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Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

Hi All , just giving you heads up for Rage on Saturday night with host Gay Numan.

Re: Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

Very disappointed with the very limited number of Gary's clips shown on Rage on the weekend!
Glaring ommissions were "Are Friends Electric?" and any of his recent clips like "Haunted".
Also would have loved to see some more of his early clips like "Metal", "Engineers","Machman" "Me I Disconnect from You",as well as "Prayer For the Unborn"-a beautiful, haunting song he wrote about his grief over his stillborn baby.
He was such a pretty boy back in the early days with the most amazing blue eyes...

Re: Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

Oh I know,

I actually transfered "Are Friends Electric" and added it to the Saturday night Gary Numan video special. And, it looks cool, added in!

I also think that rage could have tried to get MORE videos, but the fact that they played the most RARE Numan video "Change our Mind" says something.

Would rather have that than "Are Friends Electric"... As it is a lot harder to obtain!

I really do wish that they played "Metal" though. Such a KICK ASS track, and it's on You Tube (at least)

I think he has turned into a rather try hardish sad industrial type sheep. Give me 70s and 80s Gary anyday. All the mystery has gone!

Re: Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

Yeh many of the songs were rubbish like NIN and Marilyn Manson

Re: Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

Great idea Jason, to add "Are Friends Electric?" onto the Rage playlist of Gary's clips-yes it is probably the most frequently played one but it still should have been included last weekend...can't understand Rage leaving out one of his best known songs!
It was good to see some of his rarer clips like "Change Your Mind" though.
I especially enjoyed "Complex",one of his earlier songs from "The Pleasure Principle" which is my favourite album. Every song is good but "Metal" "Engineers" and "Films"are highlights.

Back then his music was so amazing and inspiring and those walls of synth were so sublime...pure genius! His work with Tubeway Army and following albums, "Telekon" and "Replicas" were really good too.
Just out of interest ,have a listen to Tubeway Army's first album "Plans"-very raw and punky and so different to his following work.
I agree with you about most of his recent industrial sounding work-unfortunately the NIN influence is all too evident-it all sounds the same and he seems to have lost his musical direction and inspiration somehow-such a shame for one so talented...

Re: Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

I was surprised that they didn't play 'Are Friends Electric?'. I was also surprised that they didn't play the live version of 'I Die, You Die'. As I remember it being played on ABC's 'Videodisc' filler in the very early 80's.

Re: Gary Numan on Rage SAT 30th May

Brett-I also vaguely remember seeing "I Die You Die" on the ABC way back when.Wonder what happened to it?
Perhaps it's one of the many casualties of the Rage couch...