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Two 1979 episodes from

I am looking for two episodes from 1979 (6/5/79 & 5/8/79) and one from 1982 with Jermaine Jackson as the host. I know that Rage hasn't shown that episode yet but I heard that it's available. Please email me if you have them.

Re: Two 1979 episodes from

I've got the 5th of August 1979 episode, you can email me, my e-mail address is radio @ 2prfm.com (i've placed spaces in to deliberately screw up spam bots)..

Re: Two 1979 episodes from

Cool Thanks! Does anybody has the other episode? I'm really looking for that one.

Re: Two 1979 episodes from

Being a cheeky opportunist I'd just like to say that I'm in the market for swapping episodes. I've been taping on and off since 1993 and I have an inventory on a word document so it would be easy for people to check if there is anything they might be interested in. If Andy or anyone else is interested in swapping then please contact me at my email address supplied. I'm also interested in collecting Goodies episodes so I'm willing to swap for them.

Re: Two 1979 episodes from

I can't do too much trading right now, I'm in a rough situation right now but just send me an email.

Re: Two 1979 episodes from

For some strange reason my email came out as my webpage. If anyone is interested in trading please feel free to contact me and I can send you my inventory. Everything is confidential of course!

Re: Two 1979 episodes from

Hey Kyron,

Did you still want that "ends of the decade" show. You left a message on my website about a year ago. I sent an e-mail to the address you left, but got no response. I thought you may have found it. Just checking if you were still looking for it, just e-mail me at radio @ 2prfm.com


Re: Two 1979 episodes from

Thanks Mark but a very nice bunch of people offered to help me out and I took one of themup on the offer. I think I left a post on the thread at the time thanking people for the overwhelming response. If I didn't get back to you personally I apologise. Me Bad.