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HELP: Liquid Engineers

A few years ago on the 1984 Countdown Episode with "Sweet & Sour" cast hosting with Divine and The Cure e.t.c...

There was an Australian band Liquid Engineers with "Help Me". I literall fell off my seat instantly!... Such an AMAZING track!... Why OH Why did this not go Top 10, I ask?!

What I want to know is if anybody here has a 7"... single of it. I am a desperate woman. HEHE!

May I add, that 1984 Countdown Episode is one of my Top 5 Episodes. I was so thrilled tro finally see it aired!!!! 12984 FLURO BLISS !

And then 2 years later, rage played my other Top 5 episode with Classix Nouveaux, Human League in Berlin, John Foxx, Adam Ant... WOW = New Romantic HEAVEN +

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

I will keep an eye for this one for you, hopefully someone did buy it and sell it, fingers crossed. It's good to read that you like the English 'New Romantic' period. I liked Countdown even more around this time.It's good to see that alot of the bands from 80's England are re-releasing their music. It's a pity that it doesn't happen here as well.

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Um, hello!

The New Romantic period is my UTTER favourite period EVER in music and style!

I am a TOTAL New Romantic JUNKIE! Believe me.

For overseas acts, Countdown was THE best in 1981 and 1982, stunning!... Flying sheets in videos, frills, make up, sythesizers, club culture and design.

Sigh, New Romo FOREVER!

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Brett: "It's a pity that it doesen't happen here"

Jason: NOTHING happens here, Australia is a very faceless, un creative and bland existance. UNFORTUNATELY!

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Another New Romantic fan here.. Love them all ..Duran,Spandau,Human League,Visage, & the rest..remember wanting to dress like Simon Le Bon on the cover of Duran Duran back in 1990

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers


Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

I have got the 7" of Liquid Engineers - Help Me/If You Feel from 1984. As far as I know it is the only thing they released.

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

The New Romantic period was fantastic.

It was the perfect blend of fashion, design, music and video that bought some excitement to the charts after a long dry spell.

Even mentioning names such as Visage, Spandau Ballet,Adam and the Ants, etc conjures up good memories for me.

If only Rage played some more 82 & 83 eps I'd be very happy!!!!

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Was Vince Leigh in this band before he was in Pseudo Echo or is my memory going??

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

From the Countdown performance, it didn't look like Vince Leigh on there. I am sure he wasn't in this band but hey?

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

JASE - Vince Leighton was the drummer with Liquid Engineers from 1985 but Mick Royle would have been the drummer in the video at the time in 1984.

Vince Leigh (Vince Dingli) was the drummer who joined Pseudo Echo in 1985 after having been with Marginal Era previously.

Very similar names however.

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Great! So my memory is going. Think I might go for a drive to clear my head. Now where did i put my keys...

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

I will have to say my No.1 Countdown episode (of what I have seen over the past 16 years and on timecode) is the 10/10/82 episode hosted by Molly & Simple Minds. Brilliant! Probably because it was the first episode back on air after the '82 Commonwealth Games', that episodes Chartbusters, Jim Kerr, 1982, and ending with the video 'Glittering Prize' which I have never seen before. But yeah, faves are def. '82 & '83. BTW - Why isn't there (correct me if I'm wrong) a Simple Minds DVD of their No.1 Best Of from '92 - 'Glittering Prize'?. That would sell well I reckon.

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Hi Michael, There was a great best of double DVD that came a few years ago. I don't know if it's still available in Australia. I bought it the week it came out. Here is an Amazon uk link to the product:


Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

I bought the double dvd as well in 2004 ish...

It is BRILLIANT as it features a show from 1983 with tracks from the New GOld Dream album AND those RARE EARLY EARLY performances with one of my FAV SImple Minds tracks "I Travel"

And to have Glittering Prize video in mint crisp condition is MORE than a treat!

I wish that there was a proper video to "Someone Somewhere In Summertime" though!

I have NOT seen the double since BUT there is a single dvd, I have seen it at JB recently*

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

I LOVE Someone,Somewhere In Summertime! A vid would have been awesome. New Gold Dream is a masterpiece and I never tire of it.

The vids are brilliant too especially the New Gold Dream era ones. The one for "Promised You A Miracle" is one of my fave '80s vids

A shame they went all stadium rock after Sparkle In The Rain

Re: HELP: Liquid Engineers

Oh I know,

After "Up On The Catwalk" it was over for Simple Minds, in my opinion.

They made and make such AMAZING Art, Synth, Genius Pop, Electronic, Dance music.

The Stadium ROCK crap is just HORRIBLE!

Most Early 80s bands SOLD OUT, unfortunately... By the mid 80s!

"New GOld Dream" is just STUNNING!

"Promise You A Miracle" video really caught my eye in 1982 when I saw it on COuntdown. Such a truly innovative piece of film in that 4 minutes***