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Flashez 1976 episode on Hifi

Just wanted to say that all the countdown episodes this January have been thoroughly enjoyable, particularly the ones from 1980 and 1983, both pinnacle years in my life. I gotta confess that I never seen Flashez before. Though I was old enough to watch it at the time, I think we only hat one TV in the house at the time, and I had to compete against three other brothers, thankfully we all liked countdown.

Anyway, that flashez on HiFi was a real impacting episode. Though seeing the HiFi systems of the era was a real blast, if anyone paid close attention to the cassette deck, the guy pulled out a MAXELL UD 90 cassette. When I got my first cassette recorder in 1979, I used these tapes religiously, as they were the best tapes available at the time.

Just thought with this post if anyone wanted to rekendle the days of analogue hifi, what brand of blank tapes they used, the brand of their HiFi tuners, amplifiers and tape decks. My first tape deck was a Philips D 8514, but then used sony components eversince.

My first CD player in 1987 was a Philips, but it broke after six months. I bought a Sony CD player in 1990, which lasted until 2004, and now have another sony which is working perfectly.

Re: Flashez 1976 episode on Hifi

As a kid in the 80s, I first got a tape recorder in 1982 and when I could get tapes bought for me which was actually quite often, suprisingly. I really like the grey TDK's. They had a white and red sticker on them, they were quite good tapes I must say, they were strong and lasted!

Re: Flashez 1976 episode on Hifi

Yep, I vaguely remember them, I pretty sure they were the TDK D Range. I kind of bought TDK tapes here and there, but mainly their SA tapes. Didn't the actual insert index card have orangey and red stripes on them? I think they were something like a basic ferro tape, kind of like MAXELL's UL or LN tapes?

Re: Flashez 1976 episode on Hifi

The Maxell tapes were really good, but only got them when I couldn't get the TDKs. I used to tape the rage Top 50 in the late 80's and The Factory on audio tape, tuning the stereo into the ABC. The Factory was good, getting all the latest songs on audio tape every weekend. Still got a couple lying around - you can hear the crowd either cheering before or after a song.

Remember the days of Countdown being simulcast on Triple J ('93-'97 I think). I recorded the Adam & The Ants episode (Sept '81) back then - still got it.

Has anyone ever burnt Countdown eps to CD? I tell you what listening to a Countdown while cruising in the car is great.

Re: Flashez 1976 episode on Hifi

YAY Michael, listening to Countdown in the car ROX!!!!!

Fantastic *** I used tot ape them onc assette in the late 90's fromTripple J.I was upset and still am about no more JJJ Countdown on Saturday night in january!

And yes, the TDK did indeed have the orange lines!... They were such COOL tapes!