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Rage Wildcard in April

As you all probably know by now, there will be another Rage Wildcard in April.

We managed to get some clips played last year but others missed out. The Rage programmers tend to prefer very short suggestion lists (1 or 2 songs) and then some general support for that (ie a few other people supporting that choice). A list of 50 songs is almost certainly going to be totally ignored, even 10 would be too many.

I have suggested The Promise - Walking With A Weight but am throwing my support behind the official clip for Jo Jo Zep - Taxi Mary. The version shown on Countdown in 1982 was shown on VH1 last year, and I have just put it onto YouTube if anyone is interested, but I think there is fair support for the original.

If there are any other suggestions we should discuss them and present a united front but also remembering that Rage don't owe us anything so we need to keep the prompts very civil.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Good idea Guru...but unfortunately I presented my list before I read your post!!

I've put up about 20 or so songs I'd like to see, Rage will probably as you said ignore them but still can't hurt trying!!

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Yes I agree 100% guru. Thanks for taking the initiative and mentioning that here.

I'm going to limit my requests to 5...although one of my most wanted was played just this weekend (to my amazement and absolute delight) in Louise by Jona Lewis.

The concept vid for Taxi Mary will definitely be on my list.

Guru...do you know when they played the studio performance of it on vh1 ? Was it during the top 250 Countdown performances marathon ? I recorded it all but haven't had a chance to go through most of it...I'd be thrilled if I have it here.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

I don't know when they played it. Someone recorded it for me as I don't have Pay TV. The unfortunate thing about it is the logos and messages that you get on it. That is where Rage is so good with no watermarks and limited on screen information.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

I know, I know. My lists are STILL too long!

Butm hey.... they have shrunk quite a bit compared to my older lists!

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Taxi Mary definitely and seein' as we're talkin' 'bout Jane Clifton connected songs,some weight should be thrown behind Girl On The Wall too.
Oh,and what about The Monitors' Nobody Told Me?
Any takers?

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Thanks for those suggestions John. Not sure we would get 2 Jane Clifton performances on the one night. I am just hoping they may consider Taxi Mary but both would be even better.

CJ got Monitors - Singing In The 80's on Retro January last year, so it would certainly be good to see Nobody Told Me. About 2 years ago there was a YouTuber (Aragon25x) who had all 4 Monitors clips uploaded including Who Do You Think It Was and Having You Around which also featured the Blakeney twins. I watched them many times but I just wish I had copied them before Aragon decided to close his site, I really miss seeing those. I wonder if any of those clips survive at the ABC. I have got Nobody Told Me on a timecoded episode of Countdown May 24 1981 but it would be nice to see a clean version.

The clips I would most like to see are from Australian bands as follows, but I doubt it that any clips exist for these at the ABC outside of appearing on Countdown.

Beargarden - Drink Drink Drink
Camras In Paris - Visions Of You
Cats Under Pressure - Let Me Be
Dear Enemy - Good Life
Dear Enemy - Stay
Electric Pandas - Missing Me
Eurogliders - Without You (video)
Ignatius Jones - Whispering Your Name
Manikins - Cruel World
Matt Finish - Short Note
Matt Moffatt - Miss This Tonight
New Five - Every Minute
No Nonsense - Simple Needs
Outline - Cities
The Pony - I Lied (video)
The Promise - Walking With A Weight
Uncanny X-Men – Still Waiting

Anyhow, keep those lists coming in and we may have some universal wishes that we can plug.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Ignatius Jones with "Whispering Your Name"... Yes PLEASE*


Beargarden with "Drink Drink Drink" INDEED*

Unfortunately, those 2 will NEVER happen, DRATS...

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

What about You Got Me Going Again by The Machinations?

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Here's my list:

Adult Education or Portable Radio - Hall & Oates
Taxi Mary - Jo Jo Zep and Margo (sorry Jane Clifton)
Trick Of The Night - Bananarama
You're Not Alone - Australian Olympians (1988 Seoul Olympics - various Oz artists)
We Live For Love - Pat Benatar
R.O.C.K - James Reyne & Lyn Buckfield

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Wow You're Not Alone for the 1988 Olympics.

Was that the official Olympic song or just one made for Australia?

I still think that Moscow by Genghis Khan was the best Olympic song - kitsch but totally in the spirit of the world-wide sport.

My 2nd favourite was Amigos Perre Sempre by Jose and Sarah Brightman - how could you not love Sarah's outfit in that clip?

I am curious though - was there ever an official song for the 1984 Los Angeles games? I would have thought Michael Jackson or someone would have done a song for sure.

Anyway I digress - Wildcard 3 looks set to be a good one judging by the many requests so far - fingers crossed.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

We Will Together - Eurgliders

Would also love to see the two versions of Streets Of Your Town by the GBs but that's unlikely. Heck any GBs clips will do me.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

Hi Patrick - 'You're Not Alone' wasn't the official anthem for the Seoul Olympics. It was just an 'inspiring' song for the Aussie athletes on their way to Seoul. I think Whitney Houston's 'One Moment In Time' was the anthem for the Seoul Olympics? Gloria Estefan did 'Reach' for Atlanta. Not too sure about '84 - I know Lionel Richie belted out a few songs at the opening or closing ceremony, so maybe one of his songs was the theme for LA Olympics?

BTW - while I'm sitting here typing away (at work during lunch), I've got the radio on in the background - the lunchtime 'Awesome 80's'- and they are highlighting the 'Summer '87' compilation album. They have played about 9 tracks so far from it and talked about it...very cool!

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

they're still going - I think they are playing the whole album!

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

I wonder a video clip of a song by Bjerre would like to feature in the latest Wildcard episode of Rage after being shown on Spicks and Specks that I saw it in the same TV show on TV four years ago, can you tell me what's the name of this song by Lindsay Bjerre? It's not She Thaught Me How To Love Again I think.

Re: Rage Wildcard in April

I'm not sure which one of his songs in a video clip which was screened on Spicks and Specks four years ago whether could it be I'll Take You Higher, Not So Easy or You Won't Dance With Me by taking part in Rage Wildcard 3 special this month.