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Flashez Questions

Hello gang!

I have some questions to which I hope someone out there has the answers...

(1) Where was the skateboard football match filmed between the "Fantas" and "Cokes" shown on an episode of Flashex and repeated on RAGE in January 2008?

(2) Re: the Flashez story on RAM magazine - does anyone know what happened to itand the people that worked on it. Sounds like it would have been a great read. Unfortunately I was only 4 when the story on it was broadcast on Flashez and therefore I missed the boat.

(3) What is the name of the blonde headed journalist who prepared the stories on ear piercing and grafitti on Flashez? Did she work on Wombat, Simon Townsend's Wonder World or somesuch program in the 80s? Also does anyone else remember Mike Meade hosting a kids show in the 80s (maybe Wombat)?

Can anyone out there help me out with some information?



Re: Flashez Questions

Don't know the answers to questions 1 and 3 but RAM (Rock Australia Magazine) was a long running bi-weekly music paper out of Sydney. I have a lot of the issues up to the late 80's when I think it ceased publication.

I personally preferred Melbourne's JUKE which was a weekly paper that also started in the mid 70's and that ran until 1992-93 I think.

Re: Flashez Questions

Hey Kyron

I can't help you with the first 2 questions but the 3rd I can.

The blonde female host was Jane Fennell who became very popular in the 70's for appearing as 'Miss Jane' in the ABC show Mr. Squiggle. She hosted it for several years and was a fixture on other shows.

Mike Mead hosted a children's game show on either Ch 7 or 9 - can't recall which - during the mid 80's. I don't remember the title, but I do remember that it used to show video clips in between rounds....I remember seeing A-Ha's Take On Me and Go West's Call Me being shown.

Wasn't a bad show - almost the same as Matchmates which was just as good - and Mike did look sharp in his pastel lined suit!

Re: Flashez Questions

Mike Meade hosted Now You See It on Channel 7 with Melvin The robot from 1985 to 1990. I didn't know that, it was just a google search.

Re: Flashez Questions

Of course Bob! I remember NOW YOU SEE IT, but I was getting a bit old for that show by the time it was on. I was certain I'd seen him on TV at a later date. Thanks.

Re: Flashez Questions

Mr. Squiggle!!! My wife and I were racking our brains trying to figure out where we'd seen her. "Miss Jane, Miss Jane!"

Thanks Patrick.

Re: Flashez Questions

I remember Now You See It too when I saw this show on TV as a young boy but does this host is Mike Meade or an Australian 60s pop singer, Jeff Phillips?

Re: Flashez Questions

Yep, Jane Fennell filmed several stories for 'Flashez' in 1976. She was still the host of 'Mr Squiggle' at the time (she was of course the very much loved 'Miss Jane'). Jane Fennell moved on to host the early 80s ABC TV teen program 'Jam Sandwich'. Prior to her stint on 'Flashez', Jane also briefly hosted an afternoon program (alongside Mark Holden) called 'Target'.

Thankfully, the Ram story exists in the ABC Archives.

If I am not mistaken, the skateboard story was filmed at a location somewhere in a suburban location around Sydney's northern beaches (as were many of the skateboard/surfing related stories for the show).

Mike Mead did indeed get a haircut & host, 'Now You See It'.

Re: Flashez Questions

Thanks otherjohn,

the Flashez skateboard football match actually looks like it took place in the car park of a secondary college or uni.

I have a bit of an obession with comparative photography hence the strange question. It would be interesting to see how that space in the back ground had been developed in the meantime.


Kyron Mallett

Re: Flashez Questions

Hi Kyron,

I was just looking at some of this footage the other day...when I get a chance, I'll have a check through some surviving Ready For Transmission paperwork to see if they list a specific location.

I know that most of the skateboard related stories b'cast by 'Flashez' were filmed in a number of locations in the northern suburbs/northern beaches areas of Sydney, locations where kids had taken up the skateboarding craze early on & in droves...

I'll report soon,

Re: Flashez Questions


As promised, the location for this Flashez story was the car park at Westfield Shopping Centre, North Rocks (a north western suburb of Sydney). This story was filmed in 1976.


Re: Flashez Questions

Thanks for that otherjohn... sometimes I just HAVE to know and until I know it just annoys me!

Thanks again.