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1983 Rock Awards Question???


You may know the answer to this.

I don't understand this concept on the 1983 Rock Awards that rage are playing... In 1984, Countdown had the 1983 Awards with Pseudo Echo performing, Pat and Ross, Models e.t.c...

So in 1983, did they make a 1983 Rock Awards then in 1984 did they decide to have have another 1983 Awards called the Countdown Awards made in 1984, with the changed name and bigger production?

And all those songs that rage listed for 1983 Rock Awards, will they be performances?... If Men At Work perform Overkill and we have Body and Soul performed on those awards I will be very pleased!

Re: 1983 Rock Awards Question???

It is the 1982 Awards shown in 1983.

All the performances are live so there are plenty of rarities. Goanna - Cheatin' Man and Jo Kennedy - Body And Soul were performed on the night but were cut from the episode to make it fit under 1 hour. I was disappointed that Body & Soul was cut but that was done in 1983 so there is little we can do about it. Not sure why after 26 years they are still included on the play list when they were never on it in the first place unless the episode being shown is different to the timecoded version that I have. There is an Australian premiere of Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know shown on the episode as well which isn't listed.

Re: 1983 Rock Awards Question???

OK, thanks Guru...

Yes, I know the Awards are always for the year before. Sometimes it gets a tad confusing. Okay, Duran preiere... great.

If Jo Kennedy is also cut on this one for a Duran premiere, that's a bit silly really...

Re: 1983 Rock Awards Question???

I remember a Rock Awards that featured Billy Idol doing his Rebel Yell..and I thought that was a 1983 awards that aired in 1984.
I not too sure if that is the same one that featured Pat and Ross Wilson. But I am pretty sure it is the one where Tim Finn won for his solo album Escapade or songs from it (fraction too much friction, Made My day)

Re: 1983 Rock Awards Question???

The way that it goes is:

1980 Awards is for 1979
1981 is for 1980
1982 is for 1981
1983 is for 1982
1984 is for 1983

and so on......

Confusing, but it works I guess!~

Re: 1983 Rock Awards Question???

That's annoying that Body & Soul was cut would love to see another version of that. Starstruck is probably my fave oz movie and Jo Kennedy was adorable!

Re: 1983 Rock Awards Question???

They also seemed to have cut the speeches from the award winners, announce the winner, and show a still of the band or artists, then continue on, there was one part where they came back from that still, and the band were walking back to their seats.

It seemed all over the shop.

Men At Work's Colin Hay also needs lessons in miming..LMAO