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Spandau Ballet touring?


You say Spandau are touring OZ soon?????

Is this confirmed???!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!

Re: Spandau Ballet touring?

I have read from various news sources that when the Spandau Ballet reformation was announced that their world-wide tour would indeed include Australia.

The tour kicks off in the UK in October and ends there at the end of that month.

Now I haven't read any specific dates for Oz, but one would assume that a tour here would be between Dec - Feb (Summer), which is when a lot of overseas acts do tour.

I'll give an update when I see more information...but I'm sure tickets will go fairly fast when they do go on sale here.

I for one will be lining up to see them whenever they arrive!!!

Re: Spandau Ballet touring?

Can you tell me what's the dates for Spandau Ballet going to visit Australia in November and December this year or January and February next year? Britney Spears is finally coming to visit and tour Australia this November.

Re: Spandau Ballet touring?

Seems a few of the new ro bands are getting back together as i noticed Kajagoogoo are as well. Don't think they are touring OZ though.

Re: Spandau Ballet touring?

If only Kajagoogoo came to ****ty OZ!

Re: Spandau Ballet touring?

Should I mention SB touring to my wife...? Hmmmmmm. I have a bad feeling I might get dragged along (not a real Spandau fan).