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Countdown Website

Hi Guys

I don't know if anybody has seen this website as yet, but I have just seen it and it is not too bad. I was just wondering what people thought, especially you Jason




Re: Countdown Website

Me being a more vintage person, and not sounding like a big head... I much prefer my website than the official site.

I don't know, the official site kinda bores me very quickly. They have some good bits but it's quite tacky I think. It is more of a pure nostalgia kind of fun site, where as mine is a bit more serious about how good Countdown was and has vintage 70s and 80s memorabilia on it, archives and interviews.
Even with many other websites, I always prefer the Fan Sites more, as they are always much more passionate about the music!

So that is what I think, haha!

Re: Countdown Website

May I add, the official site has some advantages like:

One can watch clips of Countdown footage on there which is much easier on the official site as it's through ABC and copyright isn't as much of an issue. Though the clips are the common ones we have alls een to death like Iggy Pop.

They also have things like Screen Savers and all that nonsence which I don't care for much really...

I find the site to be to much as a merchandise seeling money making plot, rather than really embracing Countdown as a show! Kind of like the Spectacular Tours which were a tad average.

Re: Countdown Website

I'm not much of a fan of official sites either.

They seem to be rather bland and tend to 'tow the party line'when it comes to any form of criticism of the show.

Fan sites have the advantage of allowing all types of opinions to be heard and for people to debate their agreements/disagreements.

I've found the official sites to be rather bland and generic and not particularly interesting - and I do agree that the offical Countdown site seems more interested in generating publicity and money than allowing for true fan opinions.

Where I would call the official site a 'superficial site'I'd call this site one with genuine substance - and substance is what we need in this sometimes very bland world of ours!!