Dancers and Molly doing the aerobics (lol)). Had to question a couple of the No.2's - 'Sowing The Seeds Of Love', 'Cherish', 'Once In A Lifetime'. I swear, they should get me to work in the research dept.

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

I didn't see this, but yes, poor/inaccurate research on these type of shows really bugs me.

Sowing the Seeds of Love peaked at #13, Cherish at #4, Once in a Lifetime at #23 - a long way from #2!

They got Key Largo and Ghostbusters right though.

Rage also do some shoddy stuff, as we know, with adding 'The' to Divinyls, Bangles, etc. They also get song titles wrong occasionally too - e.g. 'Call Me Al' for You Can Call Me Al, 'You Think You're a Man But You're Only a Boy' for You Think You're a Man, and so on.

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

Excuse me,

But what is "Once In A Lifetime"?????

Talking Heads?????

I agree on the Divine title that rage do, it's bloody annoying!

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

Yeah it's Talking Heads from 1981 and IMHO their best song though I'm not a huge fan.

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

Yeah VH1 suck when it comes to some of their countdowns. I especially hate their one hit wonder specials when they play bands who had way more than one hit

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

With regard to how VH1 came to compile the No.2 list - it would all depend on which chart they used.

I've often seen several shows featuring supposed No. 1 'hit songs' where I was sure some of them never reached the top.

I know Countdown used to compile their own Top 10 by sourcing various charts - so I guess what number a certain song reached does get rather confusing.

Then again - some of these chart shows these days seem to be run by people who think 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' was the defining song of the 80's - which is rather a worry.

Anyway, would love to have seen Key Largo - Bertie Higgins does look nice with the pink cardigan he wears in the clip!!

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

I agree,

Wake Me Up by Wham is only their WORST single they released. It's beyond tacky, but I do LOVE the video with all the neon effects...

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

What's if the number two songs become number one on the singles music chart in every country includes Australia in the 1980s?

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

Been doing a bit of research on this (ie wikipedia) and 'Sowing The Seeds Of Love' & 'Cherish' reached No.2 in the US. So I think this special is a combo of Oz & US charts, esp. since VH1 is an American channel, but with Oz content. As for 'Once In A Lifetime' who knows, it must have gone to No.2 in Portugal (lol).

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

VH1 did it again on the weekend. One hit wonders of the 90's. The number 1 ?? My Sharona. Who does the research there. Yes it was on a soundtrack to a 90's movie but jeez

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

It barely scraped into the 80's.

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

My Sharona as a No. 1 hit in the 90s? That's really sad to hear Jase.

But again I say this is what you get when some young programmer just puts any old hit song into a 'Top 100' list without any thought if it's relevant to the show.

In a perfect world these shows would be handled by people who know their job and take the time to carefully compile an acurate hits list rather than throwing songs together at random.

I mean come on - even just a tiny bit of research could have shown that My Sharona was NOT a No. 1 hit in the 90s!!!!!!

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

This really ****s me. Ah well. Look out for Buddy Holly to be in their 80's number ones countdown

Re: VH1 - number 2's of the 80's

I gave up watching the Top 100 Countdown Shows ages ago, but occassionally flick through them when I've got the telly on. 'My Sharona' at No.1 means that it was the biggest one hit wonder of the 90's, not a No.1 song. But still, it should have never have been featured (even if it did come off the 'Reality Bites' Soundtrack in 1994). The song is exactly the same, but just features bits and pieces from the movie in the video clip.

Another thing that really ****s me is when they display at the bottom of the screen the album the song is from and the year the album was released. Sometimes they often take the lazy way out and say it is from a greatest hits album, but it did come from an album prior to that! why isn't that album used as the source (probably takes more research!) Lately, with all the MJ clips on Pay TV music channels, they cite 'Dangerous' as 1992. We all know it came out in 1991.