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Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

Hi All

I've just checked out the playlist for tonight. What a beauty! The problem is I want all clips, but that is about 7hrs all up. I have a DVD Recorder, but no hard drive and I don't want to record the whole show on 1 disc (ie **** picture and sound if I set it to 7hrs). Can anybody help me out here. Is anyone burning the entire playlist onto DVD Recorder Hard Drive? If so, I would love to get these put onto a few discs. Happy to pay for your troubles. Please let me know ASAP.

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

I did record the entire show but it was only on an analogue signal onto video tape. I used a 4 hour tape on long play to record 8 hours.

I was mainly interested in getting Alphaville - Dance With Me as it was one I had requested and I was extremely surprised that they should have chosen it. I only had a NTSC copy from US Pay TV with a logo throughout.

In hindsight I should also have suggested Fancy - Bolero (the Bolero being a Spanish dance) and Sharon O'Neill - Dancing Daze from the ABC series of that name but the guru is a little slow at times.

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

Ahhhhhh, so YOU are responsible for Alphaville!

I was surprised that rage would play them!!! Now I can see why.

I only am keeping about 2 hrs of the special that I really liked. I still have the whole thing on my IQ though...

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

I recorded the things I wanted to keep on my DVD Harddrive, and then edited them all nicely. But I always record a back up on my Foxtel IQ, incase picture ratio is wrong and stuffed up. On IQ, one can change the aspect ration if rage stuff it up, when I have it on normal settings. Then I can take it off the IQ if I need to. That is why I have the complete special on the IQ.

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

Hi All

No need to worry (not that you were - lol). I closely analysed the playlist and picked only the songs that were a must - about 100 minutes all up. I set the recorder on timer record (input the timer to record on and off throughout the night and it worked!) Would you believe I just missed out on the last 10 seconds of Genesis' 'I Can't Dance' (Doh!). Not to worry, Foxtel show this clip every now and then. The highlight video of the night was definitely 'Showing Out' - Mel & Kim...geez I haven't seen that video since it aired on Countdown.

Now this 'Xanadu Medley' clip...what the? It went for like 2 minutes and was bits and pieces from the movie. Was it just my TV, or did the picture look **** during this clip? It was like they grabbed it off some dodgy VHS tape, as the picture/colour was going a bit funny.

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

Yes that Xanadu Medley clip was of bad quality.

It made me wonder whether it was taken from an old Countdown ep - and since it was so brief why did Rage bother showing it?

I would have preferred they show something else instead.

The special overall was pretty good - but I'm getting a little tired of seeing some of the same clips being played yet again - where's the imagination and variety???

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)


I am still over the fact that they played "Vogue" and NOT "Deep In Vogue" by Malcolm Mclaren. That was Numero Uno on my request list!... It is such a fine, fine, fine video.

And I know that "Thriller" had to be added, but I am SOOOO over it. I find "Thriller" rather tacky these days. And I can confirm that Janet Jackson is a better dancer than Michael.

The only reason that rage played such things as "Showing Out" is because people like us suggest these videos!... Otherwise, they would just play the same old rubbish. Least they actually take our opinion into account, which is a relief. As we have nowhere else to voice out opinions!

RE: Michael, I am glad you decided on just 100 minutes. I decided to only keep about that much as well. As 80% of the special was just plain bland!

Thanks again "Guru Bob", for the Alphaville request!
I had it on vhs from "Music Video" (he,he)...

Re: Dance special - rage (13/6/09)

I loved the Let's Dance special, though, yes, they did play several videos that they regularly play. I was amazed they actually played 'Showing Out', I'm sure it hasn't been aired since 1987. It does make me wonder though how they can pull these never-played pop rarities out of a hat, yet can't seem to bother finding videos by more 'Rage-friendly' artists, such as New Order's 'Blue Monday 1988', or any pre-1996 Tori Amos videos other than Cornflake Girl, even though they were once in the Rage library.