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What is that song?

Now, if someone can help me that would be GREAT!

Last weekend on rage, the final Countdown Promo after the 1984 Countdown Episode.

What on earth was the song playing over that 1975 Countdown promo?

I have had it in my head all week, it's very camp 70s indeed. Can a 70s junkie help me out on this one???

Re: What is that song?

Hmm It wasnt played long enough. Female voice sounds very familiar indeed. If I find out will let you know. Have you tried asking on Rage guest book? They may help..

Re: What is that song?

I'll hazard a guess here...It sounds a little like Linda George who appeared in very early episodes of Countdown...?

I'm sure that some folks out there will be able to check what songs she performed during the first series of Countdown and perhaps we'll find a match. I'll check the ABC Sound & Reference collection to see if we have a match from LG album (presuming that we have a copy)...then again it might be someone else!

Re: What is that song?

Hi Jason, are you talking about the long promo which had 'Miss Linda George' singing 'Mammas Little Girl'or the very short promo after the top ten which had George Michael with Careless Whisper at no 1.

Re: What is that song?

YES!!! The promo after the 1984 Epoisode, right after "Careless Whisper"...

WOW *** I have to track this song down, now that I know what it is.

THANK YOU for helping me out with this one *

Re: What is that song?

Jason I dont know for sure that song was actually Mamma's lil girl..That was in fact played in the other countdown promo which Linda George was featured..

Re: What is that song?

I've tried listening carefully to the 75 Countdown promo to try and catch who the singer is. It would have been good if the promo gave you a glimpse of the artist singing, but it doesn't. All i have we have is these lyrics below to go by:

" These days are gone, there's a feeling in the air"