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Countdown Ruined

I was so looking forward to the final week of Countdown on Rage. Imagine my horror when playing back this morning to discover the whole night is full of glitches. Clicks,jumps,freezes every 3-5 minutes making it basically unwatchable. This is becoming a semi regular occurrence. Don't know if its due to the weather (it was hot and very windy in SA last night)but whatever it is its starting to p**s me off. Can anyone out there put any of last night onto DVD's for me?? I would be willing to supply the discs and cover the postage. Thanx

Re: Countdown Ruined

I will gladly put them all from last night onto DVD for you. I amgoing to start burning the whole month of Countdown's from my hardrive this week!

I found there were some glitches and stops and stars here and there and you can tell that some episodes have not been l;ooked after properly!

But mine certainly did NOT do it every 3-5 minutes.

Email me your address and details on the contact link on the menu of this site*

Re: Countdown Ruined

Thank you Jason. An email is on the way

Re: Countdown Ruined

Hi Jason, it's Patrick the occassional writer from the Rage Guestbook here.

Last night's eps were pretty good, but I have 2 questions and I reckon they would go under this stream.

1 - The 1983 Rock Awards was butchered beyond belief -the editing on it really jarred for sure. What I want to know is this - would they have made 2 versions of the show or was the one last night the only version Rage would have?

I can't believe they wouldn't have shot a longer version of it with the winners making their speeches, etc.

2 - Was it just me or was the 30 August 1981 show edited? I noted that the Top 10 wasn't played at all and they just went straight to the No. 1 song.

Rage wouldn't have edited out the Top 10 just to fit the show in its schedule would they????

Or was the Top 10 never in the ep in the first place?

I'm confused!

Love your site by the way Jason - keep the flame alive dude!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Hi Patrick!
I wondered the same thing after watchin' the 1983 Rock Awards.It'd be very easy to point the finger at "Rage" for the butcher's job,but lookin' at how they flashed up the winners on screen,it looked like "Countdown" was responsible.
Am I right Jason?

Re: Countdown Ruined

rage were most certainly NOT responsible for that bad editing. Apparently, back in 1983 they only had an hour to show it so it was dramatically edited!

What I DO NOT understand is the fact that the 1982 Awards before it and every other Countdown Awards that I have seen always went longer than an hour, and there was NEVER a problem!

Unless there are 2 versions and rage don't have the longer one, or maybe there are 2 versions and rage decided to play the shorter one to fit it in.

I do know that with the Joan Jett episode from December 1982, there are 2 version's... a scaled down one and a full one. Maybe there was a little of that going on back then?... The awards that were played could have been used to screen as a stand by type show back in 1983...

I for one found it very difficult to watch, there was no flow at all which was ashame as they were actually great bloody awards!!! ***

I did indeed see the pause with the actual artists accepting the awards!

RE: 1981 show...

I was thinking the same thing about the Top Ten not being there. The conclusion I have come up with is the fact that they had the JJJ disc jockey doing voice over's, and maybe he hadn't mastered it like Gavin?

OR, maybe because it is usually a Melbourne taped show, the Sydney National Top Ten was different, so they may have decided not to play it?

Re: Countdown Ruined

I had a Sunday day shift so was not able to stay up last night to watch, but have recorded the whole night and will watch asap.

In regards to the apparent editing of the episodes I haven't seen what they showed yet but the 1983 Countdown Awards show was edited quite a bit originally which is why I have no record of Goanna - Cheatin' Man or Jo Kennedy - Body & Soul appearing as they were edited out originally. The full episode should have run for 54:31.

The Aug 31 1981 episode should have had a Top 10 as I have it on my time-coded copy as follows:
10 Jona Lewie - Louise
9 Pointer Sisters - Slow Hand
8 The Bureau - Only For Sheep
7 Stars On 45 - Stars On 45 (Beatles)
6 Shakin' Stevens - You Drive Me Crazy
5 Renee Geyer - Say I Love You
4 Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up
3 Devo - Devo live (Whip It)
2 Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
The whole episode, if it hasn't been edited ran for 55:33
If Rage are editing Countdown episodes then that is extremely concerning as I consider the showing of the complete episode as vitally important to the whole feel of the show, it transports you back to that week in music. If they start editing down to individual clips it will lose it's magic and feel like the VH1 broadcasts - very interesting but a little sterile. Up until this point they have never done that so I would hope that it never occurs again. If "otherjohn" reads this, please, if you have any control over this, then assist in any way possible to prevent that from happening.

JASE - in regards to the problems you had with recording, did you record via the old analogue signals or the new digital. There is a glitch that occurs when recording in digital that is a concern. In the old analogue system if there was a slight signal interference then you might see a few lines on the screen, a bit of ghosting etc but with digital you either get all or nothing, so if there is a slight signal interference between the transmitter and where you are recording from you will actually lose a small segment of the broadcast. This would cause the clicks, jumps and freezes that you experienced, particularly if you have weather interference or objects in line with the transmitter and your receiver. This isn't a broadcast issue but rather an issue for the way you are able to receive that signal. Digital is great only if you have uninterrupted reception via cable or live in an area of very good reception. Large parts of Australia are going to experience the problems that you are going through but we are going to be forced to accept this whether we want it or not. Another case of the government not caring about people living in the country.

Re: Countdown Ruined


I better check the other timecoded Aug 31 Episode, if rage are editing Countdown Episodes then that is hell!

I really hope not!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

If rage did cut out the top 10 because of the schedule then that is pathetic. As they could have just cut out one of the videos from either The Reels, Dragon, Mi Sex or the un necassary Matt Finish nonsence.

Oh, and nice to see you posting on this Forum Patrick. You have GREAT taste in Countdown!

Re: Countdown Ruined

I haven't watched the eps yet but cutting the top 10 is crap as it only goes for a couple of minutes & as Jason said they could have easily cut one of the clips.

The only way it makes sense is if the top 10 part was damaged

Re: Countdown Ruined

Can I just add something here?

Now please I don't want to be seen as a paranoid conspiracy theorist but I also noticed something amiss during the 22 August 82 Marc Hunter episode.

It was during the Chartbusters where they had Chicago and John Cougar Mellancamp listed.

Now in the ep transmitted on Saturday night they showed those 2 clips and then - rather abruptly I thought - cut to Marc Hunter introducting another clip.

I've looked up the Archives Section of this website and it lists the following Charbusters for that ep:

Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry

John Cougar Mellancamp - Hurts So Good'

Paul McCartney - Take it Away

The McCartney clip wasn't shown at all - was this another case of editing out for time use or was it never shown in the actual ep?

I don't have the ep of its first airing in 1995 so can't compare - but if anyone has another copy of it, I'd like them to check and see if the McCartney single is indeed there and Rage have edited it out.

I certainly hope not!!!!!

PS - I agree with Jason - the 83 Awards had the potential to be a good one, but the editing was beyond the pale - just couldn't get into it at all.

Re: Countdown Ruined


Yes!....I am sure Paul Mcartney was on it as well!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Geez ok - that's terrible if it's the case.

It was just something I noticed.

I've seen more Countdown eps than I care to remember but by now I've gotten used to the flow of each ep and I know instinctively when something is missing!!!!

Shame on Rage if they really edited the eps - not on!

Re: Countdown Ruined


Paul McCartney was definately edited out!

I know that I don't have to check my other copy as I know that I always skip the Paul videoas it bores me, but whether it boes me or not, RAGE should not be playing with episodes and editing them out!...When they play Countdown's, it never says "HIGHLIGHTS" of Countdown, like they do with "The Factory" and "Beat Box"... Bastartds!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Yikes that's appalling.

I sent them a glowing post yesterday saying how much I loved the retro season...maybe I should take it back!!

Though I better be careful what I say in there - I don't want to put them offside too much!

Just hearing they edited stuff out makes me angry - as far as I know the rest of this years season was cut free so it appears this only happened this last weekend.

I mean we all wait for patiently for Countdown to come every year and they edit it!!!

Excuse me while I punch a pillow or something!!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Australia really is an annoying country when it comes to music and preserving important archives and history.

In the UK they have been getting repeats of 70s and 80s TOTP on UK Gold for years. And they have non stop heaven on them!... They also get TOTP2.

We have now in 2009 ABC1, ABC 2 AND ABC 3. Yet, we see the same rubbish on them at different times?... I ask, what is the fricking point?!?!?!

ABC have Countdown, Rock Arena, Beat Box, Flashez, The Factory, between The Teeth, Sweet & Sour, Countdown Revolution and more. But no, they are forced to sit in the archives doing absoloutely nothing ans getting older each year!

And when they do make it to air on rage, it is only in January, and now they are being edited!!!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOOO angry with the ABC, they really are a bunch of twats!!!! Give the public what they want and NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even with the Countdown DVD's, Gavin Wood owned the rights to them and was going to make really good dvd's with more content and more features. But no, the Countdown Spectacular came along and Michael Gadinski got his dirty paws on it, and the ABC then took control and made these appauling dvds with One Hit Wonders with D-Ream, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer which were not even part of the Countdown era!

Why oh why aren't people who really love and are passionate about music running it in this country?... This world is a total scam!

There, I have vented for the day ...

ARGH !!!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Hi everyone!
Its only after Patrick brought up Paul McCartney's "Take It Away",I realised somethin' was missin' from Aug 22 1982.I did miss this episode when "Rage" screened it in the mid-90's,but Michael was good enough to get this episode for me in 2007 with "Take It Away" included.
A song I DO like and while I know you didn't like Matt Finish Jason,I was the opposite.I thought those 2 clips were fantastic.

Re: Countdown Ruined

Yep, I have the 1995 copy of the 1982 Episode on DVD but it's the principle of, naughty rage...

Glad you liked Matt Finiah, can't please everyone... true?

Re: Countdown Ruined

Yeah I totally agree with your statements about the ABC.

Australia has a treasure trove of archival stuff in the vaults doing nothing.

Not even Foxtel can be bothered to show whole eps of classic shows. Where's Homicide, Matlock Police, or any other B & W stuff? I know Foxtel do show classic B & W stuff, so why not the local product?

The ABC have a goldmine with Countdown and could release some great dvds of it. I realise music licencing is an issue but still, some Humdrum/live performances in between selected videos wouldn't break the bank surely?

I'm just so upset that Rage edited some eps last weekend - I note they didn't offer a reply when you asked them about it this morning.

I'm too angry to speak to them about it!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Of course they won't reply. Anything they like to ignore is what they do rather well at times.

They think that the public are dumb and don't realise that we know what is going on.

When I was watching on Saturday night, there were times that I thought some things were odd during Countdown eps'... But I just wasn't quite sure thill some people on here brought it up.

It is a total travesty that shows like Big Brother and all these reality tv shows get airing time, yet the ABC cannot be bothered with classic music programs. There is one thing that would get ABC to be morepopular than anything else on "free to air". And that is indeed Countdown *

Re: Countdown Ruined

Well there are 5 other days during the week where classic eps can be shown.

Monday - Fridays after midnight would be good to show some Countdowns and also other classic ABC stuff.

Why should we only see these gems once a year? Also why must be put up with total rubbish both in primetime and after midnight?

Can anyone seriously tell me that Big Brother will be remembered with fondness in 20 years time like Countdown is now? Will BB even be shown on Foxtel in repeats??

I detest reality shows of that ilk and just for the life of me cannot understand why classic tv shows simply don't get aired at all. The 80's were a great time for the airing of these shows, but from about 93 onwards, the tv stations stopped showing them and now ignore them completely.

ABC in particular has a rich cultural heritage and should play their old shows for the very taxpayers who support them with their '8 cents a day'! ABC 2 is there to be utilised and nothing is done!

To have Rage finally show some eps of Countdown and then edit them is a total disgrace!

Apologies for the rant - sometimes tv stations just get on my goat!!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Come to think of it.

When the 1982 Episode started on Saturday night did anyone else notice on the Countdown intro when Gavin said on tonight's show "Donna Summer". I thought it may have been the tape getting old and jumping. I remember on the original intro Paul McCartney was also in the beggining intro. Now I know why it jumped so weirdly!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Didn't hear that one - poor old Gavin the victim of an edit!!

The only time I did notice the poor quality of the picture was during the 1981 ep - in particular during the Peter Frampton clip.

The video was jumping all over the place and looked of poor quality.

Or maybe the reel tape hated Peter Frampton and played up???

Re: Countdown Ruined

I must admit I was amused to see during the 1983 ep -which I believe wasn't edited - a short piece on the Rock Royalty Magazine.

I've actually got that one and it's not a bad mag at all. I used to love those days when you saw something on Countdown and could own a piece of it the next day.

Was anyone here a member of the Countdown Council of Schools by any chance? What did it entail? I'm intriguied to find out!

Re: Countdown Ruined

I am patiently waiting for my "Rock Royalty" book!

I won iton Ebay 2 weeks ago, and I am dying to get it!

It's taking forever to arrive

Re: Countdown Ruined

It's worth the wait, it's not a bad book.

I reckon the old Countdown mags were pretty good too, I've got a few around the place.

The books and merchandise really got you involved in the program even when it wasn't on - made you feel like you were in your own community almost.

Of course had the show still been on now it would have been a merchandise bonanza - I remember when Johnny Young was interviewed for the YTT reunion special he said that if it was on today he'd be stinking rich - that would certainly be the truth too !!

Re: Countdown Ruined

If I may get back to the original point of this thread....JASE I totally understand your trepedation about the hot weather here in Adelaide mucking things up.

I was rather fearful we'd have yet another one of our now notorious blackouts, but thankfully it didn't happen - at my place that is.

I got every ep and watched in horror as I saw how much editing Rage had done to them - as far as I could tell the Sherbert special, the 83 ep and 82 Awards were untouched, but for the rest - why oh why were they edited???

Never mind I'll stop droning on about it, but I sincerely hope it never happens again - and don't think I won't be watching like a hawke next time to make sure!!!!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Thanx guru. Definitely recorded from digital. Analogue looks terrible on widescreen. This problem has been getting progressively worse over recent weeks. The hot and windy weather didn't help but there are other times when there are no problems at all while its pouring with rain(remember rain??). I'm almost getting desperate enough to record ABC from the inferior quality Foxtel. Would it be worth getting someone like Mr. Antenna out to look at the aerial and see if it could be moved or something or am I just stuck with this problem??

Re: Countdown Ruined

Jason, did you get mt email??

Re: Countdown Ruined

Jase: Got the one email from you on Sunday, but there is no address to send your dvd's to?

I have emailed you a few times with no reply...


Re: Countdown Ruined

Can anyone confirm if it was just the Marc Hunter 1982 episode that was edited during its recent showing? If there were others could someone let me know... otherwise I'll have to go through each episode with thr archival playlist to make sure that they are all there!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Hi Kyron!
Certainly looks like all traces of Paul McCartney's "Take It Away" were took away from the Aug 22 1982 episode

Re: Countdown Ruined

Not forgetting also the 1981 ep played on the same night that deleted the entire Top 10 - a travesty!!

The 1983 Awards show was also heavily cut - although from what's been said it was like that when it was originally broadcast. I would have preferred an uncut version like the 84 Awards really.

Re: Countdown Ruined

If anyone saw the beginning of the 1982 rock awards, they would of noted the intro being screwed up too. Take a listen when Gavin Wood announces, "And from overseas". I'm quite sure he is about to say "Duran Duran", when the picture goes funny for half a second, then goes back to normal. Just an observation.

Re: Countdown Ruined

Hi everyone!
I personally think if "Rage" left out the clips before and after "Countdown" episodes,then there'd be no need to resort to hackin' classic "Countdown" episodes to pieces in order for them to fit into their schedule.
I know this wasn't the case with the 1983 Rock Awards,but more and more evidence of butchery towards other "Countdown" episodes shown last month points in "Rage"'s direction.
You don't do that to "Countdown",plain and simple!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Absolutely agree there John.

We wait all year for Rage to show Countdown and they then end up editing them - madness!!!!

Re: the 82 Awards - I didn't particularly notice any harsh editing - although one assumes that surely Duran Duran and the Nolans would have sung a number?

Then again maybe the producers wanted an all Australian singing line up??

I was more disappointed we didn't get to see much of the Nolans more than anything else - I love those darling pixies!!!

Re: Countdown Ruined

Thanks for the clarification of the editing guys... what a downer!!!

Wasn't one of the Nolans in the Bill in recent years?

Re: Countdown Ruined

Yes you're right, one of them was indeed in The Bill playing a copper.

It was one of the blonde ones - she was in it for about 2 years - wasn't a bad actress either - though sadly she didn't sing which was a pity....