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Nightmoves dvd

Not sure if anyone already knows this one or not - but a Nightmoves dvd will be released on March 20 in a 3 disc set.

Features lots of excerpts from the old Ch 7 show, etc.

Just saw it listed on the ezydvd website for about $40.

For more info: http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/804705

Re: Nightmoves dvd

WHAT!... really?

How interesting, wish there was a Sound sone BUT yeah, all destroyed. VILE!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Just saw the tracklisting, not the best for me. I MUST say, a tad bland.

Are these performances?

Only things that interest me are:

Inxs - To Look At You
Spandau - Communication
Swanne - Lady
Howard Devito
Mondo Rock

and yeah!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Yeh the list of artists is rather blah

A few good ones but not many

Re: Nightmoves dvd

The listing looks more or less 70's based - with some exceptions - but hopefully if this release is a success they'll do a second one focusing on the 80's.

If all of the eps exist of it then they'd have plenty of material to work with.

Yeah pity about Sounds - now that would have been a great release.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Thanks for the news about this Patrick...brilliant !

This is quite an extraordinary development. Hats off to 7 for taking the initiative and actually doing something with their archives...bloody fantastic. I hope this is promoted and becomes a huge success which would lead to more projects of this kind.

Presumably these are all in-studio performances from the late '70s/early '80s...stunning ! Only about a third of them excite me but the rest will be interesting and historic regardless...I can't wait for this. Plus the interview disc has the potential to be great.

I'll be watching these first...

5.Little River Band - Days On The Road
6.Little River Band - Help Is On Its Way
7.Little River Band - The Other Guy
8.Renee Geyer - Be There In The Morning
13.Wendy & The Rocketts - Talking To You
3.Air Supply - Love & Other Bruises
10.Jon English - Lay It All Down
17.Divinyls - Boys In Town
24.Mi Sex - Castaway
28.Mondo Rock - No Time
30.Richard Clapton - I Am An Island
31.Inxs - To Look At You
32.Men At Work - Be Good Johnny
33.Skyhooks - Party To End All Parties
36.Spandau Ballet - Communication

Jason...didn't you see Mi-Sex there ? One of their best tracks too.

Has all of Sound Unlimited/Sounds really been wiped ?

Another shameful tragedy...f@ck it !

Re: Nightmoves dvd

This is great news!
I too thought "Nightmoves" joined "Sounds"(and "After Dark?)in Channel 7's rock n' roll heaven.
At the moment,$40 sounds like a good price,but I wouldn't mind seein' if JB Hi-Fi have it cheaper.
Can't wait!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Just had a closer look at the tracklist and man,there's some crackin' good stuff I'm lookin' forward to seein'-
Graham Parker,Rose Tattoo,Wendy & The Rocketts,The Angels,Divinyls,Girlschool,Hunters & Collectors,Heaven,Mi Sex,Midnight Oil,Mondo Rock,Richard Clapton,INXS,Men At Work,Skyhooks,Swannee,Serious Young Insects,LRB and Spandau Ballet
I notice a track from the Mushroom Evolution Concert and I've often wondered if this will ever see the light of day on DVD.
Likewise the "Stop The Drop" concert.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hey John

I can confirm that the Mushroom Evolution concert is indeed coming to dvd in a 3 disc set.

No track listing put up as yet, but this is all the info on the ezydvd website


Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi Patrick!
Before I go to find out,its definitely the Mushroom Evolution Concert from 1982 and not the Mushroom 25th anniversary concert?

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Just checked Patrick and with it comin' out in a 3 DVD pack,wonder if there's more footage than what was featured in the video version?
This is fantastic-first "Nightmoves",now this.What next?

Re: Nightmoves dvd


YES, Mi Sex. Of course me loves!

So add Mi Sex AND I just saw someone say Serious Young Insects * COOL...

Though I only like some things on it, I will INDEED buy it. As I MUST. And to see Inxs do my FAV track EVER by them To Look At You is worth it alone*

Re: Nightmoves dvd

May I add, HOPEFULLY with the release of this Night Moves DVD.

ABC will get the point and maybe release a RockA rena DVD with gems on it?

And PLEASE, hopefully a PROPERLY done Countdown DVD with a 2 or 3 DVD set will also see the light of day this year. With lots of studio performances and bits. There is SO much that can be done, but it just doesen't happen. So I am VERY surprised about 7 actually giving a **** about Night Moves. The cover is FANTASTIC!

Where is the 3 set DVD for Top Of The Pops, hello???

Imagine that, WOW OH WOW!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

It's very encouraging to see a commercial network dig thru its archives for a change.

If only the ABC would trawl thru its vast music library......

Fingers crossed its the start of an emerging trend.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I was that someone who said Serious Young Insects Jason!
Never mind-least we're all lookin' forward to this "Nightmoves" DVD!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Good old Nightmoves, it's always fab to see Australian TV history made available for release on DVD...

Funnily enough, I used to work at ATN Channel 7's programme library & remember being shocked that Sounds/Sounds Unlimited material had been junked...

However, there is a tiny bit of good news re: Sounds/SU material, as I remember seeing that a number of Sounds/SU interviews were kept & stored on 1" tape from the Sounds/SU era (70s & 80s stuff), as well as a good selection of 1970s/80s music clips (some that would be quite rare thesedays)that were identified & catalogued in the late 1990s. If I recall correctly some Sounds/SU graphics/titles material also survived.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

A DVD of Sounds interviews/clips would be awesome.Nice to know some of it survived!

A Flashez DVD set would be cool as well

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Yeah a Sounds dvd would be great. Hopefully if the Nightmoves dvd is a success it may persuade Ch 7 to dig further into its vaults.

As for Flashez...somehow I think a Sounds dvd would come out well before a Flashez one considering the ABC's odd reluctance to release their music shows onto dvd.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Sooooo glad that some Sounds survived. I would personally want a Sounds DVD before a Night Moves one, BUT... One must take what they can get, yes?...

If anyone has NOT checked out a You Tube channel called We Love Donnie yet, YOU MUST!

Sounds In London is on there and STAX of SOUNDS. A lot supplied from Donnie himself, OH YEAH***

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Why doesn't Donnie Sutherland release what he has on DVD?

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I agree re: releasing archival TV stuff, if we don't use it...we lose it! (believe me if I could get more out there I would)

Perhaps those creating marketing the Nightmoves DVD could follow up with a 'Sounds' set combining what remains in Seven's archives of Sounds Unlimited/Sounds/After Dark and what Donnie Sutherland might have, to get a fairly good selection of the show & spin-offs.

Surely they'd need Mr Sutherland's involvement somewhere along the line in putting a Sounds DVD set together?, I think that potential purchasers would expect that Donnie Sutherland would be included somewhere (commentary/doco extras perhaps?), and maybe some of his collection could be included to flesh out the release.

Even if the sole remaining footage of a Sounds interview, music clip or goof was on Betamax/VHS/umatic, the picture quality can be brought up to a better standard of picture quality in most instances, and let's face it, it is archival. Even material that survives from other shows of the era on broadcast quality stock has [sadly] degraded to some degree.

I'd imagine that the potential purchasers of a 'Nightmoves' DVD would be quite likely to purchase a Sounds collection (different shows, but both had some great & historic interviews/music clips).

ps thanks for the tip-off re: welovedonnie...some great stuff there!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi everyone!
The "Nightmoves" DVD's out now.Saw it at JB Hi-Fi this mornin' for the bloody good price of $29.99.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Your JB sounds like a diamond, Melbourne JB'S are **** house!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Patrick, thanks for putting me on to this DVD set. I just went down to my local JB and picked up a copy for $29.99. One of the best things that has come out in a long time - certainly better than those Countdown one hit wonder DVDs that had common, or even worse, 90's clips on them.

I have an episode of Nightmoves from around 1980 of Mi-Sex live performing tracks from their Space Race album but this DVD is much better.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hey Guru, always happy to help out.

I usually scour the Ezydvd website for things like that fairly often - you never know what treasures will pop up!

Glad you like the dvd - I bought my copy yesterday from JBHI-FI and will eagerly watch it in due course!!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Picked up the Nightmoves DVD today,just finished watchin' it and it definitely left me wantin' more.
Michael Gudinski hinted on the DVD there could be more to come,so fingers crossed.
Highlights for me were Graham Parker,Divinyls(wonder if this is the only footage with the bassist after Jeremy Paul and before Rick Grossman?),Girlschool,DD Smash,Heaven,Mi Sex,the Oils,INXS(with "Short Memory" and "To Look At You" from the Stop The Drop show,could this mean we'll be seein' it released on DVD at long last?),Mondo Rock,the Mushroom Evolution Concert Jam(pity Angry Anderson was censored-maybe this DVD on the way will rectify that- but seein' Wilbur Wilde desperately tryin' to get everyone on stage to wrap it up was priceless),Men At Work,Swanee,Serious Young Insects and Spandau Ballet(with Sam Brown on back-up vocals)
A bit disappointed the Rose Tattoo,Skyhooks,Angels and Hunters & Collectors selections weren't of them doin' somethin' live for the show and how cruel they could tease us with a touch of Wendy & The Rocketts "Play the Game" and not show the clip-been dyin' to see it for years.
Anyone else care to share their thoughts on this DVD?

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I must admit to have only seen certain sections of it so far, but wow what value for money.

Even though I'm not a massive fan of some of the bands, I can appreciate their efforts more on this dvd set and was particularly impressed by the picture quality, which in some cases is amazing when you think of the age of the material.

The Michael Gudinski and Lee Simon interviews are great - very in depth and putting the show in an historical context very well.

As I said before, my big hope is that if this set is a big seller maybe some more will come along and, fingers crossed, maybe a Sounds dvd - wouldn't that be something??

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I got my copy today,

I haven't watched it yet though...

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Couldn't bear to get through DISC ONE as it is far to 70s and rock for me. DISC TWO had some lovely highlights like:

Inxs - To Look At You (WOW!!!!!)
Serious Young Insects - Be Patient (FABULOUS!!!!!)


Mi Sex - Castaway PLUS Mondo Rock was a great performance.

Looooved the Wendy & The ROckets interview, wish the "Play The Game" clip was included (ARGH!)...

Liked the Blondie interview but the quality of that interview picture wise is horrid. A lot of this DVD does not have the best picture quality... Quite grainy, lines and tape damage, but it was expected. Funny that the ABC have kept there archives for Countdown in much better tactcomparted to Channel 7 *

But still cool to have any of our networks dig these archives out to be seen! While I only like very few bits on this NightMoves DVD, congratulations to 7 for getting there act together!

I DEMAND Sounds now, THAT would be AMAZING!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I felt the same too - Disc 1 was way too 70's and with the spare time I had, I wasn't going to sit there watching that. So far, I have just seen the interviews. Looking forward to watching Disc 2 in the near future. I'll probably only watch the 'Nightmoves' set once, but it is great to have it in my archives, for years to come.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi everyone!
Wanted to bring up the intro before Heaven's "In The Beginning".
Allen Fryer says-
"In the beginning,there was W-R-O-K..."
Must ask-what are the chances of footage from that Channel 10 half-hour music show from '82 still in existence?
I know it didn't last long and it also featured bands of the day performin' live in the studio.
Can anyone help here?

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Is anyone else's Night Moves DVD very BAD picture on the Blondie interview and other bits??????

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi Jason!
You're not alone-Graham Parker's clips weren't all that great in the visuals and the sound during Magazine and Mondo Rock wasn't so flash in parts either.

Re: Nightmoves dvd


Graham Parker had a HUGE VHS mark going down the screen, and Mondo Rock sound was quite bad in bits. Probably why it isn't that expensive. The Blondie interview is faded to the crap though, I am surprised it was allowed to be included.

Doesen't really bother me as Serious Young Insects and Inxs are the only things that really rocked my world!... Mi Sex was good and Mondo though...

All a bit to 70s and very OZ Pub Rock for moi, but still an archival DVD one must have who collects *

Re: Nightmoves dvd

A question to otherjohn:
How many Sounds/SU material which it's got Sounds/SU interviews, 1970s/80s music clips which it was shown on Sounds/SU and Sounds/SU graphics/titles material were existed in the archives of ATN Channel 7 that you work?

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Jason-you're right about Blondie too and on a totally unrelated subject,I see in the "Rage" guestbook you were askin' for either Roxy Music or Bryan Ferry for Mardi Gras requests.Not sure if there's a Bryan Ferry DVD with all his clips but I do know Roxy Music have a double DVD of all their clips called "The Thrill Of It All"-you should still be able to get it if that tickles your fancy.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi Nicholas,

I recall that Seven had a several rows of shelves in a compactus that held 1" videotape of interview segments & various clips from SU, Sounds & Video Smash Hits. If my memory serves me well enough, some of the Sounds Unlimited material dated from somewhere in the late 1970s, though frustratingly I don't recall specific artists.

Music clip compiles featuring material from Australia & O.S. (definitely 1970s & 1980s vintage)were catalogued (by an ex music TV producer)and the compile tapes were ex 1" videotape (probably dumped down from 2" tapes)


Re: Nightmoves dvd

I saw the film clip of Wendy and the Rocketts' Play The Game in Rock Arena: Rock And Roll Ladies episode in Rage on TV, did you seen it on Rage?

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I did indeed see Wendy on rage Sat night. HEAVEN!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I had the biggest crush on Wendy Stapleton..hehe..

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi everyone!
Wanted to bring up the intro before Heaven's "In The Beginning".
Allen Fryer says-
"In the beginning,there was W-R-O-K..."
Must ask-what are the chances of footage from that Channel 10 half-hour music show from '82 still in existence?
I know it didn't last long and it also featured bands of the day performin' live in the studio.
Can anyone help here?

I know Ian Grace did the 2SM version. I have some of 2SM's radio promos for WROK I can put up if anyone would like them :)

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi Frankster30!
You'll love this-I met Wendy Stapleton nearly 4 years ago and to cut a long story short,she gave me a kiss on my right cheek!

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Hi John,

Fantastic! Okay, I still have a crush on her many years later..hehe..

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Jason "The Moderator "
Is anyone else's Night Moves DVD very BAD picture on the Blondie interview and other bits??????

Yep, same here Jason, deterioration has set in rather badly, which is a shame - it looks like there was no other source in better shape than the ones used for the DVD. It's a worry...

Re: Nightmoves dvd

This is truly unbelievable considering the cost of copywrite etc. "Nightmoves" and channel Seven BIG THANK YOU. Am sure this well sell very well. Here's hoping they continue a dvd series like what we have had with "Countdown".

Now for other music clip releases "Sounds", "After Dark", "Late Night With Jono & Dano" etc all from channel Seven. "Music Video" clip classics from ch 10 late night music show. "Wavelength" with Jono Coleman from ch Nine in 1984. So many more clips and footage from these shows could be released or am I really now just clutching at straws, perhaps but there is hope for us music enthusiests yet and much of these do still exist in the archives. I would have thought the ABC would have been the first to get there classic shows onto dvd. "Sweet And Sour" has to be a given surely even though the show is based on a fictional band "The Takeaways". Seems to be a very popular choice for a dvd release. Guess we can wait in hope.

There is always so much overseas content released, how about our homegrown Aussie shows whether it be in music or tv drama. I would support this move 100%. Great news in regard to the "Mushroom Evolution Concert". Why not also release the "End Of The Decade" Rocktober concert in 1979, I was there at the Opera House as a young kid with my parents at the time and not to mention any other 70's awards show. What about the first two years of the "Aria Awards" in 88 and 89, never televised, surely these also make worthy dvd releases.

Well things are definitely looking up at least. Guess we can hope that with "Nightmoves" now about to be released it is the start of more great rarities and classic clips from the archives to come.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Ch9 dont seem interested in releasing their old archived shows to Dvd. Look at the the cricket for instance. They prefer to let it rot in their dingy archives.

Sweet and Sour has been requested of ABC many times over the past decade, but they also refuse to release it to DVD for some reason.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

I read somewhere that ABC are prohibited from releasing Sweet & Sour on DVD because it was made for broadcast only or something like that.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

Live Aid was supposed to be a once only broadcast but eventually came out on DVD. There is some slim hope i guess.

Re: Nightmoves dvd

A TV Week from late last year mentioned something about Sweet And Sour possibly getting a DVD release.
Obviously,nothing's come of it and the way the ABC keep treating it,nothing WILL become of it.