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For Real Life fans *

Hey Real Life fans,

If there are any around here... I have been in contact with Danny who was drummer for Real Life. I will be interviewing him in the next few weeks. Does anyone have ANY questions they would like me to ask him for the interview?

Re: For Real Life fans *

Mmm nothing comes to mind but if it does..Funny thing is I was going to ask you when you may have another interview up as I've read all the others and loved them. The James Freud interview was particulaly interesting but they're all great.

Keep 'em coming

Re: For Real Life fans *

Hi Jason, I know you will probably ask him him this questions. But could you ask him if they will release an expanded versions of the 'Heartland', and 'Flame' albums which will include b-sides and 12' mixes.Would also like to see a DVD video clip compilation release, which should include the original music clip of 'Send Me An Angel'( the beauty and the beast one.)

Re: For Real Life fans *

Cool, well I was going to ask him about the DVD for sure.

I will jot down your other questions as well.


Re: For Real Life fans *

Awesome Jason, can't wait to read it, as you know i'm a huge RL fan.

brett, they released the original video clip on the Jim Beam pub jukebox classic in case you didn't know, i'd love to get a perfect digital copy of my favourite clip "Catch Me I'm Falling" one day.

Deluxe copies of Heartland & Flame would be brilliant, although i have all the b-sides & remixes on cd, would be great to have all digital copies [Thrill Me, like A Gun, Pick Me Up etc]....Lifetime wouldn't get a re-release as RL don't own the rights to that album.

The dvd question would be my first question as well..LOL, i made up my own from video's from Jason and other people on here, plus what i had, unfortunatly i also had about 4 or 5 performances from Hey Hey on Video years ago, but they somehow vanished or chewed up [Heartland, Exploding Bullets, Let's Fall In Love [twice]...

A few questions :
- Would there ever be a re-union with himself, Allan, Steve Williams and or Richard?

- Are there any hidden songs floating around that never saw the light of day? [apart from Mission Of Mercy which was uploaded a few years back on the RL site].

- Sum up the members of the band : David Sterry...Richard Zatorski...Allan Johnson...Steve Williams...George Pappas...

- RL performed a re-working of the old PIL track "Love Song" at a gig in Carlton a few years back, would that song ever see the light of day [i thought it was brilliant!!!].

Re: For Real Life fans *

If you need any more questions Jason, let me know.

Re: For Real Life fans *

Thanks Stu, I will check that DVD out, I assumed it would be the 89 version, as it seems to be the one they play on TV all the time. I always wondered why they chose 'Openhearted' as a follow up to 'Send Me An Angel' and not 'Catch Me Im Falling'.

Re: For Real Life fans *

The Guru is a big fan and has set up a tribute site on YouTube under the name "reallifeexperience" and has 30 Real Life clips on it including footage of the 2004 US tour.

I would also be interested in knowing if the original line-up will ever get together again or with Steve Williams or George Pappas, the keyboardists after Richard. Real Life is only David Sterry these days after George Pappas left in 2005.

A while back Danny was involved with managing an artist named Georgina Platinum or Platinum Lover, is he still doing this?. What is his current involvement in the music industry?

Re: For Real Life fans *

brett, the video is the original video in the woods, and not the '89 church version, and its awesome dvd quality as well.

That version is obviously around, i always wonder why Music Max & Vh1 etc always play the '89 version, the original clip is a gem!!!

Re: For Real Life fans *

I remember watching David Sterry and Real Life on Countdown. hahaha he wore a shirt that had slashes up the sleeves..I had one exactly the same lol Typical bad taste retro fashion. But I do think they were a catchy band

Re: For Real Life fans *

For some reason the '89 version was put on the greatest hits album as well It's good but nowhere near the original.

Re: For Real Life fans *

Trtue... BUT the 12"... version of the '89 "Send Me An Angel"is PURE HEAVEN!

Anyone heard the Razormaid Remix of "Angel"?... I tis AMAZING, AMAZING and more AMAZING!

Re: For Real Life fans *

Yes i've heart it Jason, in fact, i have around a dozen or so remixes of Angel including that one.

But for me, nothing beats the original, the Master Mix version was also great and of course the Heaven No.7 ['89] mix.

Re: For Real Life fans *

Yes, I have a question for Danny, when Real Life is going to release a complation DVD with all of their videos, live performances, extra bits and pieces and others?

Re: For Real Life fans *

I have the Master Mix ep, which according to the cover, there were only 10 000 released. I would be curious to know 1. How many of these were released in Oz?
2. How many were sold?
3. Will this ever be released on CD?

Re: For Real Life fans *

Seems as though everyone wants a Real Life DVD, even though they didn't make a hell of alot of promo video's, along with tv performances, they would easily have enough to make up a decent DVD compelation.

As far as i know, these are RL video's & performances [does anyone know of any others?].

Promo video's:
1.Send Me An Angel [original video]
2.Openhearted [video]
3.Catch Me I'm Falling [video]
4.Face To Face [video]
5.Babies [video]
6.God Tonight [video]
7.Kiss The Ground [video]
8.Deep Sleep [video]
9.Send Me An Angel '89 [video]

TV Performances:
10.Send Me An Angel [Countdown clip]
11.Send Me An Angel [Solid Gold]
12.Openhearted [Countdown clip]
13.Catch Me I'm Falling [Countdown]
14.Heartland [Hey Hey It's Saturday]
15.Exploding Bullets [Hey Hey It's Saturday]
16.Always [Countdown]
17.Always [Countdown 10th Anniversary]
18.One Blind Love [Loves Not Easy] [Countdown clip]
19.Let's Fall In Love [Hey Hey version1]
20.Let's Fall In Love [Hey Hey version2]
21.Send Me An Angel '89 [Countdown Revolution]
22.Send Me An Angel [David Sterry - C'Down Spectacular]