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Sharon O'Neill on '1982 COUNTDOWN ROCK AWARDS' show

Really looking forward to seeing Sharon O'Neill on the '1982 Countdown Rock Awards' show this coming weekend. Feeling a bit like deja Vu as I only caught up with Sharon last week as she was performing as guest at The Basement in Sydney. Sharon is still great live and looking gorgeous as she always did.

Re: Sharon O'Neill on '1982 COUNTDOWN ROCK AWARDS' show

Yeah it was good to see her and her accepting an award. Was enjoying the song 'Mabye' she was performing (pre-recorded)until half way through they cut into it and had Renee belting out 'Say I Love You' (pre-recorded). By the way, rage got it wrong again...It was the '1981 Countdown Awards' (going by Gavin's voiceover at the start of the show).

Re: Sharon O'Neill on '1982 COUNTDOWN ROCK AWARDS' show

The 82 Awards were pretty good - I've mentioned how I loved seeing The Nolans in the audience - sadly no performance though.

Had the 83 Awards not been edited so harshly I would have said that would have gotten my pick, but instead I reckon the 84 Awards with Billy Idol was the best of the awards shows.

Sharon O'Neill is a great artist and one of the many memorable female singers of the era.

Re: Sharon O'Neill on '1982 COUNTDOWN ROCK AWARDS' show

Hi Patrick,and in perfect harmony this time!
No complaints from me 'bout Sharon O'Neill-stunnin' talent and stunnin' to look at,as her appearance at the '82 awards proved
On the subject of fave awards shows,my faves were '81 and '87,while my least favourite was '86 and 'cause of the hack job done to '83's,I can't say which out of that and '82's was the best one shown last week

Re: Sharon O'Neill on '1982 COUNTDOWN ROCK AWARDS' show

Ok I can't really comment on the 81 & 87 Awards as I didn't see them during the Rage re-runs and only partially remember seeing the 87 one when it first aired.

I do remember feelng very sad watching the 87 one though - because it marked an end of an era for me and I'm sure for everyone else.

I wouldn't mind seeing either of them again one day - would be interesting to compare them to the ones I've seen.

Re: Sharon O'Neill on '1982 COUNTDOWN ROCK AWARDS' show

I have a question about the 1983 Awards.

Why was Duran Duran's 'Is there something I should know?' clip played during it?

Comparing to other awards they just had live musical numbers rather than showing full length clips during the ceremony.

Couldn't they have played the song on a show the week before or after?

Especially considering the show was harshly edited wouldn't it have made more sense to edit the clip out to allow viewers to see more of the presentations or 'lost' live performances such as the one from Jo Kennedy?

Didn't make any sense to me.