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List of Live performances on Countdown

Just going through the great C'Down Memories site again, it just seems to be missing something, and thats perhaps a definitive list of all live studio performances from bands & acts.

After watching & taping as many performances being played on VH1 over the past few years [has been really good], got me thinking perhaps showcasing a section like this, and date per performance etc, maybe list them in alphabetcal order, or even date performed.

People might want to see if and how many times their fave bands appeared performing on the show, when i was taping them off VH1, always got a bit excited, even though alot of the performances don't inerest me as much as others do, there are some strange & wacky performances as well when something i hadn't seen was aired.

Even if we all chipped in here and helped Jason compile a definaitve list, maybe to think about sometime down the track? even perhaps linking up some with Youtube, so you can watch particular performances?


Re: List of Live performances on Countdown

Well all the info is there in the Archives section BUT they are unfortunately NOT ordered!

I wanted them ordered, but the person putting them up for me at the time didn't do that as there was a time delay as I wanted my website up by a certain date.

I would LOVE to organise them.

And I like your You Tube idea and anyone's help would be VERY appreciated!

Re: List of Live performances on Countdown

The Archives section is brilliant, but that is info for all episodes and info, including video clips, chartbusters, top 10's etc etc. [Must have taken you Jason a very very long time to compile all that info].

I just think a sepreate section again featuring only the LIVE studio performances & Countdown made video's, just think it would really spice the site up even more.

Perhaps like i said, you could have links to Youtube,have screen shots, the date per performance, show number etc, and full list of groups & artists.

I have my own list i have made up from all clips played on VH1, as well as others i have compiled that have not been showed.

Re: List of Live performances on Countdown


So you are saying another section added with an A-Z order of all the "Studio Performances" from Countdown.

Geez, I would need SERIOUS help with that one, would take soooooo long to do!

Re: List of Live performances on Countdown

Hey Jason, an idea I had, but it might create a bit of work...something not necessarily needed, but would be nice...is if you went into the archives page and having more search options, than the year. Like maybe you could type in an artist/group or song and it will search for any Countdown episode/s that had the artist or song featured.

Re: List of Live performances on Countdown

There s definatly alot of work involved, but i'm sure a few of us could help out whichever way needed, just think the Live studio performances being such an important part of Countdown, could really highlight the importance they had in blooding new talent on TV, and yeah, could hyperlink selected clips straight to your YouTube page.