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rage - Saturday 28/3/09

A Cure special on rage this Saturday - awesome. Not a huge fan to buy their DVD's, but will be recording these. And what the?....Jason Donovan performing on Countdown Revolution with 'Too Many Broken Hearts'..and Guy Pearce..and Nicole Kidman?

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

Would have rathered the video to Jason Donovan, they MUST have it!!! As I have Countdown Revolution clip already...

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

They showed that Jason Donovan clip in January last year and must have gotten a mini theme going on singing actors. I think I can recall at least 3 other occasions that they have played that Cure special as well, looks like they will just play that tape again.

I am actually more impressed that they are playing a January 1982 New Wave release from Romeo Void. Also like the other 1982 track they are playing before it with The Waitresses, even though that is a fairly common clip. Some useless trivia that you will never need to know is that Patty Donohue, the lead singer of The Waitresses died December 6 1996 from lung cancer - she was a heavy smoker. So kids - stop smoking, it's no good for you.

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

Didn't know that but then The Waitresses were really a 1HW and a fairly obscure band to the mainstream. "I know what boys like" is one of my fave new wave songs

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

Can I just say that Guy Pearce KILLED me!

What a stroke of pure GENIUS! He is very talented, that piece of music, lyrics and vocals was spine chilling, absolute QUALITY + * + * + *

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

Hi everyone!
Jason-you can find the "Too Many Broken Hearts" clip on the "A Decade Of Classic Australian Hits 80's" DVD.

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

Last night's Rage was quite diverse for sure.

The inclusion of Jason and Guy almost made it a mini-Neighbours night too...although thankfully without the dreaded Stefan Denis clip for Don't It Make You Feel Good - which was pretty shocking.

Still, it got me thinking that Grundy's missed an opportunity by not setting up its own record label - as E Street/Westside Records did with Melissa, Radio Freedom, etc. in the early '90's.

I could only imagine the amount of video clips Grundy's could have released from their Neighbours stars over the years - and make a fortune.

Some of the early clips are quite rare - although a few of them for good reason!!!

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

What else is on this 80s OZ DVD?

You have all the treats in ur area, darn!

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

That Stefan Denis clip is a cult classic!

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

Here's the tracklist for that 80's DVD Jason-
Before Too Long-Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls
Got To Be Certain-The Singing Budgie
Counting The Beat-The Swingers
Happy Man-Sunnyboys
Strangers On A Train-The Sports
Just Like Fire Would-The Saints
The Heart Of It-Richard Clapton
(Come Up And See Me)Make Me Smile-Nick Barker & The Reptiles
Nude School-Painters & Dockers
Melt-The Someloves
At First Sight-The Stems
No Say In It-Machinations
Change In Mood-Kids In The Kitchen
Too Many Broken Hearts-Jason Donovan
Breakaway-Big Pig
Boys Will Be Boys-Choirboys
Suddenly-Angry Anderson
Soul Kind Of Feeling-Dynamic Hepnotics
Witch Queen-Chantoozies
New Groove-Rockmelons
Shivers-Boys Next Door
Modern Girl-James Freud
Spend The Night-Cheetah

The same people who compiled this did a 90's DVD as well,but I didn't get that one.Also not sure if this 80's DVD's still available 'cause it was some years ago I bought it(from Target of all places),but fingers crossed you'll find a copy somewhere.

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

I must admit i have every single Jason Donavan clip which i converted onto DVD from the original Video collection, didn't mind some of his music, but that Countdown Revolution verison was a tad lame, the clip to "I'm Doin Fine" is pretty cool.

Re: rage - Saturday 28/3/09

I am a BIG fan of R.S.V.P from Jason Donovan.

A FANTASTIC track and video *** Bless him +