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Best Disco In Town - video

Could others check this...did the film clip for "Best Disco In Town" shown on Saturday night have two substantial jumps in it in the first 60 seconds ? Like 5 second chunks had been damaged and cut out ? Or was it just my feed via Foxtel...or my DVD recorder HDD ?

Re: Best Disco In Town - video

abbaluke, FEAR NOT!

Mine jumped twice in the beggining to. It is NOT your Foxtel dignal.

SOme of rage's videos this year, I have noticed are not in the best shape by any means!

Re: Best Disco In Town - video

Thanks for the reply Jason.

By coincidence I caught this same video on MAX a couple of weeks ago...don't know if I'd ever even seen it before, so it was a surprise. Then when I saw RAGE had it listed I was elated...thinking I would be able to capture it without all the intrusive logo and pointless "Did you know..." bull**** that MAX plasters all over the videos they show. Alas the RAGE version is clearly damaged. The MAX one was completely intact but it's much darker (and generally poorer quality) than the RAGE one...which has those two big jumps in it

Ah well, I'm glad to have it at all now. It's a very simple film clip but a gem from the golden era of disco, so it's precious to me. On one side of the coin I am surprised RAGE put it to air in that condition though, especially when they would have many more that would be considered truly rare. On the other side though...it really is a very rare clip and I believe they chose to show it with the best intentions of upholding their promise of some rarities from the disco era.

Re: Best Disco In Town - video

Is the film clip of Best Disco In Town was on performance, live performance, performance on any TV show or concept?

Re: Best Disco In Town - video

Hi Nicholas

It's a very basic concept film-clip. It's just the group standing there, miming the song with some choreography, but it's not a live performance or TV appearance.

Re: Best Disco In Town - video

do you talk about The Best Disco in Town recorded from German TV? On 2 discs?