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Lack of imagination by Rage programmers

I am always happy to see Countdowns that I haven't seen before, so I am happy to get 3 more for the collection. Would have preferred there was no repeat but there are too many monkeys on the guestbook requesting that sort of thing. Bette Midler might have fitted into the ladies theme but so could have the Judie Tzuke episode which had been discussed on the Guestbook, Ellen Foley or The Dugites, they are also from 1980 and also have a female host. The 1982 Rough Trade episode would have been much preferred.

If it wasn't for the Christie Allen tribute which got the best 2 of the Countdowns (April 6 and 13 1980) to be shown this week, a couple of Grace Jones vids, ONJ GTK segment and a few J Files then the whole night would have been a waste.

It's only interesting to have a tribute to certain bands if you get to see rare or unusual footage. The clips they have chosen for the female tribute are all already on compilations by those artists. I could watch them now, why would I need to stay up until 4am to do so.

Hope they play the 1984 Rock Arena featuring Machinations.

Also hope the next 3 weeks are better than this one. I have a terrible feeling that the last one may feature 90's artists as we haven't really seen any of that dreaded Recovery.

Week 1 was great but if they can't do better with their themes like this week then I wish they would just play wall to wall Countdown.

Next year I will push that they play the Sweet & Sour series to recognise its 25th anniversary.

Re: Lack of imagination by Rage programmers

Yes I am mostly in agreement about this programming also as much as I love and adore Olivia why would I want to watch 'Physical' the same clip shown over and over again. Why did they not play clips from her 70's country days 'Let Me Be There', 'Don't Stop Believin', Sam and the list is endless. Probably they don't have access to these anyway as I am sure we would have seen them long before this.

Here Here I too support the 'Sweet And 'Sour' series. Only caught up with actress Tracy Mann at a 'Divinyls' concert late last year. Tracy a long time friend of Chrissy's was the person that gave the band their name just some trivia for those interested. Yes from memory it was only a half hour show and would fit very nicely into the 'Rage' retro programming schedule.

Anyone else in agreement.

Re: Lack of imagination by Rage programmers

Only issues I have with this weeks are the repeat 1979 episode and complete lack of extras we got last year..specifically the flashez/gtk clips which I loved. I wouldn't mind so many videos if they could slip in a couple of flashez clips.

Otherwise happy with the three 1980 episodes.

And YES please show the complete Sweet & Sour series!!!

Re: Lack of imagination by Rage programmers

I agree,

I wan'r going to get excited by Kim Wilde v9deo's as there is nothing there that I do not have. I am excited about the Grace Jones special as I don't have a Grace Jones set DVD but with Kim I do and I have more obscure than If I Can't Have You and Keep Me Hanging On. And bloody Physical by Olivia. Not even "Good Die Young" by Divinyls.

It almost feels to me like Countdown isn't even on ths weekend, they are ok but nothing is screaming out at me like last week's brilliant Countdown's...

And yep Guru, I think the last 2 Saturday's are going to be choc filled with nightmare Recovery and grunge crap!

I want some SERIOUS good stuff next week like 1984 ROck Arena with Machinations, 1982 with Carol Pop hosting, some **** good 1981-1986 Countdown's and more obscure 80s bands and artists that we do NOT see until Countdowns or Rock Arena's are shown!

I would love tomarch in there while in Sydney and take over for one Saturday this month. I would make good bloody use of fillling in the time with interesting and different stuff they have in their archives at the ABC...

Re: Lack of imagination by Rage programmers

Bette Midler makes me nautoius after 1 minute!

Yes, 1980.... I have requested the Judie Tzuke episode for ages, thankfully to VH! I finally got "Stay With Me Till Dawn" live on Countdown.

Guru, Dugites is another FAb one. And they could have chosen a 1980 episode with the video for "Love At First Night" by Kim Hart!!!

It seems to me that this weekend, they have just figured they would play 3 1980 Episodes and just reached out for a couple. There isn't much thought happening at all!

Not even a Flashez clip at least, a few Beat Box clips just to even it out a tad. If they don't want to play more than 4 Countdown's...