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CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

I was hoping to find anyone that might have a copy of the 1984 countdown or 1985. not to sure when, Video of the auditions and the actual full filming of the countdown breakdance champion ships.

I was one of the guys that auditioned in Darwin and was on tv. I was with a group of 3 that performed but we lost to that shane guy cause they only had one ticket.

even the judges said we were supose to win. I even got a call from my home and was one of the judges asking me to audition. lol...So I am hoping to get this video from someone.

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

Fabrice, I think I may have taped this edition of countdown of rage a few years ago. If you can remember kind of to the month when it was, I can track it down quicker, as I've pretty much collected countdown rage repeats since 1996. Some of it is on DVD, and most of it is on video tape. All the tapes are labeled with the dates, but not with the content of what is on each show. So if you can find roughly what date it was, preferrably to the month, I might be able to dig it up for you.

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

This sounds very much like the 29 July 1984 episode which featured the Rock Steady Crew as judges for a breakdancing comp.

I've got this on tape as well - shown in 2003/04 methinks - wasn't a bad one, though I thought the dancing comp featuring Malcolm McLaren from the year before was better.

For pure kitsch value the Xanadu dance comp leaves them all for dead - especially with the dancer who won whilst doing a jig to 'Love Attack' - and that wasn't a bad song either!!

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

I thought the "Saturday Night Fever" dance comp had its moments and I think the Rock Steady Crew episode with the Breakdance comp was shown much earlier than 2003/4.Towards the end of the last century,if my memory serves me correct

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

You're probably right John - it was only a rough guess - it could very well have been shown earlier.

The Saturday Night Fever dance comp was good too - although the main reason I liked it was that you got to see Trammps 'Disco Inferno' clip - one I hadn't seen before or since.

Though I thought the Xanadu one was better in terms of consistent entertainment - but everyone has their faves.

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

UI love the Xanadu contest the best for one reason, and ONE reason only!

Love Attack, THE most fabulous camp slice of heaven EVER!

I adored Love Attack in 1982 when I first heard it as a kid, a camp kid I was indeed. So I have special memories of that song. And the guy dancing tio it. is SO european 80s, BRILLIANT!

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

Just scanned through all my countdown stuff, and I seem to have almost every episode from that time, except for the one your after, seems always the case :( :( I've got 24/06/1984, 01/07/1984, 08/07/1984 and 17/07/1984.

Must of been aired before January 1997, as I've taped every episode off rage since then. Maybe I could organise a trade with Patrick, if that's possible. Would love to have a copy too. :)

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984


I have emailed you last weekend. Asking for details. I have the "Rock Steady Crew"... Countdown Episode!

I know exactly where it is and on what tape. Did you get my message???

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

Oh yes, I did...I realy was meaning to get back to you. Was so excited when I got your email thats fantastic.

Sorry, I just got pretty busy but I will send you my email now :) and thanks again..Ive wanted it for years but didnt think it was possible. Then I forgot about this wonderful thing called internet lol

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

The Beatstreet finals were on the Rock Steady Crew hosted episode from July 29 1984 and this was played on Rage in 2001.

The State heats of the Beatstreet competition were on the July 15 1984 episode and that has not yet been shown on Rage. You may have featured on that episode.

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

Hi Guru Bob!
Thanks for clearin' up things on when the Rock Steady Crew episode was shown on "Rage"-much appreciated

Re: CountDown Breakdance Comp back in 1984

Fabrice - looks like a request to rage on their guestbook! (ie 15/7/84 episode) to play it in Jan '10.